How to change Rocket League Arena Preferences

Players can upvote and downvote their most liked and disliked arenas!
How to change Rocket League Arena Preferences

Within Rocket League, much like every player has their own preferred body types, car decals, and custom controls. Many players also have a preference when it comes to what arena they play in. This may be due to the layout of the pitch or just the overall aesthetic and unique arena sound effects.Now players were unable to completely ban or block arenas from their playlist.

But thanks to a patch released on the 7th December 2016, players can upvote and downvote their most liked and disliked arenas. From these actions, the game then makes it more or less likely for this arena choice to occur during matchmaking.Do Arena Preferences actually do anything?This is an algorithm that works with all players within the game. So if you detest one map that the rest of the party love, then chances are that map may still appear. So in short, the more players that like the map, the more likely it will come up. Do you want to know what are the best Arenas in Rocket League? Then go to our guide about the top RL arenas.

How Do You Set Arena Preferences?

You might be wondering how to access the screen to voice your opinion on maps and arenas. Well, we have you covered. Here is a step by step guide to setting your arena preferences.

Arena Preferences | Rocket League Wiki | Fandom
  1. Launch Rocket League and begin on the main menu.
  2. Next, you need to enter the play screen and select play online as if you are about to join an online match.
  3. Once you are here, just below the playlist screen you’ll see an option that reads ‘arenas.’ You’ll need to select this.
  4. This will then show all the active arenas that you can play in Rocket League. So if there are any you would prefer to play, upvote them. Then alternatively, if there are some that you’d rather not encounter if it can be avoided, downvote those arenas.

Make Sure You Have Home Advantage

In real life soccer, it’s often touted that the team that plays in their own stadium has the best chance of winning. It’s a comfort factor that can offer a real psychological advantage over other players. If you are in your preferred environment, where you know exactly where every boost and protruding texture is, the chances of success are raised in your favor. So if you want to give yourself the best chance of staying ahead of your opponents or simply just don’t want to play that one map that keeps ruining your streak, then go to your arena preferences and make sure your votes count when matchmaking or ranked matchmaking. It could make a difference. Make sure to check out our guide on how to rank up in Rocket League if you want to improve on your favorite map!