How to change mph to kph in Rocket League

Ever wondered how fast the ball was when you shot a goal but then you saw the speed in mph instead of kph (or vice versa)? Here is how to change the speed to the unit you want.

Miles Per Hour to Kilometres Per Hour

By default, imperial units (mph) are activated. However, it is relatively easy to change this if you know where to find the associated settings. If you just scored a goal and want to know how much kph your shot was, then multiply the mph by 1,6.

  • 1 mph = 1,6 km/h

How to change mph to kph in Rocket League

  1. Start Rocket League
  2. Go to Setting
  3. Navigate to the Tab Interface
  4. Check the Metric Box

Perhaps check if you activated the right language because the abbreviation for speed might change depending on the conventions of your languages (for example the abbreviation in German is km/h). Find out if your language is supported by Rocket League here (

Now you should know how fast your shots really are. Click here if you want to know what the fastest shot in Rocket league is.

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