How to get Dueling Dragons in Rocket League

Dueling Dragons is a goal explosion that is categorized as a black market item. It is a highly sought-after item, and here is every way how you can get it.
How to get Dueling Dragons in Rocket League

How to craft Dueling Dragons with a blueprint?

The first thing you can do is create Dueling Dragons by using a blueprint. Go to the inventory, and see if you have one for Dueling Dragons. Keep in mind that you can get it from Velocity Blueprint. If you’re lucky enough, that is.

Here is how you can create Dueling Dragons with a blueprint:

  1. Open the game and go to the Garage tab
  2. Open the Manage Inventory 
  3. Go straight to blueprints
  4. Find the Dueling Dragons blueprints (if you have it)
  5. You can create this goal explosion of 2,000 credits

Credits are not that easy to come by. You will need to grind a while until you get enough of them to create Dueling Dragons. Besides the credits, getting the Dueling Dragons blueprint is also hard. This is because you probably won’t get it on the first opening of Velocity blueprint. Instead, you will have to open several of them before you can get one. 

How to get the dueling dragons blueprint?

Alternatively, you can try and trade-in blueprints. For example, if you really want to get that Dueling Dragons blueprint, but all you have is stacks of other blueprints, you can try and exchange 5 other blueprints for a new one. If you get lucky enough, you might get Velocity blueprint (out of which you can get Dueling Dragons), or you might get Dueling Dragons themselves.

Duelling Dragons

If there are a lot of blueprints in your Blueprint tab, you might try to sort them out with a Use Filter function. This will sort them in alphabetic order. As such, it will make it easier to find Dueling Dragons or Velocity out of the bunch. 

Buy Dueling Dragons on a third-party marketplace

Third-party marketplaces are a good way to acquire the skin you want without too much hassle. Of course, you can also find Dueling Dragons on one of these platforms. This is a much better way than trading-in blueprints, as you can rest assured that it will work every time. 

Here are some of the best places where you can buy or sell your in-game Rocket League items, as well as Dueling Dragons:

Always remember that it takes a while for a marketplace to deliver an account to you. In some cases, this waiting period may last for 12 hours. It is very important not to give them access to the main Rocket League account. Instead, we advise traders to create an alternative account that will only be used for intermediary jobs.

By implementing this practice, you will have an additional layer of security when making online item purchases and sales. Some of these sites, such as RL.Exchange will scour through all the internet so they can find the best possible offer for Dueling Dragons. 

Acquiring Dueling Dragons from the item shop

Another option you have at your disposal is to get Dueling Dragons from in-game shop within the Rocket League. You can access it from the main menu. Every 48 hours, the shop will rotate featured items. There will also be a 24-hours rotation of daily items. When this timer expires, new skins will hit the shop.

The store has all types of cosmetic items that you can use within Rocket League. For example, this includes various wheels, decals, bodies, and so on. Of course, this also includes Dueling Dragons but only from time to time. However, you should check the shop each day until you stumble upon it. As previously mentioned, the price of this item is 2,000 credits. Be aware that you won’t be able to trade it when you buy it in the store.

Make a trade for Dueling Dragons

You can also trade for Dueling Dragons. Ideally, you should trade for it with one of your Rocket League friends. Otherwise, there are numerous sites where you can find traders who have Dueling Dragons and might want one of the items from your inventory. 

Here is how to make a trade:

  1. The best websites for trading are and RL Garage
  2. Look for Dueling Dragons on this site
  3. Try to find the cheapest option by comparing the prices
  4. Click on that link, and just follow the steps as explained

Before you proceed with the trade, make sure that you’re not trading a too expensive item. There are a lot of scams out there, so this is another thing you need to consider beforehand. 

Is it possible to get Dueling Dragons for free?

There might also be a chance to get this item free of charge. But, in order to do so, you will likely have to put some of your in-game credits on the line. 

Here are some methods you need to consider:

  1. Compete in Tournaments. You can then utilize the rewards from these tournaments for trading.
  2. There are numerous Rocket League giveaways online. In order to find the right giveaway, you should stay in the loop and regularly check websites that provide them.
  3. If you have enough credits, it is relatively easy to get this item. There are numerous ways you can get free credits in the game, so you should definitely consider some of them.

Dueling Dragons can change your Rocket League experience

As one of the best cosmetics in the game, Dueling Dragons can significantly change your gaming experience. This is an awesome item that everyone would like to have in their inventory, and with some invested time, you can have it as well.