How to obtain eSports Tokens in Rocket League

Let’s find out about eSports Tokens and why they’re important in Rocket League.
How to obtain eSports Tokens in Rocket League

How to get eSports Tokens Rocket League edition.

What are Rocket League eSports Tokens?

With the rise in popularity of many eSport teams in the Rocket League Championship Series, Psyonix LLC decided to introduce a new shop filled with in-game items, but not just any items, eSports items sold separately, featuring teams competing in the RLCS. Items like player banners, wheels, and decals are available in this shop.

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The Rocket League eSports shop was introduced so that the fans can get a taste of what it's like to own cosmetic items that represent their favorite RLCS teams. In the beginning, very few teams were selected for the eSports shop pilot program compared to the numerous teams today.

The eSports shop is a separate entity and is not a part of the regularly featured items. Once you've reached the Main Menu in Rocket League head on over to the item shop and find the eSports column, and like most Epic Games item shops, the eSports shop and its featured items go through a daily rotation. In order to purchase items from the eSports shop, you will need something called eSports tokens, another form of currency in Rocket League.

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Now that you have an idea of what the eSports tokens are used for, the next question on your mind probably is…

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How do you get Rocket League eSports Tokens?

Just like the Rocket League credits, the eSports tokens need to be purchased with money. The Rocket League eSports tokens can be purchased in different bundles of 100, 600, 1200, and 2500 tokens, and the higher the bundle the more expensive it is.

Do keep in mind that everything sold in the Rocket League eSports shop is considered a premium rarity and the items purchased along with the eSports tokens are not tradable.

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eSports tokens come in different bundles, each varying in cost which can be demonstrated in the table below:

# of Tokens



100 Tokens



600 Tokens



1200 Tokens



2500 Tokens



So there you have it! You now know about eSport tokens and how to obtain them in Rocket League. If you want more articles like this one, make sure you check out our article on the rarest items in Rocket League.

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