How to sell Rocket League items for real money

Rocket League has a lot to offer players and one of these things is the high number of skins to customize your car. Cosmetics are a beloved part of all games and free-to-play games have an especially good range of them. Free-to-play games such as CS: GO and Rocket League also allow players to trade. Cosmetic trading is a big deal for gamers and there's a whole economy based around buying and selling Rocket League items for other items, credits and real money too.

The Challenges of Selling Rocket League Items

Selling Rocket League Skins isn't too difficult and getting involved with Rocket League in-game item trading is relatively simple. However, there might be a few small issues to remember.

The most obvious issues are scammers, poor communication from other people and the potential ban risk. However, Psyonix doesn't usually chase people for trading or selling Rocket League items so the ban risk is low.

Sell the right Rocket League Items

Trading for cash is a lot harder than it often sounds like. Only a small number of items are desirable enough for people to be willing to spend real money on. Credits are the most popular Rocket League item to buy and are the most consistent. Very rare items such as non-crate rate items and popular items are also likely to generate good sale interest.

Selling items that have high value can be worth your time but if you have common items then they probably won't attract much interest. The only exceptions are items that have become very popular for some reason in the game. Not all items have a consistent value and some might suddenly become worthless selling for cash.

Solutions: How to Sell Rocket League Items for Real Money

There are two different ways to go about trying to sell Rocket League items to other players: The quick and easy way or the Manual way.

The Quick and Easy Way to Sell Rocket League Items

Using a third-party website dedicated to trading Rocket League items is the perfect way to sell Rocket League items as well. These websites allow you to trade, sell and buy different items in the game. One difficulty is finding the best places to sell Rocket League items, this article here (insert Buy and Sell RL article link) covers the best Rocket League trading websites.
These websites do take a fee from every sale but they also save you a lot of time. While it's possible to sell items in other ways such as by using Reddit forums, it takes more work to find a potential buyer and you lack protection from scams. Many trade websites have some kind of protection systems in place to support buyers and sellers which is something that most other trading methods lack.
Trading like this can still take a little while to complete but it's much faster overall. It also reduces the stress of trading and saves you time since you don't need to actively keep posting online. If you value your time then using these websites is a fantastic option.

The 'Manual' Method

Some traders prefer to make their exchanges manually instead. This means not using Rocket League trading websites and dealing with all of it themselves. Players taking this route usually look to sell directly to other players through non-dedicated trading platforms. It's possible to sell rocket League items and to sell Rocket League credits using this method.

There are many other potential places to sell your Credits or items however including Ebay, Reddit and Discord. Any forum can potentially be used as a place to find buyers for your Rocket League Credits. However, each one comes with its own risks and it's down to you to do some research to discover your preferred option(s).

While not always mentioned on trading websites, having a 'middleman' is incredibly helpful when you sell an item. Middlemen will hold onto the items you've confirmed receiving the payment. If you intend to include one of these as part of your regular trading then make sure you're comfortable with them and can trust them. If you don't receive the payment then they will give you back the item. It's a way to help you avoid being scammed and ensures you can move on to another buyer if that person is too slow to send the money. Finding a middleman can be tricky but the r/rocketleagueexchange Reddit subreddit is usually the easiest place to find someone who can do this. That's also a good place to ask questions about Rocket League trading.

Getting Paid for Selling Rocket League Items

There are a lot of payment options when it comes to selling Rocket League items. Most trading websites will give you a wide range of payout options including Paypal, Crypto options and region-specific platforms too. Paypal is a common option since buyers can be anywhere in the world and this option is available for the majority of countries.
Each payment option has different fees attached so most sellers have their preferred platforms based around this. It's a good idea to ask different sellers about what options they use to help you find the best ones. Paypal is a common because of its buyer protection and easy option but it can have quite high fees.

The Best Way to sell Rocket League Credits

When it comes to Credits, most buyers and looking to buy Rocket League Credits in bulk but it’s still possible to sell small amounts of credits. However they aren't usually as popular with buyers. Each platform of the game has different prices and the price for Credits can change sometimes. We have an article here (insert RL Credit system article here) about Rocket League credit prices which should help you when selling them.
Some trading communities will have a no-cash rule and will only allow trading for other items instead so always check the community rules when looking to sell items in a new place. Buyers will also post looking for someone to sell them items or credits which can make trading even faster.

How Much Money can you get for Rocket League Items?

The quick answer: the prices can vary from matter of pennies to about $1500 (see our list of the most expensive Rocket League Items).

Prices for Rocket League items changes between platforms. For both Credits and items, you'll need to confirm the pricing for what you want to sell on your games platform. Since prices for items change a lot more regularly, you'll want to double-check the going rate regularly. Many traders use websites such as to help them track how much they should be charging for their digital goods.
Real cash prices for items don't often change too dramatically between platforms. The amount of money you get for your items can also depend on your chosen selling method. Trading websites will usually take a fee from all trades and direct trades using payment options will also take a fee. The amount you lose depends on what the website is and what you're using to take the payment. Many of the payment websites will also take a fee when you move the money somewhere else such as a bank account. 

Community Reputation

Trading communities often allow people to leave reviews for those they've traded with and as a new seller, people will be more cautious with you. The most trusted people have hundreds or thousands of completed trades with lots of positive reviews. Communities manage reviews in different ways so it's a good idea to check their community rules since it might mention reputation and other seller posts to see if they include rep lists.

If you trade with someone to sell your items then make sure you leave them a review. This will encourage them to give you one as well which helps to encourage more people to trade with you in the future.

Final Thoughts

Rocket League has been around a long time now and the inclusion of an in-game trading feature has allowed a big community to develop around it. Being able to trade outside the game gives you a lot more options when it comes to trading partners and trading options. It allows you to sell extra items or credits in your inventory for real money. Most players who have been around a while in Rocket League will have a large inventory filled with items they'll never use so being able to sell them still makes those unwanted items useful. So make sure to check!