Learn everything about the Interstellar Rocket League decal [Price, Prediction, etc...]

Everything you need to know about one of the coolest black market Rocket League items!
Learn everything about the Interstellar Rocket League decal [Price, Prediction, etc...]

In this article, we will look into the present value of the Interstellar decal. We will discuss its current price and the reason behind that. We will also discuss its history and what we can expect from the future.

How to get the Interstellar decal in Rocket League?

The Interstellar is a Black Market decal that was initially released with the Momentum series in June 2020. 


Since then it has been added to one more series, the select favorites 2 series. It can also be found in trades with other players and is sometimes available in the item shop found in the menu. The Interstellar is also released in painted versions and is available in all colors except the new gold paint. The Interstellar is currently one of the black market decals with the most demand.

What is the current value of Interstellar?

  • PC: 1300 Rocket League credits ≈ 6$
  • PlayStation: 750 Rocket League credits ≈ 4$
  • Xbox: 900 Rocket League credits ≈ 2$

Note that the price for the titanium white interstellar decal is around $19.


Usually, the platforms have the same pattern. Either an item goes up, or down. This has been the case for Interstellar. On all platforms, the decal has lost a lot of value. However, it has been way worse on PS and Xbox. The decal has lost around 50% value in a few years. That has generally been the case for most black market decals in the last few years. However, On PC the item has only dropped by around 30%.


Because computer credits are more expensive this means that the money difference between the cheapest and most expensive platform for Interstellar is huge. The differences can be a result of different aesthetic preferences on the different platforms, or simply the decal being undervalued/ overvalued. Interstellar is 3x more expensive on PC compared to Xbox in dollars. 

What can we expect from the future?

The future for many black markets is not bright. Why is that, and how will the interstellar develop?


As more black markets will be released the demand for each unique one will drop, simply as a result of more choice. Black Markets used to be a  rare niche item. However, Interstellar is one of the most popular and traded black markets in the game. It is super cool and could be expected to do better than the rest. This means it will be able to stand out from the crowd. 


Even though the black market decal had different results on each platform over the last few years, we expect them to go in the same direction from now on. It is clear that platform preferences have not aligned yet. We think this is a temporary result as they usually follow each other in the long run. Therefore we expect Interstellar to drop on PC and increase in price on Xbox, meeting at 4$ at the current PS value.

What is the current value for painted variants of Interstellar?

In the end, we would like to shortly access the painted variants of the Interstellar decal


The painted variants have shared a similar fate to their regular variants on their respective platforms. This means the Interstellar Rocket League decal on Xbox and PS has gone down. The painted variants of the Interstellar decal have done incredibly well for computer players. It has managed to stay at approximately the same value over many years. We expect the painted variants of the Interstellar decal to drop on PC and increase on Xbox just as the non-painted versions.