What Is Merc in Rocket League?

Merc is a model of vehicle present in Rocket League. This car released in July 2015 and is not immediately available to players. You will need to unlock this model by playing in-game matches.

This vehicle carries the aesthetic that is perfect for a thug or mercenary type. The body of the vehicle looks huge, giving the illusion that this model can house a whole army of hired goons. Along with some slick lifts and a subtle spoiler, this design comes together to be one of the most rugged and fierce players have to choose from.

Car Statistics

This one runs off the octane hitbox and statistics, meaning that this model runs under the most commonly chosen body type within the series. Even though the large shape of the design might have suggested otherwise. Here’s a rundown of the stats:

  • LENGTH: 118.01
  • WIDTH: 84.20
  • HEIGHT: 36.16
  • SURFACE AREA: 34495
  • 0% BOOST SPEED: 2.323
  • 100% BOOST SPEED: 1.967

With these stats and the octane hitbox, this means that the model provides some excellent benefits. The key highlights being the ability to tightly dribble, win aerial duels and has a deceptively good shot impact as well. The octane body type is the perfect all rounder which allows for pretty much any playstyle. Meaning you can chop and change your role on the team on the fly.

Within casual games, this is why it is a very popular choice. Yet also finds a lot of use in the professional settings too. It’s an excellent choice whether you love to attack, defend or tend goal.

Merc – Decals

The Merc offers a series of excellent decals that allow you to completely alter the perception of your vehicle on a dime. Whether you’re looking for a decal to show the hulking qualities of the shape and scale of the model, or perhaps to showcase a chilled and laid back vibe. You’ll be glad to know you’re accommodated for. Have a look firstly at the list of common decals:

  • Dots
  • Flames
  • Lightning
  • Skulls
  • Stars
  • Stripes
  • Wings

These for the most part stay true to the usual catalog of common decals. Though each offers a unique vibe for this vehicle. We personally think that Wings is a perfect fit for this one. The body of the vehicle looks so big and heavy that wings just adds a sense of humor when you propel this lumbering hunk of metal through the air. Here is the decal below:

Next up we have the rare decals that we have listed below:

  • Athena
  • Flower power
  • Narwhal

Three excellent choices that offer a mix of fun, fantasy and finesse. Though our first choice would be the flower power decal. This allows you to transform your mercenary van into a sixties hipster van in seconds flat. Here’s what this decal looks like:

Then we have the very rare decals, here’s a list of those

  • Warlock

Although only one very rare decal exists for this one, it’s a great one to its credit. This one depicts a grand sorcerer in great detail. Perhaps offering his magical services to give you a few extra goals. Here’s the decal for you to have a look at:

Then lastly we have the premium decals. Here’s a quick list of those:

  • Green Lantern

Only one in this category as well but what a great one for any DC comics fan. This decal depicts the logo for an iconic hero (not the film…), the green lantern. You won’t be able to wield a ring that transforms into any being you choose. But with this formidable car model and decal combo, why would you want to?

Tough It Out in a Merc

This rough and ready model is such a versatile and stylish one. For those that love the all-rounder stats of the octane body type. Plus the design and shape of the Merc. This one culminates to give an impressive array of qualities on and off the field of play.

On it, you’ll have tight dribbling control, excellent shot impact and win most aerial duels. All the while having access to loads of quality decals. This one is a must try.

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