The Most Expensive Antennas In Rocket League [2022 Updated]

Here are the 5 currently most expensive antennas in Rocket League that you should check out!
The Most Expensive Antennas In Rocket League [2022 Updated]

The antennas are often overlooked during car designing. It is by some seen as insignificant and useless in the big picture. It is a shame because there are great antennas that can contribute to an even cooler car out there. Let us take a look!


Beta Nugget | 14.000 credits | 63$

This item was given to players that played in the beta version of the game. This item is the undisputed champion of antennas and looks amazing with its golden glow. It fits so well with any car and any design. A little bit of gold can’t be bad with anything can it?

  • Xbox: 28.000 Rocket League credits ≈ 63$
  • PlayStation: 14.000 Rocket League credits ≈ 63$
  • PC: 14.000 Rocket League credits ≈ 63$

The beta nugget is the only expensive antenna. Therefore all players with a lot of credits use the Beta nugget. It is also a part of the golden car design from the first picture which is the most popular/desired car design in the game. Even though some of the items of the car cost more than 1 MILLION credits, the beta nugget is visible and captures the attention of the viewer! So does the Alpha Cap, which is the most expensive topper in the game. The Beta nugget is also a great investment. No new Beta Nuggets will be added to the game ever, and historically it has increased a lot in price.

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Pink Macaron | 3.000 Credits | 7$

What? A pink item is the second most expensive!?! Most Rocket League players don’t know that this item even exists! Even fewer know the story about its crazy price! Why is a Rocket League antenna that looks so ridiculous so much more expensive than most other antennas?

  • Xbox: 3.000 Rocket League credits ≈ 7$
  • PlayStation: 1.500 Rocket League credits ≈ 7$
  • PC: 1.500 Rocket League credits ≈ 7$

The pink Macaron looks a lot like the normal unpainted Macaron. Therefore some years ago Psynoix decided to remove it from drops making it discontinued. Since then the item has steadily increased in price. Even to the point that it costs 15 times more than most antennas! The price of the item is so unstable that it has no price estimate on rl.insider! It will be interesting to follow the price of this item in the near future for sure.

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Titanium White Mage Glass III | 400 credits | 2$

Coming as no surprise, the titanium white Mage Glass is also on the list. Even though sky blue looks great it is very rare that white is not the most prefered color.

  • Xbox: 800 Rocket League credits ≈ 2$
  • PlayStation: 400 Rocket League credits ≈ 2$
  • PC: 400 Rocket League credits ≈ 2$

It is interesting to note that the white Mage Glass does have some black in it. This is probably one of the reasons black Mage Glass is not in the top 5. It is already included in the white version. Just as the sky blue version, the white goes well with shiny cars. Especially white designs. If you want a similar design to the designs from the pictures check out best Paladin designs for ideas!

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Sky Blue Mage Glass III | 200 credits | 1$

The Mage Glass III dropped in the first ever Rocket Pass, Rocket Pass 1. We rarely have a sky blue item on a top 5 list. But the blue crystal ball is such a great mysterious item that looks super nice!

  • Xbox: 400 Rocket League credits ≈ 1$
  • PlayStation: 200 Rocket League credits ≈ 1$
  • PC: 200 Rocket League credits ≈ 1$

It looks particularly well when it is combined with a shiny car like in the first picture. Mages are often associated with either the colors red or blue. Because of that the sky blue Mage Glass has won the heart of the Rocket League community. The item has also increased in price as a result of the old Rocket Pass items going up in price.

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Rick | 150 credits | 0,5$

Rick is an uncommon antenna and therefore a non-crate item. The antenna is of the popular TV figure Rick from the TV series Rick and Morty. It is also the only uncommon and unpainted antenna on this list.

  • Xbox: 300 Rocket League credits ≈ 0,5$
  • PlayStation: 150 Rocket League credits ≈ 0,5$
  • PC: 150 Rocket League credits ≈ 0,5$

This item is a cool addition to the car for all Rick and Morty fans. It is cheap and a good way to express your love for the show to all other players! This item alongside Morty and the Cromulon topper were added in 2017. Unfortunately for Rick and Morty they don’t come in painted versions as the Cromulon topper does which is reflected in its cheap price.

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If you can’t afford the most expensive antenna, there are plenty of other alternatives. Check out our best antennas in Rocket League

At the end of the list, we would like to make an honorable mention to the “ZagPET Antenna”. This item is not traded through a trade window. It could be obtained in toy stores a few years back and redeemed through a code. This item was quite expensive for a while but lately has not been a fan favorite. 

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