The Most Expensive Decals In Rocket League [2022 Updated]

Here are the 5 currently most expensive decals in Rocket League that you should check out!
The Most Expensive Decals In Rocket League [2022 Updated]

The most dominant item on any car in Rocket League is the decal. It covers the biggest surface of the car. The decal is what you see first and it dictates the style of the car. Let us take a look at the most unique and most good-looking decals in Rocket League!


Grey Mainframe | 50.000 credits| 225$

What? A grey item is the most expensive!?! Most Rocket League players don’t know about this item and the story about its insane price! Why is a RL decal that sounds so average so much more expensive than any other decals?

  • Xbox: 100.000 credits ≈ 225$
  • PlayStation: 50.000 credits ≈ 225$
  • PC: 50.000 credits ≈ 225$

This item is a part of a very small club of discontinued items. These items were originally added to crates and often removed because they look too much like a different color or the original unpainted version of the item. Not too long after the release of the Zephyr Crate in 2018 Psyonix decided that the Grey Mainframe was too similar to the White version.

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Titanium White CRL Northern (Octane) | 16.000 Credits | 72$

Probably not the biggest surprise considering the black version is already on this list! Considering how great it looks, it is not surprising to see more than one of these rocket league decals in the top 5!

  • Xbox: 32.000 credits ≈ 72$
  • PlayStation: 16.000 credits ≈ 72$
  • PC: 16.000 credits ≈ 72$

Though the different colors of the CRL Northern look similar, white is the king. White is preferred for most RLCS decals because RLCS decals are often simple-looking. White is just a great color for that type of car (related: how to get the titanium white octane in Rocket League). Since it is currently in high demand and it doesn’t drop from RLCS streams anymore, it is also an interesting investment.

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Titanium White Nice Shot (Octane) | 8.000 credits | 36$

The Octane Nice Shot is a part of a retired RLCS fan reward collection. This decal has also increased in price by a massive amount lately. What makes this item worth so much?

  • Xbox: 16000 credits ≈ 36$
  • PlayStation: 8.000 credits ≈ 36$
  • PC: 8.000 credits ≈ 36$

The Nice Shot is different from other decals in Rocket League. There are not many items with writing on them. There are even fewer that can show off the character of a player. The Octane Nice Shot can do that with the rather provocative text “#Nice Shot”. This could certainly be something that your toxic teammate in 2’s has equipped!

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Black CRL Northern (Octane) | 7.000 credits | 32$

The CRL Northern is a part of a retired RLCS fan reward collection. This decal has increased in price by a massive amount lately. Why has this item started to spike in value now all of the sudden?

  • Xbox: 14.000 credits ≈ 32$
  • PlayStation: 7.000 credits ≈ 32$
  • PC: 7.000 crediits ≈ 32$

It is very rare to see a black decal on a top 5 or 10 list about Rocket League decals! Usually, this list is full of Titanium White decals. This item has increased a lot in popularity because it goes so well with clean Black wheels, as one can see from the picture above. Also, there is little difference between the colors of the CRL Northern. The color of the item is only consisting of the color between the horns and the face. The majority of the decal can be chosen by the colors you choose for your car, which means even a Black Northern can look a lot like a Titanium White version.

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Titanium White Mainframe | 5.000 credits | 22$

The painted Mainframes have always been a top choice for Rocket League players when it comes to painted Black Marked Decals. The Mainframe is a crate item and was originally introduced in the Zephyr series. Since then it has been added to many other drops.

  • Xbox: 10.000 credits ≈ 22$
  • PlayStation: 5.000 credits ≈ 22$
  • PC: 5.000 credits ≈ 22$

The White Mainframe has a great look to it and differs from a lot of Black Marked Decals. Usually, they are very shiny and bright with a lot of visual things going on. The Mainframe is an excellent choice for players that want a clean car and still want a Black Marked Decal. As usual, the White version is the fans-favorite and looks great with almost any type of car. Do you like unique car designs and loved our Fast & furious design in combination with the Mainframe? Check out more unique Fast & Furious designs here. If you are into expensive wheels like the Apex, check out our most expensive wheels in RL for more ideas!

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They decided to remove it. Since then the Grey Mainframe has increased so much in price. To the point that it doesn’t have a value on Rl.Insider because it is so volatile! This item is now worth 20 times more than the Titanium White version! We think that is absolutely mind-boggling, considering Titanium White is always the most expensive version.

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Why is it so expensive just because it is discontinued you may ask? All discontinued items have always been very interesting to collectors because they are so rare and only a few of them are being traded actively. Other than that they are great to invest in having increased in price by a ridiculous amount during the past year. Many players also argue that it looks BETTER than the White version because it has a nicer glow to it! If you like this car design check out our best Octane decals for more inspiration!

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