Most Expensive Goal Explosions In Rocket League

Here are the most expensive goal explosions in Rocket League that makes your enemy envy!
Most Expensive Goal Explosions In Rocket League

The goal explosions can’t be seen in the in-game lobby or during a game unless you score. Therefore many players do not prioritize this type of item. That is a shame because even though it is only visible for a few seconds every game it looks so cool when you score!


Black Reaper | 50.000 credits | 250$

The Black Reaper goal explosion is a new addition to the most expensive items in Rocket League and has not always been so expensive. Like all the other Reapers on this list, it is obtained through the Haunted Hallows crate.

Striker Black Reaper goal explosion
  • Xbox One: 100.000 Rocket League credits ≈ 250$
  • PlayStation: 50.000 Rocket League credits ≈ 250$
  • PlayStation: 50.000 Rocket League credits ≈ 250$

This item gained an incredible increase in 2021 and has only increased in price since. Since the crate came out in 2017 the items in the crate have slowly received more interest. The goal explosion was only added in painted versions to the crate much later and is therefore super rare. The black versions of goal explosions are often the most expensive which is a super interesting phenomenon that only exists for goal explosions. The best colors in terms of car design and goal explosions are just different! The Black Reaper is a classy and cool goal explosion and totally deserves the first spot. Black is so cool for goal explosions because it is so eye-catching!


Titanium White Reaper | 17500 Credits | 79$

Yes, you guessed it. Reaper again! Surprisingly the white version of this item is only in second place. In general, the white version of any item is the most popular!

  • Xbox: 35.000 Rocket League credits ≈ 79$
  • PlayStation: 17.500 Rocket League credits ≈ 79$
  • PC: 17.500 Rocket League credits ≈ 79$

The white Reaper is called the best of the rest. It is the coolest Reaper goal explosion which is affordable to most traders that have traded for a while. Therefore it is probably the painted reaper that is seen most often in-game. We have to admit the white and black color combination of the white Reaper is simply awesome and looks fantastic! Definitely worth it to acquire!


Crimson Reaper | 11.500 credits | 52$

Another Reaper coming in on 3rd place. This is also found in the Haunted Hallows crate. What is making the Reaper so expensive other than its fantastic design?

  • Xbox: 23.000 Rocket League credits ≈ 52$
  • PlayStation: 11.500 Rocket League credits ≈ 52$
  • PC: 11.500 Rocket League credits ≈ 52$

The Reaper is a rather old item(2017). Therefore it is difficult to find the different painted versions. When somebody owns this item it is almost always for personal use. In general players don’t change their goal explosion as much as their car design. It is not just sitting in the inventory like many expensive wheels or decals are. In short the supply is small and nobody is interested to sell them. They are only going up in price!


Purple Reaper | 11.000 credits | 50$

The Reaper is obtained through the Haunted Hallows crate which was released in 2017. This goal explosion has a monopoly in terms of most expensive goal explosions in the game and is the most popular by far.

  • Xbox: 22.000 Rocket League credits ≈ 50$
  • PlayStation: 11.000 Rocket League credits ≈ 50$
  • PC: 11.000 Rocket League credits ≈ 50$

What makes the Reaper so popular? After all there are alot of cool goal explosions! The Reaper is simply so well designed. It is probably one of the best cosmetic designs ever made by Rocket League. The animation when a goal is scored is also super cool and well done. The painted versions are all unique and good looking. Therefore even colours like purple can be on this list because they are all so different. We know all the items on this list are very expensive. If you are looking for some cheaper alternatives check out the best goal explosions!

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