The Most Expensive Paint Finishes In Rocket League [2022 Updated]

Here are the 4 currently most expensive paint finishes in Rocket League that you should check out!

Most expensive paint finishes Rocket League
Most expensive paint finishes Rocket League

Although paint finishes are not super expensive and not the preferred item type in the game, they can still contribute to a great-looking car. This item type can contribute to a lot of great car designs and is wildly underrated. They are part of the best Paint Finishes in Rocket League.

#4 Pearlescent Matte | 100 credits | 0,5$

The Pearlescent Matte is a part of the Accelerator crate which was released in 2019. Since then it has always been one of the preferred paint finishes obtainable through trading.

  • Xbox: 200 credits ≈ 0,5$
  • PlayStation: 100 credits ≈ 0,5$
  • PC: 100 crediits ≈ 0,5$

What makes this paint finish look so nice? For sure that it is so stylish and clean. It is great for a simple car. This paint finish was popularized by the Rocket League pro Squishy Muffins. Since then it has always been one of the most expensive paint finishes. Are you looking for some simple expenive rocket league wheels in combination with the Pearlescent Matte? Check out our post about the most expensive wheels in Rocket League which feature a lot of good-looking clean wheels! 

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#3 Annodized Pearl | 100 credits | 0,5$

This item was released in the Totally Awesome Crate in 2019. This was an alternative version of the already released Annodized. The Annodized Pearl however quickly overtook the regular Annodized which at the time was the most expensive paint finish!

  • Xbox: 200 credits ≈ 0,5$
  • PlayStation: 100 credits ≈ 0,5$
  • PC: 100 credits ≈ 0,5$

The anodized is by many regarded as the best-looking paint finish. Since multiple versions of this item exist it is however not the most expensive. This is simply because of the excess supply. The glowy look that the Annodized Pearl has is simply so cool. Especially with shiny colors like gold/yellow as in the first picture. The Annodized Pearl is perfect with a clean car to add some glow to it. But it is also great to add some style to a shiny car. It compliments all designs super well! This paint finish was a big hit when it was first released and totally changed the meta of car designs.

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#2 Metallic Flake | 150 Credits | 0,75$

A surprising addition to the list is the Metallic Flake. This item was released in the first EVER Rocket Pass in 2018 and was unlocked in tier 42. This item was not popular at all for quite a few years but has repeatedly increased in price since 2021

  • Xbox: 300 credits ≈ 0,75$
  • PlayStation: 150 credits ≈ 0,75$
  • PC: 150 credits ≈ 0,75$

This paint is somewhere in between the Pearlescent Matte and Annodized, not being too glowy and at the same time, it does shine a little bit. This makes it an interesting alternative to other paint finishes. However, its recent price increase can be associated with the general increase in the price of Rocket Pass 1 items. This is because they are rarer and rarer to find.

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#1 Polygrid | 200 credits | 1$

This item was released in the Dorado series in December 2021. This is one of the newest paint finishes in the game. It is the current meta in terms of paint finishes in Rocket League!

  • Xbox: 400 credits ≈ 1$
  • PlayStation: 200 credits ≈ 1$
  • PC: 200 credits ≈ 1$

This item is currently very hyped because it is very new. Indeed, it has a very unique look and looks very similar to some Black Marked Decals such as Tora and Trigon. It has a bit more design in comparison to other paint finishes. It is certainly a good alternative. It will be interesting to see if this paint finish can maintain its first place when the hype decreases. Historically, new items always decrease in price in the first year after their release.

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