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The Most Expensive Toppers In Rocket League [2022 Updated]

Here are the 4 currently most expensive toppers in Rocket League that You should check out!
The Most Expensive Toppers In Rocket League [2022 Updated]

Toppers are the underdogs of car designs. Most players that take rank just a little bit seriously will not have a topper on their car. It makes it more difficult to connect properly with the ball. Today we are going to look at some toppers that will make even the most hardcore rank players second guess themselves!


WHITE HAT | 1.200.000+ CREDITS | 5000$+

The most expensive item is worth 1.200.000+ credits…While the other expensive items on this list could be earned by playing the game during the Alpha or Beta version or getting a lucky fan reward drop, the White Hat is different. To earn the White Hat you would have to do something remarkable. Only players that found major bugs in Rocket League and reported them to Psyonix could get a White Hat.

White Hat expensive item
  • Xbox: 2.400.000+ credits ≈ 5000$+
  • PlayStation: 1.200.000+ credits ≈ 5000$+
  • PC: 1.200.000+ credits ≈ 5000$+
White Hat expensive item Rocket league

This makes the White Hat super rare and more prestigious than any other item in the game.


Alpha Cap | 100.000 credits | 450$

The Alpha Cap is an item that only players that tested the alpha version of the game were given as an alpha reward. Because of that, no new Alpha Caps have been given out for years making them super rare and expensive!

Alpha Cap
  • Xbox: 200.000 Rocket League credits ≈ 450$
  • PlayStation: 100.000 Rocket League credits ≈ 450$
  • PC: 100.000 Rocket League credits ≈ 450$
Alpha Cap RL

The Alpha Cap simply looks so good and gives the car such a nice golden look which no other topper does. When you combine it with other golden items you have a truly perfect car. The most popular car design in the game is the Alpha car design. It Consists of the Alpha Cap, Alpha Boost & Goldstones.

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Titanium White LFT | 800 Credits | 4$

LFT is a limited item. It is a part of a retired RLCS collection which was released in 2018 during RLCS season 6. LFT stands for “looking for team” and is used by players trying to find a teammate in either casual or ranked games.

  • Xbox: 1.600 credits ≈ 4$
  • PlayStation: 800 credits ≈ 4$
  • PC:800 credits ≈ 4$

What makes the LFT different is it is not used because of the cosmetics of the item very often. It is used as a way to communicate with teammates or opponents during a game. Players can’t communicate cross-platform during a normal game so this is in some cases the only way to let players know you need a team. The item is not super big and doesn’t use a lot of space on the car and is therefore not a big disadvantage during a game.

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Titanium White Halo | 700 credits | 3,5$

The Halo is a common topper in unpainted versions and uncommon in painted versions. It is a non-crate item. The white Halo has been the top choice of affordable toppers for ages. Now it has dropped to 3rd place.

  • Xbox: 1.400 Rocket League credits ≈ 3,5$
  • PlayStation: 700 Rocket League credits ≈ 3,5$
  • PC: 700 Rocket League credits ≈ 3,5$

As one can see from the picture above, the Halo is good with a simple car design. It is also good with more sophisticated designs as in the first picture. The Halo looks great but at the same time doesn’t take anything away from the car. Perfect choice for a simple and neutral topper.

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Titanium White Pheonix Wings III | 600 credits | 3$

The Pheonix Wings III was a part of Rocket Pass 2. This is one of the few Rocket Pass items that players use regularly. What makes this item different from all the unused Rocket Pass items?

  • Xbox: 1.200 Rocket League credits ≈ 3$
  • PlayStation: 600 Rocket League credits ≈ 3$
  • PC: 600 Rocket League credits ≈ 3$

The Pheonix Wings III simply looks so cool and is a natural topper choice. Adding the Titanium White color to them make them look strong and majestic. Many toppers don’t go well with car designs. It can be hard to combine the different cosmetics with a cool car design. Pheonix Wings is such a great choice to improve the look of the car.

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They are all super expensive and part of the most expensive boosts,  wheels &  toppers. The beautiful topper is certainly the first choice of many and one of the most expensive items in the game. Other than that, because of the rarity of the topper, it is also insanely expensive. The Alpha Cap has only increased in price during the last few years. This is making it a great investment opportunity.  

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