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The Most Expensive Wheels In Rocket League [2022 Updated]

Here are the most expensive wheels in Rocket League that cost a fortune!

Updated on Sep 30, 2022
The Most Expensive Wheels In Rocket League [2022 Updated]

The wheels are the most important part of the car and are necessary to create a cool, stylish, and fresh-looking car. Let us take a look at the most unique and good-looking wheels! They are part of the best wheels in Rocket League. #7 is Pink Tunica (7200c) , #6 is Crimson Apex (8400c) and…

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Goldstones | 700.000 - 800.000 credits| 3100$

Now it is time for the final boss! This item is so expensive that you can buy a new gaming PC and the new iPhone instead of the wheel! This item is a part of a small number of items that were given to players that played in the Alpha version of the game!

  • Xbox: 1.400.000 - 1.500.000 credits ≈ 3100$
  • PlayStation: 700.000 - 800.000 credits ≈ 3100$
  • PC: 700.000 - 800.000 credits ≈ 3100$

This wheel has such a majestic view to it. It looks so simple and yet so stunning. The simple black combined with the gold in the middle makes the Goldstone wheels so unique. The Goldstone wheels are often combined with the Octane because it is the most popular car and they look incredible together. Check out our best octane designs for inspiration!


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Titanium White Apex | 47.500 Credits | 212$

The Apex wheel is a part of a retired RLCS fan reward collection. They are also one of the most expensive items in Rocket League . What makes this wheel so much more expensive than most other wheels?

Titanium White Apex
  • Xbox: 95.000 credits ≈ 212$
  • PlayStation: 47.500 credits ≈ 212$
  • PC: 47.500 credits ≈ 212$
Titanium White Apex

The Titanium White Apex wheels cost around 90 times more than the average decent-looking wheel in Rocket League! As one can tell from the pictures, the cool glow in combination with solid black is an absolute killer! It is not a clean wheel with no glow or colors. At the same time, it is not overstimulating. It is not taking the spotlight away from the rest of the car. It is the perfect combination of both camps.

The wheels only dropped from RLCS streams in a limited period of time. Because there are not so many of them, they are even more expensive. They have only increased in price since their introduction and are therefore great to invest in as well.


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Black Dieci | 30.000 credits | 135$

The Black Dieci can also be found in different versions. It can either be Exotic or Uncommon. Make no mistake, though uncommon is the worst rarity you can trade in the game, this wheel is more than rare!

Black Dieci
  • Xbox: 60.000 credits ≈ 135$
  • PlayStation: 30.000 credits ≈ 135$
  • PC: 30.000 credits ≈ 135$
Black Dieci

A clean minimalistic car is the top choice of many players when it is time to make a new car design. The Black Dieci is the favorite choice among the simple-looking Black wheels. It has such a great look in-game that it is preferred to all of its competitors by miles. It is also a great investment. Historically it has only increased in price over time. It is often combined with a simple paint finish to complete the car design. Check out the most expensive paint finishes in Rocket League for design ideas!


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Grey Apex | 15.000 credits | 68$

The Apex wheels are a part of a retired RLCS fan reward collection. This wheel has consistently been one of the most expensive wheels and still maintains its position on this list!

Grey Apex
  • Xbox: 30.000 credits ≈ 68$
  • PlayStation: 15.000 crediits ≈ 68$
  • PC: 15.000 credits ≈ 68$
Grey Apex

‍The Grey Apex has been and will always be the little brother of the Titanium White Apex. This wheel looks so much like the Titanium White version that it is almost impossible to tell the difference when you see the two wheels in a lobby. However, the Grey Apex is just a little bit less glowy and looks slightly worse. However for the players that cannot quite afford the White version the Grey version is an excellent and great-looking second choice!


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Black Tunica | 9.000 credits | 45$

The Black Tunica can be found in different versions. It can either be Exotic or Uncommon. This wheel is a new addition to this list and has benefited from the general price drop of many wheels of different rarities.

Black Tunica
  • Xbox: 18.000 credits ≈ 45$
  • PlayStation: 9.000 credits ≈ 45$
  • PC: 9.000 credits ≈ 45$
Black Tunica

The Black Tunica is one of several simple Black Wheels on this list. Historically simple-looking Black wheels haven’t been the top choice of many players. But in recent years many car designers have swapped cool decals and wheels with simple-looking items. Since Tunica was released in Exotic version it got even more popular and has now managed to secure a top 5 placement. Totally deserved since they have their own unique style and go well with almost any design!


To understand the insane price of this wheel you have to understand how rare it is. Only a few are actively trading across all platforms. Only the absolute richest traders and pro players own these items. Most of the time they can’t even be bought using a normal trade window because it can’t fit so many credits! This obviously means that it is one of the most expensive items in the game. It is often combined with other expensive alpha items such as the Alpha Cap, which is obviously the most expensive topper in Rocket League

Here are other very costly Rocket League Item types:

This wheel has historically increased a great amount in price. Anybody that owns it can be certain no new versions of it will ever be added to the game. Therefore it is a super cool item to collect and invest in. So get your money fast by using some of the best methods of earning money playing Rocket League!

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