The Paladin in Rocket league is slimline, perfect for aerial duels. In this guide, you can find top Paladin designs and key infos [stats & hitbox]

What is Paladin in Rocket League

Paladin is a car model present within Rocket League. This car was released in July 2015 and is not immediately available to players right away. To unlock this model, you’ll have to complete a few matches.

The design of the car is instantly recognizable and wonderfully unique. Taking the aesthetic of a formula one car or a vehicle you might find in the Trackmania series. This design achieves a refined and sophisticated look perfect for any player looking to cruise around the pitch in style.

Car Statistics

The paladin runs off a hitbox and stat assortment that belongs to the plank body type. This is due to the low and flat design of the model. Here’s a quick rundown of the stats for this one:

  • Length – 128,82
  • Width – 84,67
  • Height – 29,39
  • Surface area – 34.365
  • 0% Boosting – 2,342
  • 100% Boosting – 2,014
  • Turning average – 2,25

What these stats indicate in terms of playability for this body type is that this vehicle offers certain pros and cons. The pros to expect are a superior shot power to most other types. Plus an aerial dribbling ability that is unmatched.However, for these attributes, the player is likely to lose a lot of 50-50 challenges due to the low frame and this model is prone to a more common near miss or misplaced pass/shot. Overall, this model is not for a casual player, it takes time and practice to get good with this one. However, when the player truly understands this model's potential, the rewards are plentiful.

Paladin – Decals

The paladin is such a streamline and unique design. So for that reason, it’s essential that you compliment it with the perfect decal to exemplify its charm. So here are the common decals to start us off:

  • Flames
  • Lightning
  • Stars
  • Skulls
  • Tech
  • Wings
  • Stripes

It’s the usual roster of common decals that you are likely to see in most cases. However, the impact on the design changes from car to car. With the paladin, our pick of the bunch is stripe. This is a subtle decal that works best with the flat and streamline designs, so why not try it out and see if you agree. Here is a peek at the decal below.Next up is the rare decals for the paladin. Here they are below:

  • Shaperacer

Just the one on offer for the paladin in this category. Though this decal offers a hint of professionalism to the model. The emblem acts as a seal of approval. You are a certified racer, speed is the norm for you, and goals are your passion. Here’s the decal down below:Then lastly we have the premium decals for this design. Take a look

  • Batman

That’s right, the caped crusader himself, Mr. Bruce Wayne. You can like your dark Knight fantasy on the soccer field. Wearing the bat symbol as a badge of honor as you rid the field of the riff-raff, sending them straight to Gotham City jail. Here’s the decal, like you don’t know how it already looks.

Best Paladin Designs

Galactic Paladin

Now we have the long-bodied vehicle, the paladin. This one uses a mesh of royal purple and clean white accents, coupled with a shaperacer decal to give a sharp, geometric design that looks really great.

  • Decal: Paladin: ShapeRacer (painted titanium white, primary color: purple (anodized), accent color: white (anodized))
  • Wheels: OEM (painted black)
  • Body: Paladin
  • Boost: helios (painted titanium white)

This one uses OEM wheels painted black and to not draw attention from the car body. Then finishes off with a titanium white helios boost trail to complement the accents on this design. As a whole, this design looks fantastic and would be perfect for just about any players' garage, so be sure to put this one together for yourself.

Mysterious Paladin

This design doesn’t mix it up too much from the last entry, keeping the same decal and wheels. However, it adds an orange flare to the design that really gives it just enough to feel unique in its own right.

  • Decal: ShapeRacer (painted black, primary color: purple (toon matte), accent color: orange (anodized)
  • Body: Paladin
  • Wheels: Reaper (painted orange)
  • Boost: Hexphase (painted orange)

This design also uses a hexphase boost trail painted orange which further complements the focus on this orange accent color. All in all, not a huge change from the above listing but maybe this one is just a little more vibrant and sways you. It’s a matter of preference we suppose.

Vulcano’s property

This design just screams luxury and royalty. It uses a shimmering golden color to showcase this but also uses the stripes decal to hint that it can still race with the best of them.

  • Decal: Paladin ; Stripes (primary color: gold (anodized), accent color: white (matte)
  • Body: Paladin
  • Wheels: Vulcan
  • Boost: Alpha reward: Gold Rush

This design also uses Vulcan wheels and an alpha reward: gold rush boost trail to tie the piece together. Overall, this is a piece that allows you to flex on your opponents and show them that you can afford the finer things. If this is your vibe, be sure to make this one of your presets.

Sweep The Streets With The Paladin

This model is one that takes a while to master, though if you stick with it, it will provide some excellent results. With a wickedly powerful shot and aerial duel mastery, it makes for an excellent tool in destroying your opposition. Just don’t expect to win every tackle.

While you dribble in the air, the paladin gives you a series of cool decals and a super design to look amazing while you do it. Paladin is a wonderful model which you should definitely look into using.