What Is The Current Situation In The Rocket League Economy And Where Are We Going?

Learn everything about the current item-trading situation in Rockte League. Will prices fo up?
What Is The Current Situation In The Rocket League Economy And Where Are We Going?

Since Rocket League came out the trading aspect of the game has received a lot of attention and has been giving a lot of joy and consumed a lot of time for many Rocket League players. 

Trading in Rocket League has been so popular that you will have a hard time finding any Rocket League players that played for a while that don’t know about trading and haven’t tried it at least a little bit.

Epic Games and free to play

Because of that, the Rocket League economy is a critical success factor for the game. Without any doubt, a lot has happened in the last few years. A date that every trader should remember is the 23rd of September 2020. This was the biggest move and change that Epic Games made since they bought Rocket League in 2019. The free-to-play update was launched! 

Many players were skeptical when Epic bought Rocket League, mostly because of the approach Epic got to items and cosmetics in Fortnite, where you can buy everything through an item shop. This is very different from the free economy principle that we love so much about Rocket League. You can acquire almost every item in the game without spending your own money and build towards that item that you really want. 

However, the Rocket League players were optimistic, a well-known company bought their favorite game after all. 

The new trading economy

Fast forward to 2020 September 23rd, a day that caused absolute chaos. Out of nowhere, traders could expect so many new players, new faces and a huge risk, as expected when something changes immensely. Nobody truly knew what would happen when so many players would start to trade. 

This was not the only surprise. 

Epic added cross-platform trading. This was a HUGE shock, which saw prices on PS and even more on PC spike to heights that were unheard of before. 

Xbox players could see their items drop as fast as stocks during a financial recession, with every item being cheaper every time you woke up and hopped on the game. This was because of the very different prices because the economies were isolated and had nothing to do with each other. 

This was the first step that resulted in experienced and long-time Rocket league traders leaving on Xbox and was not the last. This was a different milestone too, as the Rocket League economy was now a completely different concept. It was no more a few separate economies but one huge economy.

The glory days and the downfall

The chaos was quickly replaced with happiness for a lot of traders. The new players had an enormous desire to quickly acquire niche and high-end items, and the prices went up to insane levels. Obviously, if there is the same number of items and way more demand, everything goes up. 

This is an important point. The player count in Rocket League is the biggest influencer on the Rocket League economy, and it has gone downhill since the F2p boost. 

So much that Rocket League decided to not show the player count anymore! Since then, prices have gone downwards, and traders have been hurting ever since. 

When you combine it with other initiatives that have been taken to limit the joy to trade, for instance when Titanium White Zomba, and Titanium White Fennec were added to the item shop, making a lot of traders lose everything because of a move made to benefit new players, giving them everything so easily that many have worked for so long (similar to adding the TW Octane and TW Domius to the item shop). 

These initiatives and many others resulted in many old traders quitting. When you combine this with many new players quitting, the trading community is left in a fragile state. 

One could say that Rocket League forgot about their old community, and lost the new one.

What is next in Rocket League trading?

This is solely dependent on the approach of Epic Games and the Rocket League developer team of Psyonix. 

Since free to play it has been criticized because many players believe the update quality has been worse than before free to play. However, there may be good times ahead. 

Rocket League is expected to move to unreal engine 5, which gives the developers tools to make content otherwise impossible. This may be the turning point that will make players return to the game, and make the Rocket League economy sparkle again, which is certainly heavily linked to the player count.