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RL.Exchange is a Marketplace where Rocket League players can sell and buy their items for real money. Let's see if the site is legit and if there are any discounts code to get the item you always wanted even cheaper.

Is RL.Exchange legit?

Yes, rl.exchange is a legitimate marketplace to sell and buy your Rocket League items. They are around since 2020, reputable Youtubers recommended it and already traded on it live. They are active on social media like Twitter as well and are very responsive there too.

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Something that’s definitely worth mentioning too is where the business is registered. RL Exchange is an EU registered business, currently based in Poland (called GLOBAL ECOMMERCE SOULTIONS SP. Z O.O.). You can check it on their refund policy. This is another reason it is legit.

Rlexchange review legit rocket league

What this means is if they don’t follow these standards, they would not be liable to the customer; meaning that you have no legal backing on their final decision – instead, you just have to live with it, good or bad.

Is RL.Exchange safe to use?

RL.Exchange is indeed safe to use. The marketplace prides itself on the safety of its users and the transparency of its platform. It does everything in its power to ensure no one is getting scammed out of their hard-earned money and they receive the items they are owed.

Rlexchange review legit rocket league

One instance of this is through the use of PayPal. Paypal is known for its strong buyer protection, so if anything goes wrong you can still rely on the support of Paypal’s Buyer Protection. Paypal offers sellers no room for fraud or scam.

RL.Exchange Discount Creator Code

If you are a trader who wants to buy or sell your in-game items, then make sure to use the code “TGG” to get a 3% Discount. This will make the item you want to buy even cheaper. Just copy the coupon code “TGG” and use it on the checkout.


Why we love RL.Exchange

RL Exchange prides itself on being one of the cheapest Rocket League marketplaces online as of right now. Through their own coveted algorithm, their bot tracks the current market to find the lowest possible prices on all of their items to ensure you always get the best possible deal.

Rlexchange review legit rocket league

Plus they have the fastest delivery on the market. So players can expect an instant delivery as soon as they order their item(s). On RL Exchange, there’s a feature that allows others to do simple tasks, play games, and complete surveys to earn free Rocket League Credits You can use them on literally any rl items on the market place, all without spending a single dime.


No Hidden Fees

Another great aspect of the site is the fact that it doesn’t have any hidden fees to speak of. Other Rocket League item sites have a 5% hidden fee when adding items to the basket, meaning that the price you originally see isn’t the one you’re getting.

Rlexchange review legit rocket league

Understandably, this is very frustrating to find out you’re paying more than you first thought, so it’s great to see that RL Exchange does the exact opposite of that and leaves the price as is when you first see it.


Secure Payment Methods

With PayPal’s coveted buyer protection on your side, you’ll never have to worry about losing out on any money you’ve put into a recent sale. Imagine you’ve got the evidence that a sale hasn’t gone through properly, you’re going to be protected by both the site and PayPal themselves – so there’s nothing to concern yourself with.

Rlexchange review legit rocket league

For those that aren’t too comfortable dealing with money or having to input their banking information, you can instead purchase gift cards from other websites, like G2A (using g2a pay), Kinguin or Card Zone using various other payment methods like your credit card. All of which are reputable sites, so again, there’s nothing to be concerned about when making a purchase.


Online Reputation

In 2021, businesses live and die by their online reputation. A bad reputation is typically enough of a reason to steer far, far away from using their service. Unsurprisingly, this is definitely not the case for RL Exchange.

Rlexchange review legit rocket league

First of all, their TrustPilot is incredibly successful at over 2,000+ reviews given with an overall total of 4.9 stars out of 5, with simply just the single 1-star review. With a near-perfect score like that, it’s safe to say they’re a trustworthy source for your Rocket League items.

Are popular Youtubers using the platform?

Nowadays, it’s hard to get anything done without influencers having a say about it – be it positive or negative. Thankfully, in RL Exchange’s case, reputable influencers only ever manage to sing its praises and in comparison to other websites, RL Exchange ends up coming out on top. Regardless of whether you’re picking up items for PS4, Xbox One, Steam, or the Epic Store, there are several video reviews demonstrating just how quick and easy it is to get your items in a secure environment.

Buying and Selling Experiences

In terms of how the site works, RL Exchange definitely has charm and fluidity on its side. When you first go onto the site, it will ask you what platform you want the items on and that’s it; now you’ll see everything available for that platform. From there, you can easily click on any items that you want to be added to the checkout, which can very quickly be found to the right.

Rlexchange review legit rocket league

Instead of having to look for the checkout, it is right there at all times to accurately calculate exactly how much you’re spending at any one time. For those that work on a budget, this is perfect and the fact it is this easy makes it an ideal platform to use in comparison to others.


How is their Live Chat Support?

Another thing to touch upon should be their support (accessible though the chat bubble) and just how consistent it has been ever since the website’s inception. A great aspect of their support is down to the fact that it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – so if for whatever reason you’re struggling with a transaction or something similar on the site, they’ll get back to you within a short amount of time.

RL.Exchange Alternatives?

There are several alternatives to pick and choose from instead of RL Exchange. It should be mentioned that they won’t provide the same benefits as RL.Exchange and in our honest opinion there aren’t any better sites like rl.exchange. However, if you’re looking for a change of pace, they can be found here:

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All of these alternatives are reputable sites, similarly to RL Exchange, but as far as solely trading Rocket League items, RL Exchange is one of, if not the best possible sites around for that right now.


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best marketplace to trade your rl items for real money, then rl.exchange is the right place to go. So be sure to check your inventory for things like exotic wheels, rare goal explosions, black market decals (tradable) that you’re not using anymore because rl exchange offers you the option to make real money with them.

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