The Road Hog is a behemoth capable of dealing serious damage. In this guide, you can find top Road Hog designs and key infos [stats & hitbox]

What is Roadhog in Rocket League?

This is a car model that is present in Rocket League. The car was released in July 2015 and is one of the four cars available to the player straight away upon starting the game.

This car is based loosely on Real-life monster trucks that you’ll commonly find frequenting destruction derbies and the like. The hulking frame, obnoxiously big exhaust pipes and mufflers. Plus an exposed rear engine in the design all culminates to give a really strong resemblance to the real-life inspiration. It’s a badass car.

Car Statistics

The roadhog model runs off an Octane body type hitbox and statistics. Therefore making it one of the most well rounded and tightly controlled performance vehicles on the roster. Here is the stats for Roadhog:

  • LENGTH: 118,01
  • WIDTH: 84,20
  • HEIGHT: 36,16
  • SURFACE AREA: 34.495
  • 0% BOOST SPEED: 2,323
  • 100% BOOST SPEED: 1,967

The octane body type offers a great starting point for all newbies to Rocket League. Whilst still giving a comprehensive and well-rounded set of attributes fit for the professional scene as well. Through these stats, the player will see a number of benefits to their play.One will be down to the octane body’s insane tight dribbling abilities. It’s also quick off the ground to win aerial duels. Not to mention that it’s shot power and accuracy is great although not as fantastic as some more rugged body types. Overall, it’s for more quick and fast thinking players. Perfect for goalkeepers who need fast reactions or strikers looking to bounce on a loose ball or beat a defender.

Roadhog – Decals

The roadhog model has a number of really interesting decals that serve well in highlighting the hulking and badass nature of the monster truck aesthetic. Here’s a rundown of the common decals to start us off.

  • Flames
  • Lightning
  • Stars
  • Stripes
  • Tech
  • Wings
  • Skulls

It’s the usual roster of common decals for the Roadhog model. Though the design of the car often allows for a different effect of the decals. So we think the best of the bunch has to be skulls. When you have a monster truck, why be Conservative? Be an intimidating colossus on the field of play. Here’s the decal below.Next, we have the rare quality decals. Here is a list of them here:

  • Carbonated
  • Wildfire
  • Sundae

A few choices here with very varied effects on the vehicle. Though our choice has to be the carbonated decal. The subtle lines give a sophisticated and refined feel. Plus they kind of look like the Juventus badge, which is cool if you like that sort of thing. Here’s a snapshot of the decal in question.Then we have the very rare decals. Listed down below:

  • Snakeskin

Just the one decal here but what a decal it is. For the cool blooded, ice-cool finisher in front of goal. The reptilian Snakeskin decal is the ideal choice. The detail and shading is phenomenal, offering a design that lives up the very rare prestige. Here is the decal below:Then lastly we have the premium decals. Here’s the list:

  • Cyborg

Best Road Hog Designs

Sunny Road Hog (Road Hog painted saffron)

This design uses a sunburst color scheme and ties this together with a technological angle. This is achieved through the mainframe decal as well as the pyrrhos wheels that make it seem as though there are portals to another dimension being powered by your engine.

  • Decal: Mainframe (painted saffron, primary color: orange, secondary color: yellow)
  • Wheels: Pyrrhos (painted saffron)
  • Body: Road Hog
  • Boost: Ion Yellow

The piece is topped off with a simple yellow ion boost which supports the color scheme well. So if you like your car to look futuristic but also want to have bright, warm colours on show, then this design is the one for you.

Creamy Truck: (Road Hog painted sky blue)

This design is a whole mess of colors but put together in a really thoughtful way. This features neon blues, pinks and yellows and a sundae decal to really make this vehicle look like as sweet as an ice cream sundae.

  • Decal: Sundae (painted pink, primary color: skyblue (glossy), accent color: yellow (anodized))
  • Body: Road Hog
  • Wheels: Zomba (painted saffron)
  • Boost: Bubbles

It also uses Zomba wheels painted saffron and then tops off this design with a bubble boost trail. This design is made for the child at heart in all of us and if you want to let them out for a while, then this is the ideal design to do just that.

Reptilian (Road Hog painted purple)

This design uses the trigon decal along with a mesh of purple and black tones to give a finish that unlike that of a scaly dragon. The design supports the geometric body of the car with the dynamic illuminata wheels and then finishes off with a data stream boost trail.

  • Decal: Trigon (primary color: dark cyan, accent color: purple)
  • Wheels: Illuminata (painted purple)
  • Body: Road Hog
  • Boost: Datastream (painted purple)

So if your goal is to zoom around the field like a technological dragon in the form of a rocket-propelled battle car. Well, look no further than here.

On the road again...

This model is an all-rounder that packs a punch. The octane body type allows for aerial mastery, decent shot impact, and fantastically tight dribbling and ball control. It’s the car perfect for all beginners, intermediates and professionals alike.

Not to mention that the Roadhog is a hulking colossus of a vehicle. Striking fear into the opposition with it’s snarling exhausts and bulky frame. Then a series of decals that support the player in making this car their own. It all culminates to give a complete car fit for any player.