Silver 3 | Rocket League Ranks | MMR & is it good?

Silver III is one of the 18 ranks in the Rocket League ranking system.
Silver 3 | Rocket League Ranks | MMR & is it good?

What is Silver III in Rocket League?

Silver III is the best of the silver rankings within Rocket League located between Silver 2 and Gold 1. This is the step before players enter the gold ranks which contain the majority of Rocket League players. This rank is one of the first ranks that average players may find themselves naturally ranked in. However, this would only be the case if they have a particularly bad run of games. Players are below average in terms of ability and only a few players will have capacity for intermediate moves.

What is The MMR For Silver 3?

To become a  Silver 3 player in Rocket League your MMR needs to be approximately between 411-464 MMR depending on the game mode you play in matchmaking. Below you can find the range of silver III players and their various MMR rankings depending on which game mode they are playing:

1V1395 - 454
2V2415 - 461
3V3415 - 469

Silver III is divided into four divisions and makes up about 3.27% of all Rocket League players.

Is Silver 3 a Good rank?

Silver III is, in our opinion, the very worst of the ranks containing average players. Including the ranks below, this makes Silver 3 players rank in the top 90,51% of all players. Anyone below this rocket league rank is not a competent player but it could be argued that Silver III and above players have the potential to grow into shining stars of the Rocket League community, provided they put in the hours. If pushed for an answer, we would say that this rank is just shy of average in terms of player ability.

How Many Hours to Achieve Silver 3?

We reckon that you will need to have a racked up a few hours playing Rocket League to avoid ranking lower than Silver III. We would say that first time players who have played a few exhibition and casual online matches will rank here quite easily. However, just to be safe, we would wager that players would need to put in 10-50 hours of play time.

How to Improve from silver III

Here are a number of things that players can do to rise up the ranks and improve their rocket league game when ranked in Silver III:

  • Never hesitate. If you commit to a challenge, you need to do your best to make it work
  • Do the basics, the fancy stuff will only lead to unnecessary risk and potentially losing
  • Don’t ball chase, instead predict the flight of the ball, read the game and position yourself accordingly
  • Keep using the training and workshop functions to hone your craft.
  • Play all roles on the field, don’t be a glory hog or a static keeper.
  • Try to practice rotating but only if your teammate is capable of doing the same.
  • Try to play passes and be more of a playmaker, teamwork makes the dream work

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