Learn everything about the Storm Watch Decal in Rocket League [Price, Prediction, etc...]

Everything you need to know about the popular black market item in Rocket League!
Learn everything about the Storm Watch Decal in Rocket League [Price, Prediction, etc...]

In this article we will look into the present value of Storm Watch. We will discuss its current price and the reason behind that. We will also discuss its history and what we can expect from the future.

How to get the Storm Watch in Rocket League?

The Storm Watch is a black market decal and it was initially released in the Victory series in February 2018. 

Storm Watch

Since then it has been added to one other series. More specifically the Triumph series. It can also be found in many Golden Gift series. It can also be traded for with other players. The Storm Watch is unfortunately not released in painted versions, which is a shame because it is a super cool black market. 

What is the current value of Storm Watch?

  • PC: 200 Rocket League credits ≈ 1$
  • PlayStation: 200 Rocket League credits ≈ 1$
  • Xbox: 400 Rocket League credits ≈ 1$
Storm Watch

Storm Watch is worth the same on all platforms. Even though it cost twice as much on Xbox, the credits are worth twice as little making Storm watch worth the same. The Storm Watch is one of the very few black markets that have not lost any value over the last few years. Most black market decals have lost a lot of value in the last few years.

Storm Watch

The huge change for most black markets is a result of many new black markets being added, which reduces the uniqueness and demand for each black market. There could be many reasons why the Storm Watch has done so well. We think it is because it has not been added to as many new series as other black markets, keeping the supply at the same level. Also, no new painted variants have been added to Storm Watch. Many other black markets have received painted variants which also increases the total supply of the given black market. Since the demand has remained stable because the Storm Watch is super cool the item has been stable.

What can we expect from the future?

The future for many black markets is not bright. Why is that, and how will the Storm Watch change in value?

Storm Watch

The Storm Watch is expected to do better than other black markets. We believe this because it has not been dropping during the last few years. This has been so rare between black markets that it is enough for us to recommend Storm Watch.

Storm Watch

We expect Storm Watch to have the same value on all platforms. just as it has done so far. We expect Storm Watch to stay at around 1$ on all platforms.  However, with potential for upside if it is not added to new series and the demand & supply stays at the same level. The Storm watch is especially great with Octane. Check out our best Octane designs!

What could drastically change the value of Storm Watch?

Now we would like to shortly evaluate the potential for big price fluctuations. Which events could lead to this? 

Storm Watch

Many older black markets have received painted variants years later, not even too long ago. An example of this is 20xx. Therefore it is possible that Psyonix is going to add a painted Storm Watch. This would drastically change the price of the decal. If this happens we expect the unpainted version to increase in price because of the hype. Then drastically drop as a result of the new variants afterward.