Trading Bots in Rocket League: What You Need to Know

Do trading bots exist in Rocket League like they do in CS:GO?
Trading Bots in Rocket League: What You Need to Know

Trading bots are essentially programs that have been made to automate trading something such as cryptocurrency, stock and even digital video game items. Many video games use trading bots to make trading easier between players since this automates the system completely. Video game item trading bots all usually work the same way and most popular games have trading bots.

However, Rocket League is the exception. There are no longer any trading bots for Rocket League.

Why are Trading Bots the preferred way to trade?

Trading has always been popular in gaming but it does have some flaws. The majority of which come from interacting with another player to complete the trade since this increases the chance of something going wrong. When dealing with another person, all kinds of problems can arise including:

  • Communication issues such as a language barrier or delayed responses
  • Slow trade accepts
  • Trade offers might suddenly change mid-trade or be cancelled
  • At the risk of scammers
  • If you don't know the true value of your item then you could be severely undercut

Using a trading bots means you're trading directly with a bot so the exchange is automatic and almost instant.

The Rocket League Trading Bot

The first and last trading bot for Rocket League was RLSwaps which was a very popular website and trading platform. Psyonix didn't approve of this and issued the ban hammer to take the system down. The RLSwaps Bot was banned by the developer without the team being contacted first to explain why. RLSwaps tried to find a solution with Psyonix because the community liked the idea, but they didn’t accept.
While trading bots are common for popular games, they are usually a 'grey' area at best. Most games include things in their Terms and Conditions, User Agreements or Terms of Service to ban bot accounts. This isn't something most developers and publishers focus on however since they prioritise other problem accounts. Psyonix however, decided to focus on stopping trading bots.
Interestingly, real money trading for items is also banned by Psyonix. The developer doesn't actively hunt for and ban those websites, however. They also seem to be leaving other outside trading websites alone.

Trading Bots Alternatives

Trading bots might be banned but there are two good alternatives for those looking to trade some unwanted items. Finding trading partners on forums can be difficult but these options still make the process easier.
Rocket League buy and sell websites are a great alternative. They allow users to trade items for other items or in exchange for other in-game thing. It's also possible to sell your in-game items and buy them with real currency too. If you're having trouble trading a Rocket League item you don't want then the option to sell it instead might be perfect for you. More information about the best Rocket League buy and sell websites is available here (Insert article link here).
The other good alternative is Rocket League trading platforms. Websites such as the ones listed here (Insert article link here) allow you to view a wide number of potential trades and traders looking to make a deal. They also let you trade for all kinds of digital Rocket League items including gold and even allow for selling or buying items with real money.
While Psyonix might have banned Rocket League trading bots, trading outside of the game is definitely still possible. Trading websites are a good alternative for those looking to trade some Rocket League items. Sadly, there's no automated trading available for Rocket League at the moment.