How to trade in Rocket League [The Ultimate Guide]

Understand the trading process in Rocket League and find out the best safe trading sites. How to trade RL items without getting scammed.

Rocket League has built its popularity in the last half a decade by giving players amazing gameplay. Mechanics have always been tight and constantly improved upon. New game modes and gimmicks have been added frequently to keep the community engaged. Though one thing that this game arguably does more expertly than all of those things is the ability to give the player the freedom to play their own way and be rewarded for it.Players are given the means to customize their car through decals, body types, toppers, painted variants, custom antennas, and custom alloys. They can have a car that fully expresses who they are and what they are all about. There is no end to the combinations of items, emblems and paint jobs that the player can use to make the car their own. Then they can take their car to any game mode they want, ranked or not, then receive rewards just for playing the game. What a brilliant system.What we mean by rewards is, of course, the items that players gain from participating in online matches. Items that get added to the player’s collection and allow them to add an extra layer of personalization to their vehicle. Though these can come in different forms.You may receive items that come ready to go. These are usually standard or rare items that you will accumulate in abundance. However, there is also the possibility of obtaining blueprints which can be converted into loot that is usually of a much more luxurious pedigree. Players simply need to go to their inventory, select the blueprint they wish to use, and spend credits to make that item a reality.For those that aren’t aware, credits are the in-game currency of Rocket League and can be obtained through real-world purchases, or players can also earn them through completing levels of the Rocket pass. This system is not only good for exclusive items but also delivers a few bundles of credits for players to use in the market or on obtained blueprints.Though there will come a time in your Rocket League experience when you acquire items or blueprints that are not your style and you have no use for. Well luckily, there is a solution to that problem. Rocket League has a built-in trading system that allows players to swap items in their inventory. There are many players out there that may find that item you hate to be the best thing on the market. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.The reasons to take part in trading are varied. You may want to give a friend starting out some nice loot that you never use. Or perhaps you want to offload some unwanted treasures for something that is more your cup of tea. Or alternatively, you may be a real entrepreneur, starting out with a few rare items and being able to trade your way to a luxury item empire. Whatever your reasons, Rocket League can accommodate.

How to trade rocket league items

So, we have piqued your interest, you have a few items that you want to offload and you need to know how the trading system works. Well, thankfully the system is very easy to use so that even beginners can get their heads around it. Though if you are having trouble learning the ins and outs of the system, we are here to help. We have a step by step guide that will help you come to grips with the trading system and be swapping your unwanted goodies in no time. Here is the guide below.

  1. The first thing you need to do is launch Rocket League and get yourself to the main menu screen.
  2. The next thing you need to do is invite the player you wish to trade with at your party. So ideally, this would be a player that you are already friends with on your preferred platform. However, a popular method that players enjoy using is asking players in a match if they wish to trade after the match and adding them to a party. Whatever works for you
  3. Once the desired player has joined a party with you. Simply click on the player’s options and invite them to trade.
  4. Wait for the player to accept the invite. Once they have done so, you will be granted access to the trading panel and will be able to see your own items available for trade.
  5. The next thing you need to do is decide what item to are willing to part with. This must also be an item that is desirable to the other player though. So bare that in mind before you make your offering.
  6. Once you are happy with the other player’s offering and they are happy with yours, all you have to do to complete the trade is to click ‘accept trade’. Though just be mindful, once this has been done, there is no means to reverse this. All trades are final. Unless the other player agrees to trade you the item back again, of course.

Where to trade items in rocket league

There are a number of ways to find players to trade with. As mentioned, it is obviously ideal to have a friend that is willing and ready to trade at a moment’s notice. Though this luxury isn’t always available to players, especially if they are new to the community. Though this is not an issue that will prevent you from trading. There are some excellent methods to acquire trading partners.The first we briefly touched upon. This is the method that involves playing matches with strangers. Then in the general chat, asking if any of the players want to trade after the game has finished. It’s not a foolproof system by any means. In most cases, those that are in matches simply want to together back to back games. Though not always. It’s always worth a shot. Though if that doesn’t work out for you, there are other options.A method that has seen a great deal of success within the community is using Reddit to find likeminded individuals. Players will often put up posts asking for players to add them so that they can trade items. So you can either find these posts and add them on your respective platform. Or if you want multiple players to trade with, why not make your own post and have players flocking to you with premium items to offer.Though there are some players that don’t fully trust these methods. Which is understandable seeing as you do not know this person and they could be trying to scam you out of your best gear. This is where dedicated Rocket League trading websites offer a higher level of security and visibility with your trading partner. Giving players the peace of mind they need to trade with confidence.

The best Rocket League trading websites

There are a number of dedicated trading websites that offer a variety of different interfaces and benefits of use. This can be daunting for any player that has never used these services before, so we have taken the liberty of putting together a list of the best-trading outlets on offer for Rocket League. So let us run you through the best ways to trade safely online.

Rocket League garage

Firstly we have Rocket League garage. This website basically acts as a storefront for potential buyers. What this website allows the player to do is browse by the specific item they want through a thorough filtering system. Then shows a selection of players that have listed the item that they require. Allowing you to see the players’ credentials and their demands to meet their trade price. This will usually be in the form of in-game credits.The player can also make posts on the site that not only offers an unwanted item. There is also the possibility to post a wish list and how much you are willing to part with to get it. Meaning that players may stumble across your post, realize they have this item and be more than willing to pick up a few credits for it.This website supports players who want to trade by making the process as transparent as possible. All players have to be registered to the site in order to trade. This means that other players will have access to their details and access to their contact details on their respective platforms of choice.The site supports players of all platforms, allowing players of any console or PC to list items. Meaning that whatever platform you play on, there will be a wide selection of luxury items for you to get your hands on through a trade.The site even offers their trading service via an app that you can download from the app store free of charge. Meaning that players can trade on the go and manage their listed items even when not at home. It’s an excellent addition to an already fantastic trading facility.

Website two –

This website is not a dedicated Rocket League website so let’s get that right first of all. It is a trading and item marketplace for a number of games including the likes of Fifa 20 for example. However, it still offers some interesting options for players who want to trade items within the Rocket League community.It allows players to buy items and credits for real-world currency. Though the trading aspect of this website doesn’t involve other players at all. It cuts out the middle man and allows players to trade any item that they have in their inventory for a set cash value.For example, if a player wishes to give away their ‘aero mage’ wheels for example. This website values this item at 300 in-game credits. The player then parts with this item and will receive payment. This will be in the form of credits, the in-game currency for rocket league.This then allows players to take these credits and spend them on the site’s marketplace. Meaning that as long as you are happy with the site’s pricing of items. This means there is no need to liaison with other players at all. You can trade to your heart’s content with unlimited possibilities at your disposal. Then if you choose that the items on offer aren’t for you. The site allows you to cash out your credits for a real-life cash injection. Giving you freedom that is simply not possible in the vanilla games trading service. This site is perfect for solitary players who like to keep to themselves.

Trade Flip

Now we have This website is very similar in layout and style to the rocket league garage. Players are able to post items that they have and set their price that other players can meet and take the item if they so choose.The site, like RL garage, offers support for all platforms. Allowing any Rocket League player to post a potential trade regardless of their platform of choice. Plus this site allows players to see the credentials of the player who has posted these items or offers. Meaning that safety and security when trading is still at the forefront of this site’s thinking. Again, much like RL garage.Though where this site differentiates itself from other outfits, is the ability to make offers and requests that are outside of the Rocket League meta. Players are able to request real-life cash incentives for their items. For example, many offers on the website from Xbox players simply request an Xbox live gift card to meet the value of the item.Not only this but players can also request trade items from other gaming titles. For example, steam players who play both CS:GO and Rocket League will have items relating to both titles. So many requests have an item from Rocket League and the incentive being demanded is CS:GO skins for example. It’s a system that sets this site apart from the rest and may be better for the entrepreneurial type looking to capitalize on some good loot acquired that they don’t need.

RLtracker is a website that changes the interface up slightly. Though largely sticks to the same formula as RL garage.This website allows players to post potential trade deals for players. Then they can either offer a potential trade, meet the item demands set by the poster or pay the number of in-game credits set by the poster. This website is ideal for any player that wants the closest thing to the games generic trading system with the added bonus of a cavalcade of potential trade offers at all times.Where this website stands out from the rest is that all players posting trades are steam players only. So if you are a player that only plays Rocket League on PC this may benefit you. No one likes sifting through trade deals that are completely irrelevant to them.So for PC players, RL tracker does away with this annoyance and shows you the deals that actually matter to you.Players must be signed up and registered to the site and provide their steam credentials in order to trade. Ensuring that there is a level of security and accountability for all players who use this site for trading purposes. Overall, this site doesn’t offer a lot of different features for trading outside of the regular game setup aside from a more accessible and plentiful amount of trading options.Though the USP for this website is clearly the fact that it is made with PC players in mind. Cutting out the console-based content and allowing steam users to have a personal place to do their trading. If this sounds like your ideal trading platform then we urge you to sign up and give it a go.

How to trade safely

Trading items in Rocket League can come with different problems to trading in some other games such as CSGO. Many CSGO websites do trading through bots while this is less common with Rocket League websites. This means if you do the trading for other games then you need to remember that you're speaking to and trading directly with other players. Dealing with other players can result in different problems:

  • Response time delays
  • Slow trades
  • Potential language problems or communication issues
  • Scams

This means that when trading for Rocket League items it's especially important to check out the website and the seller. Checking the website is standard for all item trading sites where you need to look for reviews of the website, see how active their social media is, what the Discord looks like and what payment options are listed. Some websites might not list specific payment options that they could allow traders to decide this for themselves. In that case, Paypal is the safest option as it will help you if you get scammed and need a chargeback.For individual sellers, this can get a little more tricky. Ideally, you could do a background check on that user but not all platforms have this. For PC users, the Steam Trades website is good for checking one user at a time but other platforms lack good reputation checkers. Scammer Lists are also very useful if a website uses one but also keep in mind that shady users can create new accounts under different usernames. Some websites will also let users leave reviews on trades and give you a link to their platform profile so you can check their account first.Another good piece of advice is to keep a record of conversations outside of the website. Take screenshots of conversations with the timestamps and dates if possible. This is good evidence for reporting scammers or anyone who breaks the rules of the website.It's tricky to be 100% safe so as a backup, always know where to report a scam and know how to respond to it. Also, keep in mind that a user could just be very slow at responding due to time differences and to avoid that potential situation it's a good idea to declare your time zones during the early discussions.

Rocket League Trading Tips

Trading can be a fun pastime that is simply to get rid of some unwanted items or alternatively, to gain an item that you think looks really cool. Though for many, this system can be used as a business. Allowing you to make extra credits for Rocket passes, new items or to cash out on certain sites for real-world cash.Though it can be quite tricky to become business savvy in the world of Rocket League. So we thought a few tips and tricks would be useful for anyone aiming to earn a mountain of credits.

Trading Scams

Though trading can be a fun and beneficial thing for players to take part in, it is also important to be wary of the pitfalls that can occur throughout trading. There are players out there that will try and scam you out of luxury items, in-game currency or some cases, real-world currency. This is something that no player should have to endure so we advise caution when trading.

Middleman Scam

The thing to be on the lookout for within the Rocket League community is middleman scams. This is when players will be contacted by no-name profiles with usually little to no in-game playtime. They will perhaps find the player by seeing listings posted on some of the websites we listed for example.Often they are after luxury items and will contact you asking about this product. They will then insist that you send their friend or the middleman the item so they can check if this item is glitched or duplicated.There is no check what a player can do through trading to find out this information. So if this happens to you, alarm bells should be ringing.If you are unfortunate enough to agree to this part of the deal. The middleman will receive the item. Then the two players will run, leaving you with no item and nothing to show for the trade. It's a devastating and despicable practice, so make yourself aware of what it looks like and be on the lookout.Check out this google doc to see the most complete list of scammers online. Also, take a look at this reddit where legit Middlemen are listed.

Know your prices

As we mentioned, prices can vary from platform to platform. Plus, depending on the popularity of the item, the price can fluctuate daily. Meaning that you need to constantly be checking the prices of items before you list items and engage in trades. This allows you to make the most informed decisions possible and means you won’t be losing credits and highly valuable items.We recommend for this. The prices are regularly updated and there are a lot of filter options (like the Volatility of the price).Players will often try and get the best deal possible and low ball you where they can. Though, with a good knowledge base of all prices, it’s far less likely to be tricked into a poor deal.There is also another website that is a great resource for players to understand and use as a point of reference when trading items. This website is RocketPrices. This colorfully laid out interface is a tool that allows players to access a full database of every available item with Rocket League.Players can use this database to look up any item that they wish to trade. Then from there, the website offers a table that showcases the value of the item represented by in-game credits. This is shown for all platforms as one community's demands are not always the same across the board.Meaning that an item that holds a lot of value on PC may not be as desirable on console platforms.The website also updates these prices daily so you don’t need to worry about getting false information. The admins are constantly working so that you always have a database with the most up to date prices. Overall, this website is a wonderful resource that can give you peace of mind when trading those big-ticket items and allow you to get exactly what it’s worth when trading.

Be consistent

When it comes to trading, you have to have the resolve and keep trying the same thing. Only changing your tactics if absolutely necessary. What we mean by this is if you post a listing, be patient. The listing won’t be snapped up in the first few seconds and usually, that’s a good thing. If it sold instantly that would indicate that you undervalued the item. So wait, relist the offer if it expires and drop the price only if you feel it is absolutely necessary. Though, even then, be conservative with it. Only drop it slightly and see if anything changes. This will ensure the most profit possible.

Flip items

One of the best practices to make a quick sum of credits is through buying and then selling items straight away. The aim is to buy items at their lowest possible price and then sell them off at a higher price. So for example, you might buy a set of wheels for 1200 credits and then flip them for 1500 credits. This means you make a 300 credit profit just for moving the same item. It’s a time-consuming process both finding the low priced items and the profits can be minimal at times. Though, it is a guaranteed profit maker with pretty much no chance of a loss unless the item drops in value suddenly.


Then lastly we have to invest in items. This is a hard one to do because you never know what will be popular from week to week within the community. Though the best way to analyze this is by becoming familiar with the big names in the community. For example, if a big name pro starts using a new decal, wheelset or topper. Then you can bet that the demand for that item will go up. So if you have a good supply stocked up before the rush, that means that you’re in line for a big profit. This is a hard thing to master, though if you can read trends and get ahead of the rest of the traders, you’ll see great results.

Wheeling and dealing

Trading within Rocket League is a wonderful asset to have throughout your experience. When building your collection of items, the last thing you want is an eyesore clogging up your inventory. So the trading system allows you to offload all unwanted items and even get some desirable goodies in the process.The system is intuitive and easy to use which benefits all newcomers to the franchise. Plus it gives players the incentive to make friends with players met in matches and other community avenues. The reason being that the more players you are friends with, the more trading partners you have access to.Trading outlets outside the vanilla game also offer great options for players who need an added level of security when trading, want quick access to a multitude of trading offers in one place. Or alternatively, some of these sites are great for players looking to make some real-world cash from their item acquisitions.The system isn’t without its pitfalls as scammers and middlemen are always on the prowl for unsuspecting players. However, if you are wise to their methods and know the worth of all your respective items, these sites are a safe space to trade to your heart’s content.So now that you’re fully clued in on trading, how to trade, all the different avenues to trade, and the potential dangers of trading. We think you’re ready to get out there and start offloading your unwanted items for a bounty of treasures.