What Is Venom In Rocket League?

Venom is a car model present in Rocket League. This car was released in July 2015 and is not immediately available to players right away. You’ll need to play matches to unlock this vehicle.

If the Gizmo somewhat resembles an RC car, the venom takes this one step further. With a sloped design and subtle details like a spoiler and protruding grills at each side. This comes together to offer a micro machine that has a lot to offer. Small but mighty and has a venomous bite.

Car Statistics

The Venom model runs with the hitbox and stats of a hybrid body type. This is usually used for cars that aren’t quite an octane class but also not quite a dominus either. Basically, it has no exact match and needs its own personal classification. Here are the stats for the venom.

  • Length – 127,02
  • Width – 82,19
  • Height – 34,16
  • Surface area – 34.242
  • 0% Boosting – 2,345
  • 100% Boosting – 2,014
  • Turning average – 2,21

Due to being a mesh of the octane and dominus, this car offers some benefits of the two. The benefits are that you gain a much more powerful shot than the octane, plus aerial dribbling abilities are improved much like the dominus. You also get decent dribbling on the ground with this one like the octane, although not quite as tight as the octane itself.

However, the negatives for this model is the sacrifice in overall maneuverability that you will see. Turning can feel rather labored at times and it will take a good deal of practice to turn those near misses into high-class finishes. This car has its place in competitive games for sure, though it can take a while to get used to.

Venom – Decals

The venom has a nice selection of classy decals that can either ham up the RC car vibe. Or alternatively, make real steps toward alleviating that aesthetic. Here’s a list of the common decals to start us off.

  • Dots
  • Flames
  • Lightning
  • Skulls
  • Stripes
  • Wings
  • Tagged

A slight variation on the normal common decal selection. Each offering a new and interesting design addition to the venom model. Our top pick of this bunch has to be tagged. This skin is a graffiti style noughts and crosses game across your car. It’s a fun and light-hearted design that really compliments the dinky frame. Here is the decal:

Next up we have the rare decals. Here is a list of those:

  • Flex
  • 9 Lives
  • Retro sun

A quite eclectic set of decals to choose from, each offering a different style to your model. Our top choice in this roster is the 9 Lives decal. It depicts a cartoon kitty with a skull and crossbones aesthetic. Offering a fun yet fierce design perfect for the venom. Here’s the decal right here:

Then lastly we have the premium grade decals. Here’s the list

  • The flash

This decal depicts the classic flash logo from the popular DC comics hero. For those who don’t know it’s a lightning bolt design. So if you want to zoom at breakneck speeds, this decal is the obvious choice. Here’s the decal down below.

The venom is a small car with the potential to have a big impact in games. With some of the best aspects of both the dominus and the octane body such as shot power and aerial dribbling. This car can be harnessed to win game after game if the player learns its nuances.

Then with excellent decals to personalize the compact design, this car is the full package. Give this one a try and see if it’s the one for you.

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