50 beautiful Rocket League wallpaper and backgrounds

When it comes to unique concepts and art style, Rocket League is one of the leading gaming brands around thanks to its constant updates, events, and its stunning initial design made way back in 2015. This is why the game has continued to grow in popularity year on year, attracting new fans to the community with its stunning visuals and frantic gameplay. So it’s hardly surprising that many gamers out there want to express their love for this iconic soccer meets racing franchise with the use of high-resolution wallpapers.

The reasons to use a Rocket League wallpaper are varied and plentiful. One of the reasons why you might opt to display a stunning screenshot or snapshot of gameplay as your background is to show your love for your favorite game. If you have people around for a games night, if you’re a streamer that often has their PC wallpaper on show or if you just want to put good vibes out into the world, wallpapers allow you to do this and serve as a conversation starter which can allow you to meet like-minded people and even acquire a new partner for doubles.

Another reason to use wallpaper is for the aesthetic value that it adds to your system. Most of these wallpapers are of very high quality, meaning that they look impeccable when displayed. Not to mention that they can be anything you want. It can be a snazzy car you built, a high-resolution snapshot of an iconic game you played, or anything else within the sphere of Rocket League. The possibilities are endless. Plus, if you want to add a more dynamic feel to your desktop, you can do so with the use of animated backgrounds that look excellent and make your screen really come alive.

You could also want to use one to serve as a reminder of what car you are striving to build, or a big event coming up in-game. Or maybe you lost a bet and have to set the scoreline of the game you lost as your background until further notice. The possibilities are endless. So if you think this sounds like something you need in your life, you’ll need to know how to make it happen.

How to Set A Rocket League Wallpaper

So you may be scratching your head, wondering just how to get your hands on a Rocket League wallpaper and set it as your background. Thankfully, the process is a very simple one so if you follow our guide, you’ll be able to pick your favourite image and show it off to your housemates, friends, audience and anyone in the world you want to show. So here is our guide on how to set a Rocket League wallpaper on your PC.

How To Set A Wallpaper On Windows

  1. The first step is to download the image. All you need to do is right-click on the image and select save. Making sure that you place it in a suitable folder, making it easy to find later.
  2. The next step is to open the desktop personalization menu. This can be accessed by right-clicking the desktop screen and selecting ‘personalization’.
  3. Once in this menu, you’ll want to select the picture option in the Background drop-down menu.
  4. You’ll then need to find your desired image. Click ‘browse’ and find your image. It will be in the folder to placed it in earlier.
  5. After this, simply choose the image and apply the changes by clicking ‘apply.’ You will then have a stylish new Rocket League wallpaper for your desktop.

How To Set A Wallpaper On A OSX Mac

  1. As above, download the desired image by right clicking and saving to the desired folder of your choice.
  2. Next step is to click the apple sign in the upper menu and select the option ‘desktop and screen saver.’
  3. Thirdly, on the left menu, you’ll want to locate and select the folder you saved the image in.
  4. Then finally, select the image that you want as your desktop and you should have a brand new Rocket League wallpaper for your desktop.

Decorate Your Desktop

Whether it’s a matter of style, expression or anything else, it’s important to know how to set a wallpaper on your PC so that if the notion takes you, you can make your desktop the ideal look to suit your tastes. Rocket League wallpapers are one of the most interesting and vibrant examples of gaming desktop wallpapers out there so if you’re on the fence, be sure to follow the guides and play around with your options. We realize that you might not know where to find these great wallpapers.

Thankfully though, we saw this coming and have made a list of the best Rocket League wallpapers out there. So here is our list of the best Rocket League wallpapers: