How to Wavedash in Rocket League

How to Wavedash in Rocket League
How to Wavedash in Rocket League

What is Wavedashing in Rocket League?

Essentially what this technique consists of is players using timed jumping, rotations, and power slides to create momentum and build speed almost as fast as a full tank of boost - meaning that those moments where you’re on the back foot with no boost could be a thing of the past.This method is quite a technical and complex move to master. Especially when trying to combine it with dribbling or defending. Though it does have a number of great uses.

Wavedash Rocket League How to

One of which is the obvious use to move faster without any boost in the tank. Though it can also be used to have a harder shot impact without boost through offering a higher velocity impact with the powerslide. It’s a subtle difference but one that can be the difference between a failed and successful pass.

How to wave dash in Rocket League

This technique is a tough one to master. However, if perfected, can be used to great effect and get you out of tough situations. In order to pull this off, you’ll need to practice, so we suggest you enter free play mode before you begin.

Wavedash Rocket League How to

We have also put together a step by step guide on how to do and train the Wavedash, so those who want to add this to their repertoire of skills,

  1. Practice a small rotation about 30° degrees to the left or right, holding the power slide button as you do.
  2. Try and combine these jumps one after the other in the same direction.
  3. Now you’ll want to do this with a forward motion.
  4. So next push the throttle slightly and jump forward. Then try and combine alternate left and right slides as you move.

There are also very similar techniques that can be used for straight forward and back movement though the timing for this is extremely hard to perfect. Players can use the same angle either leaning back or forward while holding the power slide button to push the car forward or backward much faster than normal. This is usually coupled with a flip boost to give best results.

Wavedash Rocket League How to

This will make your car look like it is bopping up and down like a dolphin jumping out of the sea. Hence this is why it’s called bhop technique.If you can master this along with the wave dash, it only gives you more options to attack and defend in different scenarios.

Wavedash to victory

This technique is one that is so versatile. Offering a means of gathering speed without the use of boost which can be invaluable. The number of times this will come in handy to be first to a ball, save a shot or pick out a pass across the field are incalculable. The path to mastering these techniques can be a long and hard one though. Only those that are patient, dedicated, and skilled will be able to pull this one-off.

Rocket League Gameplay

Most players should be able to make this work for them on a base level. Allowing them to move from A to B faster and maybe even incorporate this into kick-offs. Though those who want to save, pass and dribble fluidly with this technique will need to work hard. If you can take advantage of this skill, the bonus is that very few players are using this to their advantage at the moment - with many players even at the top level failing to use this in match play.