workshop maps

workshop maps
workshop maps

For many of those who play Rocket League, the main game types on offer are, although fantastically fun, not always what we want to do in-game. Sometimes they want to practice and hone their craft. This might be through the training section of the game, however, as you become more and more skilled this mode becomes routine. Many need a new challenge to improve their ability.This is where workshop maps come into play.

What are the workshop maps?

These are maps that can be found within the steam workshop that are custom built by players. These maps are made through the Unreal 3 UDK engine and are often used to give long time players a new and interesting way to train their abilities.This feature was made available to PC players in December 2016 and allows anyone to upload and download custom Rocket League maps. This feature is somewhat reminiscent of the Trackmania series in that players can build and try out other players’ creations. It’s a mix up from the usual enclosed arena format and adds a new layer to the game.The most prominent of these new aspects are the ability for skilled players to push the limits further. A lot of the maps on offer act as challenge arenas such as dribbling challenges, obstacle courses, or flying challenges. This means that the mundane training feature in the main game is old news.Not to mention the more whimsical tracks that offer more fun and carefree aspects to their presentation. Whether you are looking to train your Rocket League skills or simply take a break from the usual format. The workshop maps may be the new best way to achieve just that.

How Do You Download Rocket League Workshop Maps

So you may be wondering how to download these maps so you can see what the talented community members have come up with. Well, we are here to help. Here is a step by step guide to downloading Rocket League Workshop Maps.

  1. The first thing you want to do is open steam and when you are on the main page, hover over the community tab then select “workshop”.
  2. The next thing you want to do is from the selection of games presented to you, select Rocket League.
  3. You should then find yourself in the main menu for the Rocket League Workshop. From here you want to scroll through the options until you find something you like. Once you have, click on the desired map.
  4. When in the maps description screen there will be a button that reads ‘subscribe’. You should select this and the map will start downloading.

How To Play Rocket League Workshop Maps

OK, so you have managed to download the map to your computer and your itching to play this new mode. Though you’re a little unsure how to do that. Well, we have a step by step guide so that you can find where your map download will appear and get you playing the map nice and quick. Here is the guide below:

  1. Start by selecting Rocket League in your games library and launch the title.
  2. Once you have reached the main menu what you need to do is go down until you see ‘extras’ then select that.
  3. From this screen, you should see an option that reads ‘workshop’. Select this to continue.
  4. This will open up a list of all the downloaded workshop maps. So all you have to do is select the desired map to play and then launch the map.

How to play rocket league workshop maps with friends

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Best Workshop Maps In Rocket League

So now you know how to download, find, and launch workshop maps. Though it can be hard sifting through the multitude of choices to find out which ones are worth your time. Sure you can filter by popularity but who has the time. So we thought that we’d select five of the best workshop maps on offer and give you a brief overview of them. Allowing you to see if they sound like your cup of tea. So here are our top five workshop maps in Rocket League.

Lethamyr’s Giant Rings Map

First, we have an amazingly challenging map put together by YouTube personality and professional Rocket League player, Lethamyr or Treyven. He’s also a coach within the Rocket League community and due to this role, he has developed ways to enhance players’ abilities through the workshop map tool. Though none stand out quite as much as the course of the giant ring.This course tasks the player with using their unlimited boost resource to fly from ring to ring. A simple concept, though in practice this is incredibly hard and requires real skill and mastery to achieve. The rings are constantly changing their angle and direction forcing the player to adapt and plan their flight path ahead of time. Therefore replicating some scenarios that will happen in the game. The key skills being developed here are flight skill and improvisation when in the air.This combined with its stormy mountain aesthetic. Complete with snowmen scattered around the scene, lightning strikes intermittently lighting up the screen. Plus obnoxiously large colored lights gracing each cliff face. The map offers fun, style and challenge in one neat package.So if you want to test your aerial skills to the max, the giant rings should be your first choice.

Speed Jump Rings 2 By DMC

This map takes the same formula as lethamyr’s ring challenge and adds its own spin. This map creates a ring pattern that relies less on maintaining height and adapting to new directions. Instead, the rings force the player to move up and down at rapid speeds. Meaning players will learn how to react in split seconds so they can take to the air again after a nose dive to the floor.This challenge also allows the player to have unlimited access to boost. Meaning that the player can focus fully on their movement through the air. The course is also much more intense with a shorter runtime but a much more high octane nature. With players reaching massive speeds during the drops from tremendous heights.Then when you look at the art style, it’s also a joy to behold. The map has a sunny beach theme complete with sandy shores, glistening water effects, beautiful blue skies and well-rendered clouds.Then there are little extras like palm trees and hot air balloons. Imagine if Soleania from Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 had fully functioning mechanics and rocket cars and this is the outcome.This is a brilliant map that will really test your aerial ability and speed. So if that’s an area you need to work on, try out this course.

Yoshi Circuit By MKRL

Now moving from maps that focus on training and improving the player to a map made purely for fun and chaos. If you inhabit gaming culture in any shape or form, it’s likely you’ve heard of Mario Kart. It’s a beloved game with iterations running from way back in the eighties. It was the first true kart racer allowing for power-ups and pandemonium on the race track. So what game would you rather have as a cross over than Rocket League?MKRL has put together a beautiful and true to the original re-imagining of the iconic Yoshi Circuit. The attention to detail is phenomenal. The course still has the same layout. It also has the same intended shortcuts and ramps. All its missing are the giant Venus flytrap plants but we will forgive the masterful modder for that because everything else is absolutely stellar.The map is made so that players can race just like in Mario Kart around this course. Boost is placed around the map in set places. Making it a fight with your opponents to get ahead. Plus rumble pickups are enabled to act as the power-ups from the Mario titles. All in all, it offers a slice of gameplay that has been absent from the Rocket League World since its conception and it does so with style.If you want a break from the usual routine and just want some good old fashioned racing fun, then Yoshi’s Circuit is ideal for you.

Dribbling Challenge #2

Moving back to a map that works towards the improvement of players’ core skills. This time the map focuses on the player’s ability to dribble. The player is tasked with keeping the ball off the ground and dribbling from the start line to the finish area. This is marked as a dark tunnel. Once the player places the ball in there, they advance to the next area. It works as a leveling system that gets progressively more difficult as you go.What begins with a straight line soon adds curves and slopes. Then moving obstacles are added to increase the difficulty. The tunnel then starts to move, being placed higher on the track. Before you know it you are tasked with making huge jumps with the ball still under control and dodging swinging apparatus as you go.It’s a true test of players dribbling skills and a great way to improve them.In terms of art style, admittedly it’s very basic. A checked start line offers the whole range of colors that you will get besides a monochrome palette. Though because the level design is so well thought out and challenging you don’t really take too much notice.It’s a map where you need optimum focus and any distractions in your periphery would be unwanted anyway. So if your dribbling has been letting you down in one on one’s and needs fine-tuning,  give this one a go.

Jet Car Stunts: Rocket League Edition

Then lastly, we have a map that mixes fun with challenges in the most action-packed way possible. Jet car stunts takes the custom maps from Trackmania and GTA5 and adds its own level of parkour brilliance. Players will begin at the beginning and simply have to follow the course to the end. Though it sounds simple, that is far from the case.Players will have to have a plethora of refined skills to navigate this map. It requires precise jumping, aerial mastery, impeccable timing and a lot of boost to do it in a quick time. The map is packed with unique obstacles such as loops, small ledges and slopes, floating platforms and massive chasms that you must fly across. It’s not just asking the player to be good as one aspect of Rocket League, it’s asking them to be well rounded and versatile.The art style is much like the last entry, subdued and basic. Though the palette to its credit is much more bright and cheerful. Plus you have an overcast sky overhead to at least fill the space and make you feel as though you are sparing through the clouds. Making a drop all the more perilous. So if you want to test out your range of skills instead of just working on one particular aspect. Plus live your jet car parkour fantasy in the sky, then this workshop map is the one for you.

Train, create or just have fun

Workshop maps are an amazing addition to the Rocket League landscape. They offer such a unique and versatile approach to an already excellent game. Whether you want to hone your skills, create new maps, race your friends or simply check out all the different features that players have created just for their artistic flair, this mode has you covered.Not to mention that it is so intuitive and easy to use. All you have to do is download from steam and launch the map in-game. It’s as simple as that. There is such a range of options at players’ disposal, some of which are even made by professional players.It’s a library of fun just waiting to be downloaded to your system.There is truly something for everyone in the Rocket League workshop, so we urge you to go check it out for yourself and train, race and parkour to your heart’s content.

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