The X-devil is great for those not happy with the octane. In this guide, you can find top X-devil designs and key infos [stats & hitbox]

What is the X-devil in Rocket League?

The X-devil is a car model present in Rocket League. This car was released in July 2015 and is one of the four car models available to the player at the beginning of the game.

This car's design is rather reminiscent of the Venom car model. However, subtle changes in the overall design make it have less of an RC Car vibe. Opting to present itself more as a dune buggy type of car model. It is a very flat and streamline car and it’s very appealing.

Car Statistics

This is a model that runs off the hybrid body type. This is of course a mesh of the octane and dominus body types. Offering different attributes from each type to give a brand new play style option. Here is a rundown of these stats.

  • Length – 127,02
  • Width – 82,19
  • Height – 34,16
  • Surface area – 34.242
  • 0% Boosting – 2,345
  • 100% Boosting – 2,014
  • Turning average – 2,21

With this mesh of stats belonging to the octane and dominus respectively. This gives a bunch of positive attributes for players to take advantage of. These include a powerful shot impact, aerial dribbling and ground dribbles which are all very viable in this model.However, the dominus and octane will provide better versions of these. Making this body type perfect for the player that likes to use both of these playstyles and change their approach on the fly. This can be perfect if you need a fast change of tactics to turn the tide in a high pressure match.

X-devil – Decals

The X-devil has a number of fun and well produced decals that allow the player to take this dune buggy frame and make it their own. Let’s start off with a list of the common decals below:

  • Flames
  • Lightning
  • Stripes
  • Stars
  • Skulls
  • Tech
  • Wings

It’s the usual batch of common decals when it comes to the X-devil. Though with new car models, decals can offer new overall qualities. So with this in mind, our pick of the bunch is tech. With a simple and small frame, using detailed emblems can be lost in translation to the lower surface area. So the geometric, sophisticated design of tech is perfect to sidestep that issue. Here is it below.Then we have the rare decals, here they are below:

  • Maximon

Just the one choice in the rare category but it’s a great piece. This one depicts and angry fire breathing face. Something that you might see on a totem pole. Or alternatively, in your last fever dream. Either way, it’s a super design. Here’s a snapshot for you to see for yourself.Then we have the very rare decals. Here’s the list

  • Snakeskin

Only one to choose from in the very rare decals category. Though it’s a great choice to have. Snakeskin has a great cold-blooded design and is perfect for ice-cold finishers in front of goal. The snake skin design is detailed and perfectly shaded. Here is a snapshot of the decal:Then we have the limited quality decals. Here is the list below.

  • Devil’s advocate
  • Disco monster
  • Dot Matrix

A few phenomenal designs to take advantage of on this list of limited decals. Though our choice of the lot has to be devil’s advocate. This decal shows a haunting rendition of an owl-like figure. It’s a chilling and well-produced design that’s perfect for this model. Here’s the decal down below.Then finally we have the premium decals listed down below

  • Wonder woman

Another DC inspired decal. The wonder woman show is perfect for the female empowerment message that we all should be proud to express. This decal shows the classic logo belonging to the wondrous woman herself. Here it is down below.

Best X-Devil Designs

Design 1: Hot X-Devil

The first design uses dark blues and a dynamic heatwave decal to give a finish that makes the car burn like the blue flames of Hades which is further complemented by the sky blue accents.

  • Decal: Heatwave (primary color: blue, accent color: sky blue)
  • Car Body: X-Devil
  • Wheels: Season 3 - Star
  • Boost: Glimmerslag II

This one has season 3: star wheels and a glimmerslag II boost trail. That culminates to give a design that really glows as an ethereal flame should. If you want to roam around with an ever-burning vehicle, there are few more stylish designs to do it with than this.

Design 2: Radian X-devil

This design could take your eye out it’s so bright it uses white accents and a bright yellow body to give an overall design that is as violently neon yellow as you’re likely to ever see.

  • Decal: Flames (primary color: yellow (anodized), accent color: light yellow (glossy))
  • Car Body: X-Devil
  • Wheels: Apex (painted saffron)
  • Boost: Flamethrower Yellow

This effect is added to with apex wheels painted saffron and a flamethrower boost trail which is also yellow. If you have trouble with your teammates finding you for a pass, then use this design and they’ll see you no matter where you are on the pitch. Stylish and tactical.

Design 3: Swirling X-Devil

This design uses a Green and yellow color scheme and the Stormwatch decal to give an effect that looks just like a portal from the popular TV show, Rick and Morty.

  • Decal: Stormwatch (primary color: green, accent color: yellow)
  • Car Body: X-Devil
  • Wheels: Yankii RL: Infinite (painted lime)
  • Boost: Ectoplasm

The lime painted yankii RL infinite wheels offer another dynamic effect through their spark animation and the ectoplasm boost is very fitting of the theme as well. If you’re a big Rick and Morty fan, or just a fan of bright colors and psychedelic designs then this one is just the ticket.

Play Devil's Advocate with X-devil

This car is a brilliant way to bring a level of tactical flexibility to the field of play. With aspects of both the octane and dominus, it allows players to switch approaches on ten fly. This allows for a way to switch the emphasis on long shots and play in the air instead for example.

This along with a series of wonderful decals to choose from and a wonderful base design. It all culminates to give a truly appealing and stylish model. We suggest giving this a go, especially if you play dominus or octane and need a change of pace.