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Guide to XP Farming in Rocket League

Here’s a quick guide to earn a lot more XP in Rocket League and storm through the Rocket Pass!
Guide to XP Farming in Rocket League

XP Farming is a very popular technique used in most games like Fortnite, Minecraft, Call Of Duty and many more. The idea is to go through the leveling up system of a game in a much faster fashion, earning better rewards, the higher you level up in game.

Some players tend to use illegal exploits in order to farm XP which might result in them getting banned. Fortunately, there are completely legal and easy methods to farm XP. So, let's check out some easy methods of XP farming Rocket League style! 

The fastest way to Farm XP legally in Rocket League


Completed Challenges

One of the fastest ways to rise in the XP system in Rocket League is to complete various challenges in the game. There are many sets of challenges such as Weekly, Season and Special challenges, some reset faster and others take longer.

As you complete these challenges, you tier up in the Rocket Pass giving you access to the XP Boost you will need for XP farming in Rocket League. Do keep in mind that some challenges are easier than others depending on the type of challenge, but the harder the challenge the better the reward. A lot of players check for game exploits in order to earn XP in Rocket League, which is honestly a lot more time consuming compared to spending time completing challenges.

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Playing More Games

In other Rocket League News, by simply just playing more games and contributing a lot to your team you can earn XP and XP farm while having a lot of fun playing the game! Who would’ve thought?

You can probably visit a good amount of Rocket League sites for tips and tricks or gain some advice by watching videos or from other players, however, Rocket League players need to stop waiting for these tips and tricks and accept that they just need to play more games and contribute themselves the best way possible in the match in order to gain more XP.

Also, try and avoid quitting a match mid game if you're not winning as playing longer matches especially, reaching the end of a match gives you a lot more XP. If you're on the losing side, try to focus more on blocking shots than scoring goals, as Epic Saves give you a lot more XP than scoring goals. Try not to miss those saves!


Double XP Weekends

You might have to pray to the Rocket League Gods for this one. Every once in a while, there is a bonus Double XP Weekend, where players can go ham and earn a lot of XP in Rocket League.

However, this is a rare occurrence and one can only hope for the double XP weekends. So, make sure you keep a lookout for these weekends and try not to miss them cause you never know when you're going to get another chance.

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