The Best KAY/O lineups on Ascent

Ascent is very good map for KAY/O as his lineups can be used all over the map. Learn the best KAY/O Ascent lineups here!
The Best KAY/O lineups on Ascent

Lineups for KAY/O on Ascent are very good and valuable to learn, whether it be fulfilling your role as an Initiator with your ZERO/POINT or using your FRAG/MENT and FLASH/DRIVE to clear out tight corners in and around the two spike sites, KAY/O is always a welcome addition to any team composition on Ascent. If you do not know any of the callouts we use in this guide, we have a guide on Ascent Callouts too!

Best Attacking KAY/O Lineups

Attacking A Site KAY/O lineups

A site FRAG/MENT Post Plant Lineup covering A Site from A Wine

Firstly, you will need to stand right in the corner in A Wine, then turn around and aim up into the sky. This lineup is very good in a post-plant situation as if you have planted in the default plant position on A Site (just in front of A Generator) this FRAG/MENT lineup will stop enemies from defusing the spike!

You want to aim into the sky, at the cloud nearest the balcony above you. The cloud actually goes slightly pink, so anywhere near the middle of this cloud will do. If you are struggling with this, you can aim the bottom of your ZERO/POINT icon on your HUD just above the furthest right light bulb on the wire.

As you can see, the FRAG/MENT lands just below the default plant position, so make sure you tell your teammates to plant here so the enemy team cannot defuse! Be careful of enemy agents checking A Wine however, as you are somewhat exposed to a flanking enemy agent.

A site ZERO/POINT Lineup Covering A Site from A Lobby

This next lineup is nice and easy, with the ZERO/POINT landing in the middle of A Site, scouting out any enemy agents lurking in corners by the entryway from A Main to A Site. It will get destroyed very quickly but you should be able to gather some intel beforehand. Stand in the corner by the green boxes in A Lobby.

You want to aim your FRAG/MENT icon on your HUD into the larger purple split tear in the sky, and have the icon in the middle, just where it branches off from the epicentre.

Once again, this lineup does not have to be perfect, but make sure to use it at the beginning of a round to gather intel on enemy agents defending A Site before your team push through A Main!

Attacking B Site KAY/O lineups

B site ZERO/POINT Lineup covering B Top Site from B Lobby

For a ZERO/POINT lineup on when attacking B Site, you want to stand in this corner, by the building in B Lobby. This is a harder lineup, so make sure to jump into a practice match or a custom game to get this one perfect as you will want to use it at the beginning of a round!

Aim the dot just above your keybinding for your ZERO/POINT icon on your HUD, at the very top of the archway directly in front of you. To make this easier, there is a crack at the top, so aim the dot just at the top of this!

As you can see, it lands at the top of B Site, covering areas such as B Shed, B Market and B Cubby. These are all areas that enemy agents lurk, and after all, you will need to make sure you can clear these areas before pushing onto B Site!

B site FRAG/MENT Post Plant Lineup covering B Site from B Lobby

For this FRAG/MENT lineup, you will want to aim at the end of the second purple tear in the sky. This lineup will be a simple throw and it will land on the default plant position on B Site, so make sure to communicate this with your team as well! Stand in the same place as the previous lineup to get this one going!

As you can see, this is where it lands, which means that enemies not only cannot lurk there and use it as cover, but in a post-plant situation, cannot defuse the bomb if you use this lineup!

We also have tonnes of other KAY/O lineups, in fact, we have a lineup guide for every other map in the game! These include:

Best Defending/Retake KAY/O Lineups

Defending A Site KAY/O lineups

A site ZERO/POINT Lineup for A Main from A Gardens

For our first defensive lineup, we are going over to A Site. You want to stand in this corner in A Gardens. This lineup is very good if you are trying to retake or you know that the enemy team are full pushing A Site.

Aim into the clouds above the corner of the building in front of you, and you will see a small indent in the top of the clouds. Aim just into this and throw the knife! It is one of the harder lineups on this list so get practicing!

As you can see, it will land directly in A Main, by the entryway leading to A Site, suppressing enemy agents and preventing them from using utility- ultimately delaying their push and giving you enough time to push onto A Site and help your teammates out!

A site FRAG/MENT Lineup for A Generator from A Heaven Stairs

The second lineup for defending A Site has you standing in the corner at the top of A Heaven Stairs. The lineup is very safe, but be careful of enemy agents rotating through Mid Pizza and A Window.

You want to aim where the crane and the top metal bar of the scaffolding meet, just on the left hand side, then throw! This is one of our favourite lineups as it has a bunch of cool bounce animations off of various surfaces including A Generator!

Defending B Site KAY/O lineups

B site FLASH/DRIVE Retake Lineup for B Top Site from B Main

Moving onto defensive lineups for B Site, we have a retake FLASH/DRIVE lineup. You want to stand in this corner, just by the entryway of B Main from B Lobby. 

Then aim at the right hand window and the middle bar in that window. Move your crosshair upwards to the top of the bar, then throw! You need to be quite on point with this lineup, as if you get it wrong, you will end up blinding your own team.

As you can see, the FLASH/POINT goes just through the window and blinds enemy agents immediately, before they have a chance to look away. This means your team can then swing the blinded enemy agents and get a bunch of free kills!

B site ZERO/POINT Lineup for B Main from B Top Site

For our final lineup, we will keep it nice and simple. Stand on the corner of the platform, just coming out of B Market at the top of B Site. This is best used at the beginning a round to see if any enemy agents are pushing through B Main to B Site.

Aim anywhere into the left hand window (the same window as the previous lineup) and throw! Make sure not to take too long as enemy agents will peek you and kill you from B Main itself!

The ZERO/POINT knife will land behind the pushing enemies, revealing and suppressing them before they have a chance to spot it and destroy it!

There we have it, the last KAY/O Ascent lineup guide you will ever need to read, let us know if you have any lineups we missed, as well as checking out our other Ascent lineup guides for a bunch of other agents in Valorant:

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