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TheGlobalGaming helps its readers by providing actionable gaming guides. Unlike other sites, TGG doesn't focus on industry news, but instead tries to resolve various in-game issues/topics. Displaying your favorite skins in CSGO or how to fix your FPS Drops in Halo. We got it all.

PUBG with The Global Gaming

The website was created by Anthony Clement and Marc Hammes. Our team of avid gamers knows how annoying it is to encounter a tricky problem with settings, compatibility, or anything related to it. Other gaming websites rarely focus on these issues, which is why we believe it's our duty to help fellow gamers.

TGG is hoping to become one of the biggest gaming portals in the world.

PUBG with The Global Gaming

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TheGlobalGaming’s team is grateful for having the opportunity to work with some of the industry giants such as Dotesports, Dexerto and Metabomb. The list doesn’t end there as TGG had many other amazing partners over the years. The Team is always on the look for interesting collaborations to the enjoyment of its readers.

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TheGlobalGaming focuses on PC titles such as Valorant, CS:GO, Fortnite, League of Legends, Minecraft and Rocket League, but occasionally, you can read about console games as well. Although people of various ages and nationalities visit our website, our pages are mainly browsed by male young adults from the USA, UK, and Germany. The majority of them are from 14+ to 35 years old.

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TGG is a German Start Up and was created by Anthony Clement and Marc Hammes in 2021. Over time, many more people joined the organization. Initially, the articles were written by the duo. Nowadays, the content team consists of more than 15+ amazing writers.

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Despite the work around the website, Anthony and Marc still play games. Almost every day even. Therefore all content is tailored for gamers, and the main focus is on providing valuable insights, which you might not find on other websites. When looking for new topics, TGG performs thorough research in an attempt to discover common problems that are irritating gamers by actually playing the video game in question.

TheGlobalGaming scours forums, Google, social networks and their own experience while gaming trying to find things you’re interested in. That way, the content is always relevant and valuable. The organization’s goal is to expand to YouTube, diversify its content, and provide the visitors even more valuable insights. 

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The company is always on the lookout for new talents or partnerships. If you have any idea as to how you could help our team or cooperate with us to mutual benefit, make sure to send us an email.

We always strive to be a community website; creating contacts with our community. Bringing people together all over the world for one single purpose. Gaming. That's who we are. TheGlobalGaming.