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Hey there fellow gamers! Welcome to TheGlobalGaming, your ultimate source for practical gaming guides. We’re not your average gaming website that just covers industry news. From showing off your awesome skins in CSGO to fixing annoying FPS drops in Halo, our team of gamers, led by Anthony Clement and Marc Hammes, has got you covered. But don’t worry, we’re not all serious business! We like to have a little fun too: After all, gaming is all about having a good time, right? Our goal is to become one of the biggest gaming plattform in the world, and we’re stoked to have you join us on this epic journey.

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Our mission is simple: to provide you with answers to all your gaming-related questions, so you can overcome any gaming challenges and level up your skills. As gamers ourselves, we know what you’re looking for: straightforward coverage of the hottest gaming titles, tons of articles covering various game genres, and no unnecessary jargon. We’re all about keeping it real. Word. So whether you’re here for gaming-related articles or just want to take a break from the games and have a laugh, you’ll find plenty to do here at TheGlobalGaming.

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Since our humble beginnings, we’ve had the honor of being featured and or/collaborating with some of the brightest minds in the gaming industry. Our journey has been a game-changing experience, filled with epic quests and thrilling adventures. We’ve truly leveled up with our partners, and we look forward to continuing this epic quest in the world of gaming


TGG is the work of a Munich-based German start-up, lovingly nurtured by ACMH Media Co, and brought to life by the creative minds of Anthony Clement and Marc Hammes in 2021. As time went on, more passionate folks joined the team, and what started as a dynamic duo has now blossomed into a talented team of 45+ amazing folks. We’ve come a long way, but our love for gaming and dedication to creating top-notch content remains as strong as ever.

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Despite the challenges of maintaining a media company, Anthony and Marc remain committed to their love for gaming, squeezing in gaming sessions almost every day. As avid gamers themselves, they understand the frustrations and issues that fellow gamers face. That’s why TGG focuses on creating tailored content specifically for gamers, providing valuable insights that can’t be found elsewhere. Promised.

At TGG, we’re all about keeping things real and relatable. We scan forums, dive into Google searches, and comb through social networks, all while getting lost in the world of gaming, just like you do. Our goal? To bring you content that’s relevant and valuable, so you can level up your gaming experience. We’re constantly striving to expand to YouTube, diversify our content, and provide you with even more insights that you’ll find truly epic. Because at TheGlobalGaming, we believe that gaming and laughter go hand in hand, just like a controller and fresh batteries.



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We always strive to be a community website; creating contacts with our community. Bringing people together all over the world for one single purpose. Gaming. That's who we are. TheGlobalGaming.

If you’re a gaming enthusiast with a killer sense of humor, you might just be the perfect fit for our team! We believe in working hard and playing harder, and a good joke can always lighten the mood. So, join us at TheGlobalGaming, where we’re serious about gaming, but we never take ourselves too seriously!