How CS:GO Pros Sit | Playing the Game at the Top Level

CS:GO is a highly competitive game, and there are loads of things that can give you a slight advantage over others. For example, if you’ve practiced playing a map for longer, or know the exact amount of recoil a weapon produces, then you’ll be able to use that knowledge against others. One thing that can definitely give you an advantage over others is the way you sit.

CSGO Danger Zone Best Drop Locations Jungle

Best CS:GO Jungle Drop Locations in Danger Zone

With this guide, we hope that you can make an informed decision and select the drop zone that will give you the edge over your opponents. It’s a jungle out there, so get your war paint on and drop-in with style.

Backgrounds and wallpapers

In a time where the FPS genre had become rather repetitive and stale, with every release aiming to copy the format of Call Of Duty or Battlefield, Overwatch was a franchise that tried to break the mould and succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. The game would go on to become the most sought after and popular FPS title of this generation and unsurprisingly, Blizzard look set to release a much-anticipated …

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Rocket League Levelling Explained

Rocket League on a base level is a fun game where you play football in Rocket-propelled vehicles. In its simplest form, it is pure unadulterated fun. However, this game has been around since 2015, meaning that for those coming fresh to the same won’t have the same level of support that one might have had half a decade ago. No one is there to hold your hand and explain all the finer details of this online gaming juggernaut and for many, this can be a little unnerving.

League Of Legends Ranks and Distribution explained

League of Legends has a strong competitive scene with a ranking system and also a professional eSports scene. Professional players all need to start somewhere and the in-game ranking system is the perfect place. Those looking to learn how to play League of Legends will also find that the ranking system is a great learning tool. The League of Legends ranking system encourages players to keep learning about the game …

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Can You Get Banned for Using A Skin Swapper In Fortnite

We all love to have the best gear possible when playing our favourite games. It shows that we are experienced players, that we have style and taste and for some, it is a means of flexing on their friends and opponents. However, its easier said than done. In Fortnite, to earn the best skins you will either have to inject a lot of cash into the game to purchase V-bucks …

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