All Rocket League Moves & Skills [+Which Ones Are The Best?]

Playing Rocket League when someone zooms over your head or score from nowhere is frustrating. From powershots to the kuxir pinch, here's what you need to know.

Updated on Apr 18, 2024
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All Rocket League Moves & Skills [+Which Ones Are The Best?]

To help you master the game and make sure no more “What a Save!” messages come your way, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most useful Rocket League moves and skills that you need to learn, ranging from some of the basics to high-level pro moves.

All Possible Rocket League Moves and Skills

Basic Movement

  • Acceleration and Deceleration
  • Boosting
  • Jumping
  • Double Jumping

Aerial Maneuvers

  • Aerials (Jumping and boosting in the air)
  • Aerial Hits (Hitting the ball while airborne)
  • Aerial Dribbling
  • Aerial Redirects
  • Air Roll (Rotating your car while airborne)

Ground Moves

  • Dribbling
  • Flicks (Popping the ball and hitting it with a front flip)
  • Power Slides (Sliding while turning to maintain speed)
  • Bumping and Demolitions (Strategically taking out opponents)
  • Power shots
  • Doinking
  • Backflip Shot

Wall Play

  • Wall Hits
  • Wall Aerials
  • Wall Dribbles
  • Wall Pinches (Hitting the ball against the wall at an angle)
  • Doomsee Dish

Advanced Techniques

  • Half-Flips (Quickly flipping your car 180 degrees)
  • Wave Dashing (Diagonal flip upon landing)
  • Fast Aerials (Boosting and jumping consecutively for higher aerials)
  • Stall (Stalling your car's momentum in mid-air)
  • Air Dribble Resets
  • Ceiling Shots
  • Flip Resets
  • Breezi Flicks
  • Tilted Drift
  • Turtling
  • Fast Kick-offs
  • Musty Flicks
  • Tornado Flicks
  • Mognus Flick

Best Rocket League Moves and Skills

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Rocket League Powershot Gameplay

Just driving towards the ball and hitting it will definitely get it moving, but if you want to take shots on goal, boot the ball up the field, or stop an incoming screamer, you need to be able to Powershot.

To perform a powershot, you need to boost directly towards to ball, and then flip into it so that you hit the ball right on the nose of your car as you complete a full flip. This will smack the ball, sending it flying away.

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Kuxir Pinch

Rocket League Kuxir Pinch Gameplay

One of many different types of pinches in Rocket League, the Kuxir pinch is by far one of the most crucial ones to know - if you want to learn more about the general pinch technique, check out our detailed article on how to power pinch in Rocket League.

The Kuxir pinch involves using the wall as the other side of the pinch. The way to pull this off is to boost towards the ball, and then flip into it - make sure not to hit the centre of the ball, as you’re trying to “pinch”, meaning you need to think of your car and the wall as two fingers pinching the ball.

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Rocket League Stalling Gameplay

This doesn’t mean cutting the engine - rather, it means stopping your car from completely flipping, leaving it almost floating in mid-air, meaning you may need some tips on aerials in Rocket League.

To do this, you will need to have some good coordination, flipping in one direction while simultaneously air-rolling the other way, stalling the car above the ground. Although this trick is only really useful if you’re a pro Rocket League player, it is always a fun trick to show off your skills.

Squishy Save

Rocket League Squishy Save Gameplay

Essentially, this involves driving directly into your own goal, driving up the wall at the back so that you are driving along the roof of the goal.

From this position, players can then jump away from and out of the net, using the air roll move to head towards the incoming ball and hit it away. Although simple, this can be extremely difficult to time and execute, which is why you’ll often see it tried and failed at lower ranks.

Also, don’t forget to check out our article on Squishy’s best Rocket League settings to learn more from one of the best in the game.

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Ceiling Shot

Rocket League Ceiling Shot Gameplay

Easy to attempt, but difficult to master, players will need to drive up the walls and onto the ceiling, maintaining enough speed to stay stuck to the roof. 

Once on the ceiling, you can simply press “jump” to detach and begin falling, using air rolling and if you’re skilled enough, boost, to hit downwards towards the ball.

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Air Dribbling

Rocket League Air Dribbling Gameplay

Possibly one of, if not the most important advanced skills to learn in Rocket League, being able to air dribble is the true divider between the lower ranks and the champions. 

The principle is easy: while the ball is in the air, jump up, and use your boost and air rolls to constantly tap the ball forward - knowing air dribbling can be one of the most useful Rocket League tips and tricks to learn.

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Tornado Flick

Rocket League Tornado Flick Gameplay

Though this may seem like just a fun show-off trick, the Tornado Flick is an important skill to learn if you want to enhance your Rocket League skills. This skill involves jumping up into the air so your car is vertical, and then holding one of the air rolls in one direction, with the movement joystick in the opposite direction.

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