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The Ugliest Cars in Rocket League!

Today we will make a breakdown of the absolute ugliest cars in Rocket League history!

Updated on Jan 09, 2023
The Ugliest Cars in Rocket League!

Today you will learn about the history of the ugliest cars in Rocket League. We will deliver a top 5 list to you. We will also explain why we believe these to be the ugliest cars, and give a thorough breakdown of our top pick.

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The 3-wheeled Octane

Bet you haven’t heard about this one!

This car was added to Rocket League by accident after an update for the game was released. Psyonix quickly released a statement on its website and shortly thereafter removed it from the game. It was great while it lasted tho!

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This car looks more like an armored vehicle than a Rocket League car!

The Hitbox is terrible because there is literally a weapon on top of it! On top of that, the front part of the car has a weird structure which makes it even harder to hit the ball. This is certainly a car you will not see in ranked.

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Another strange-looking car, which is super different, mainly because of the weird shape and the 6 wheels.

This car was originally released as an Xbox one themed Gears of War exclusive back in 2016. Even though it definitely has a unique look to it, it is very bad to play with because of the many wheels and strange form.

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This car has been in the game forever, that doesn’t mean it has gotten prettier over time though!

The car looks like something that was built by mistake with no real structure and a weird hitbox. Because of the weird appearance of the car, it is almost impossible to make it look good, but a great winner if you need to make the ugliest designs! However, we can also help you if you are looking to make a cool Grog design!

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The Scarab

The ugliest car in Rocket League is….


The Scarab! Why do we believe this? Well, the Scarab car has an ugly body, the wheels look awful and the weird metal parts that are connected to the car's body look terrible. If you combine this with some ugly wheels, a bad topper, and an ugly decal you easily have one of the ugliest cars in the game. In the case of the picture above the Cockroach topper and the Burnt Sienna Cauldrons are making this design a great candidate for the ugliest car design. However, the Scarab has a quite unique history!

The history of the Scarab

The Scarab has been widely recognized as the worst-looking car in the game for a long time.


In regard to new history, the Scarab can now drop as a very rare item so that new players can also play with it. It can also be obtained in painted variants in the item shop! The car is actually fairly popular because of its terrible look. It is the perfect car to use when you are attempting to troll your opponents in ranked. How did we lose to a guy with a Scarab? It is truly the ultimate humiliation.

The Scarab in competitive play

The car is not just an ugly car, but also terrible for competitive play, at least if you want to win!


Playing with the Scarab is like turning hard mode on in Rocket League. The car is very small compared to other cars and the area you can use to make contact with the ball is smaller. This in itself is enough to make play with the Scarab hard. This is not the only thing though. The wheels of the Scarab are not placed normally but are sort of sticking out. This makes it incredibly difficult to control the direction of your shot. If you are just a little bit imprecise, the ball will hit the wheels and not the body and go to a completely different spot. The last problem is that the car is so small that you lose almost all 50/50 duels. This is a huge problem in most game modes, especially 1v1. This may make you wonder - is there anything good to say about the Scarab?

In defense of the Scarab

Is there anything good to say about the Scarab? Perhaps there is!

  1. The wheels don't look good.

  2. The body is ugly

  3. It is not good to play competitively.

However, it is super fun to play with the Scarab, because it is so different and difficult. It feels great to win with it, like an underdog story. Arguably, because it is so difficult it might even make you a more precise player and improve your game. If this was enough to convince you to play the Scarab, check out the best Scarab designs!

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