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Rocket League Exact Server Locations

Rocket League has servers all around the globe. Find out their exact location to choose the nearest server for your location [City & Country]

Updated on Sep 29, 2022
Rocket League Exact Server Locations

When playing Rocket League, it's best to ensure that you give yourself the best chance of playing at your optimum level. So when it comes to matchmaking and ping which relates to your connection speed, it’s paramount that you choose a server that works best for you. Playing in the server that is located closest to your region often offers the best connection speeds. Plus the game's recommended option will usually give you the ideal choice. Though it’s always best to check and see if there are better options for you.

Rocket League Exact Server Locations

Here is a quick overview of all the locations and servers to choose from:

Region MapServer NameHosted Regions
  • New York, USA
  • Washington, D.C., USA
  • Florida, USA
  • Netherlands
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Dallas, Texas, USA
  • California, USA
  • Nevada, USA
Asia SE-MainlandASC
  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
Asia SE-MaritimeASM
  • Singapore
Middle EastME
  • Dubai, UAE
Asia EastJPN
  • Japan
Middle EastME
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
South AfricaSAF
  • South Africa
South AmericaSAM
  • Brazil
  • Mumbai

Rocket League Exact Server Locations

If you’re wondering where exactly these servers are located geographically, we have you covered. Here is a map showcasing all the available server options for Rocket League players.[insert Map]We made this map by locating the IPs of servers of each region. If we forgot one, make sure to tell us in the comments!

Why Does your server choice matter?

In the same way that multiplayer online gaming has relied on connection since its conception. Rocket League and its online matchmaking are no different. When you are playing online, it’s those milliseconds that can make all the difference in making a tricky shot or winning a crunching tackle. You should aim for the lowest ping possible. Meaning that your gameplay funs at a smooth frame rate, without latency and you don’t suffer from lost packages. If the player does this, they give themselves a platform to play at their best. Plus it ensures less possibility of disconnection which can be a real pain, especially during competitive games. Though when playing with friends who live far away from you, it is best to pick a server that meets both your needs. Ideally, one that is geographically intersecting the two of you. In short, the server should be as near to you as possible and aim to meet the majority of the player’s needs.

Rocket League Server Providers

It is also good to have an idea of who is providing the service for Rocket League and Psyonix. They are merely the developer and have to use third parties to provide servers for their online community to use. So here are the third parties that offer their services for various regions.

  • myisp (Telekom)
  • i3d
  • internap (Voxel)
  • Vultr

These companies have varying levels of reputation and expertise. Though in general, they are all very capable companies that can provide a good quality hosting service. With perhaps I3d and Vultr being the more superior of those companies listed.One thing worth mentioning is that the company INAP has filed for bankruptcy as of March 2020. So it poses some questions as to if this provider will be able to maintain their service or if Psyonix will source a new company to host for their title in the near future.

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How do I change my region on Rocket League?

When you are on the matchmaking screen, whether that be ranked or casual play. There is an option that reads ‘region’ on the bottom right of the screen. Simply choose this and then select the region that best fits your needs.

Is it good to play Rocket League with a VPN?

VPN’s can be a great way to ensure a great connection if you live in an area that doesn’t naturally have a good connection. This service allows you to hide your IP address and tell the servers that your location is elsewhere in the world. Meaning that you can align yourself with the quicker servers. However, it is best to consider that they can be counterintuitive if you have a decent connection and aren’t suffering from packet loss. So be cautious.

How do I block a bad server in Rocket League?

You’ll want to enter your task manager and click on the Performance tab. After that scroll down and click on the resource manager. Then once you have, enter the network settings and scroll down to network activity and locate the IP address you want to block. Make a note of this for later and open the start menu.Then you’ll want to find the software ‘windows firewall with security options.’ Then select inbound rules And create a new custom rule. Leave settings and protocols as they are and enter the IP address in the section that asks which IP this rule will apply to. Then select block connection. We would also suggest that you name this rule and give it a description. Then when doing this again in the future you won’t get mixed up or be confused as to what this is. If done correctly you’ll never encounter this server in Rocket League again.

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