How To Make Your Car Black In Rocket League

Having Black Cars would be the coolest thing to have in Rocket League, and there are a few ways to do this.

Updated on Dec 09, 2022
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How To Make Your Car Black In Rocket League

Can you make your car All Black in Rocket League?

A lot of players love the idea of having an all-black car in Rocket League, unfortunately, there are only a few ways of achieving this, through mods or a DLC Pack to name a few. Here are a few methods of making your car on rocket league black:


This method is only applicable to players who play on a computer rather than a console, as consoles do not allow you to install mods. BakkesMod is a fantastic and one of the best mods for Rocket League players, as it consists of a variety of cosmetic colours for your cars, including black, which means that you can change any of your favourite cars in Rocket League into black cars. The following are the steps you can follow to install BakkesMod on your PC:

  1. Go to and click on the download link that will be on the main page.
  2. Find the downloaded folder in your download files. Then right-click on the folder then select ‘extract files’.
  3. Then you’ll want to select the Bakkesmod .exe file and launch that. This will install the mod and run any updates that need to be done.
  4. Launch Rocket league and you should have access to the mod. Check this by pressing F2 on the main menu and this should open the Bakkesmod menu.
  5. Click on "Items" on the Bakkesmod menu and make sure the "Enable items mod" is check marked. BakkesMod
  6. Select the "Primary" and "Secondary" colours and change them to black or simply just paste a black car code from the Bakkesmod website you can now enjoy your Black car in Rocket League!

Here are some cool Black Car Codes on Bakkesmod that you can copy and paste into your Bakkesmod Console:

  • wwdfD1yATAhTAWGjDgMEOBGBWzuHF7Ayi4qK/v//AQ==
  • wwdfD1yATAhTAWGjDgMEOBGBWzuHF7Ayi4qK/v//AQ==


The Stipple Gait Decal

Certain Decals like the Stipple Gait decal in Rocket League make cars look very unique, and if you choose a dark colour, it will make the car look almost black. This is especially useful for players who use a console instead of a PC as they are more limited in the ways of getting their favourite colours on their cars.

The Stipple Gait Decal
The Stipple Gait Decal

The Stipple Gait decal is a Black Market item, which means it will be a little difficult and expensive to get your hands on it unless you already own it. Also, make sure to check the item shop from time to time to see if you can spot similar new decals in order to get yourself a black car in Rocket League


This bundle was a limited-time bundle, costing around 200 credits. If you happened to have bought this bundle then you're in luck as you can get a matte black car on Rocket League for very cheap! In this bundle, you get John Cena and the Roman Reigns decal which is going to be used in this method.


It does not matter which of the two you choose. The Paint finishes are what matters and will change your car into a matte black car in Rocket League. For the primary paint finish make sure to select Bling and for the secondary make sure to pick Denim and boom you now have a black car. Rock this look with your teammates and you'll and the black car team!

You can further enhance your all-black look with some amazing black wheels to make it look sicker!

To sum it up these are the items that can enhance making your car look black in Rocket League:

  • The Stipple Gait Decal
  • WWE SUMMERSLAM BundleJohn Cena and the Roman Reigns decal


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