How “What A Save” Became The Most Popular Saying In Rocket League

Today we will look into the history and present of the famous quick chat what a save!

Updated on Aug 22, 2023
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How “What A Save” Became The Most Popular Saying In Rocket League

Today you will learn about the what a save quick chat in Rocket League. We will talk about its history and the present meaning of the legendary quick chat.

What is a quick chat and when are they used?

A quick chat is a way to communicate with your teammates and even your opponents.


For a long time, the Rocket League voice chat system was completely useless, and the only way to quickly communicate was through quick chat. The quick chat is ideal because you can very easily say something without typing it, by simply pressing at most a few buttons. You can say things such as “Nice Shot!”, “Great pbutt!” and of course “What a save!”

Toxicity in Rocket League

When Rocket League was first released by Psyonix, it seemed like a very harmless and simple game. Cars driving around shooting a soccer ball, how competitive can that be?


As it turned out, it can indeed be a super competitive game because it is so difficult to master, which gives it so much potential on the esports scene. As for all other competitive games, this results in some level of toxicity. Because Rocket League is very simple in its nature, this means the potential for toxicity is way bigger. It is also very difficult to master and most players have been stuck in a rank where they believe they don’t belong. The easiest thing is always to blame the teammate. Because most players are so competitive in a ranked match, the “What a save!” quick chat is flourishing.

The legendary quick chat

The problem for most toxic players in most games is that toxicity can result in lengthy bans. Especially verbal abuse against other players. In Rocket League, it is very easy to be toxic.


Throwing a “Great pbutt!” when your teammate pbuttes directly to an opponent resulting in a goal. Or a “What a save!” when your teammate is whiffing a simple save. Usually, the most crucial mistakes happen in front of your own goalline. This is the most dangerous place to give the ball away/miss the ball as it most likely will result in a goal. This is why “What a save!” is the most used quick chat of all time and the most toxic one. It is often seen as the symbol of toxic quick chats.

Future of quick chats

Recently Psyonix has added a great voice chat system. Obviously, this is a big threat to quick chats as we know them.


However, many players prefer to not communicate while they play. This can be for personal reasons such as it being more relaxing. But, it is also because communicating is not such a big deal in Rocket League as in other games. When you get to a certain level, every player knows the rotation patterns. Because the pace of the game is so fast it is not always possible to communicate. Many decisions are based on player instinct and therefore the element of communication can be insignificant. This means that the Rocket League quick chat system is still the most dominant form of communication, and its future looks bright.

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