Ultimate Rocket League Ranks Guide [MMR & Distribution]

How does the ranking system work? Ranks, MMR & ELO explained.

ranking system rocket league mmr
ranking system rocket league mmr

Rocket League and Epic Games has been brilliant at offering its player base a plethora of chaotic yet terrific competitive game modes, whether that is the standard ranked gameplay, Snow Day, Rumble, or Dropshot mode. Ranked matches are competitive by nature and through competing in these matches, players are given a competitive Rocket League rank that reflects their skill level. Players can rise and ultimately fall into lower ranks based on their performances in matches, with wins helping you rise in ranks and losses doing the opposite.

Rocket League Gameplay Screenshot

This ELO ranking system not only allows you to play with rocket league players that are of a similar ability to yourself but also puts you in line for prizes at the end of the Rocket League season. Note that the ranking system is different from the leveling system, as XP Level doesn't reflect player skill.

What are the Rocket League Ranks?

The ranks within the game are referred to as tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Champion, Grand Champion and Supersonic Legend). These represent the skill level expressed with your MMR rating of all the players that are within their bracket and do so clearly through their quality system and their various related emblems. There are 24 Rocket League ranks in total. Here is a quick list of the available ranks that you can earn and their associated MMR:

Rank Name MMR
Bronze I Bronze I 0 - 172
Bronze II Bronze II 172 - 233
Bronze III Bronze III 235 - 290
Silver I Silver I 295 - 349
Silver II Silver II 355 - 414
Silver III Silver III 415 - 469
Gold I Gold I 475 - 524
Gold II Gold II 535 - 585
Gold III Gold III 595 - 644
Platinum I Platinum I 655 - 705
Platinum II Platinum II 714 - 765
Platinum III Platinum III 772 - 825
Diamond I Diamond I 835 - 900
Diamond II Diamond II 915 - 980
Diamond III Diamond III 995 - 106
Champion I Champion I 1075 - 118
Champion II Champion II 1195 - 13
Champion III Champion III 1315 - 142
Grand Champion I Grand Champion I 1435 - 1559
Grand Champion II Grand Champion II 1575 - 1701
Grand Champion III Grand Champion III 1709 - 186
Supersonic Legend Supersonic Legend 1861 - 2014

There are four divisions per rank and these loosely equate to two wins a division. So for example, if a player is in Diamond I, Division 2, they will require approximately 4 or 5 wins to ascend to Division 3.

How to get your first rank?

New players begin unranked and will need to complete 10 matches to get their first rank. This allows the game to compare your performances throughout these ranked matches to other players who are ranked and place you accordingly.

Champion Rank Rocket League

Once the player has completed 10 matches, they will be slotted into the tier that represents them best. Matches do not need to be played in full to count toward your ranking. Quitting matches or disconnecting (even due to errors) will still result in a loss against your opponnent - so be mindful.

How the Rocket League ELO system (MMR) works

How does Rocket League know how skilled you are? Well, it does this through a scoring system called MMR or matchmaking rank. This is a hidden score that you acquire through your competitive matches and affects your MMR depending on if you win or lose.

What is MMR?

MMR stands for Match Making Rank and is an invisible score that will determine which ranked matches you are placed in, what rank you are, and what pool of players you can encounter. Also remember, even through each game mode has the same set of ranks, a platinum player in doubles isn't as good as a platinum player in Solo or 3V3 for example.

See MMR with bakkesmod Rocket League

How to see your MMR?

Although in normal circumstances this score is unable to be accessed by the player, there is a way to access this score. However, this cannot be done through the vanilla game. It will require a mod or you will need to check on third party websites. The mods to check the matchmaking rank are Bakkesmod or the Tracker Network Overlay. They give players the opportunity to see exactly what their MMR score are and you can also check the MMR of your opposing team.

See MMR with Tracknetwork Rocket League

It's a great tool for players that want to establish the stakes of every match they enter and see exactly how much they gained or lost from respective matches.

What affects your MMR?

Many players believe that there are a plethora of contributing factors that lead to this score, aspects of gameplay such as assists, goals, points, and saves for example. However, there are only two contributing factors, these being wins and losses.

Highest number of goals Rocket league

The way that this can vary when gaining or losing MMR points relies on the players you encounter. For example, if a player has a significantly higher MMR rating and you lose the match. Then the loss of MMR points for you will be significantly less than if you lost against a player with an equivalent or lower MMR score to yourself. Quitting also results in a lower MMR score.

What is the highest rank? What is the highest MMR?

The highest rank in Rocket League is Supersonic Legends. In September 2020 Psyonix announced this new rank placed on the highest end of the ladder. Players with this rank belong to the top 0,01% to 0,03% of all Rocketers.

Supersonic Legend Rocket League Rank

You need an MMR approximately higher than 1344 in solo and 1866 in doubles and standard. The highest MMR ever achieved was from M0nkey M00n with a score of 2360 MMR (doubles) in season 13, followed by oKhaliD with 2352 MMR (in doubles) in season 1 (S15) and on the third place we have by Alpha54 with a score of 2320 MMR in Season 9. If you want to know which is the highest level respectively check out our guide.

Ranking Distribution

What’s fantastic about this ranking system for players that are specialists in a certain game mode is that each mode has its own ranking system. Meaning that if you ranked quite low in singles but you are much more effective when playing doubles, then this isn’t an issue at all. You can play ten unranked matches within doubles and achieve a completely separate ranking.

Rocket League Ranks

Here is a quick list of the game modes that you can receive a rank from:

  • Ranked singles (1v1)
  • Ranked doubles (2v2)
  • Ranked standard (3v3)
  • Ranked rumble (3v3)
  • Ranked dropshot (3v3)
  • Ranked hoops (3v3)
  • Ranked snow day (3v3)

Do you want to know just how common your ranking is? How populated are other ranks? Well, we have gathered some Rocket League stats from season 2 since the free to play update and its rank distribution percentages.

Singles (1v1) Rank Distribution

In the Solo game mode, Supersonic Legend is equal to only 0.05% of the player base. Most players are ranked on Platinum 1 which represents 9,00% of the players. The average ranks are the same as in the other game modes and count every player between Gold 1 and Diamond 1.

1V1 rocket league ranks distribution

Doubles (2v2) Rank Distribution

In the Double game mode, Supersonic Legend is equal to only 0.03% of the player base. Most players are ranked on Platinum 1 which represents 11,15%% of the players. The average ranks are the same as in the other game modes and count every player between Gold 1 and Diamond 1.

2V2 rocket league ranks distribution

Standard (3v3) Rank Distribution

In the Standard game mode, Supersonic Legend is equal to only 0.02% of the player base. Most players are ranked on Platinum 1 which represents 10,89% of the players. The average ranks are the same as in the other game modes and count every player between Gold 1 and Diamond 1.

3V3 rocket league ranks distribution

Extra mode: Rumble (3v3), Dropshot (3v3), Hoops (3v3), Snow Day (3v3) ranking distribution

The ranking distribution looks quite similar in the competitive modes Rumble (3v3), Dropshot (3v3), Hoops (3v3) and Snow Day (3v3).

Rank Distribution change over time

From season to season the variation of rank distribution is minimal. However, if you ever wanted to get more in-depth, it's worth noting how unstable the distribution over the past was – especially with the introduction of supersonic legends – and how much it naturally shifted upwards (to higher ranks) each competitive season, which becomes especially noticeable over the course of a few seasons. Relative growth matters a lot in statistics, and GC nearly doubled from season 13 to season 14 season (and has grown, like, 1200% since season 7). However since the new rank Supersonic Legend was introduced, Psyonix's new soft reset and the consistent season lengths will probably prevent this from happening. There was one exception in Season 3, where Psyonix adjusted the MMR associated to a rank in the 2V2 and 3V3 mode because there were fewer people in the diamond ranks and above than in the previous seasons. Since this change, it became easier to reach ranks higher than diamond (except SSL).

How good is your competitive rank to others?

You probably want to know how good you are compared to others. That's why we calculate the accumulated ranking distribution. This statistic gives you an idea of how many people could beat you.

rocket league ranks distribution

For example: if your Diamond 3 you belong approximately to the top 6,61% of all Rocketers. Since the distribution is similar for each mode, we only did this once to give you an idea.

What's the average rank in Rocket League?

The exact average rank depends on the gaming mode and the season you're in. The average rank in Rocket League is between Gold I and Platinum II. So if you have a higher rank than this, you're in the better half of all rocketers.

Soft and Hard Rank Reset

What about rank resets? Does it exist in Rocket League as well? The short answer is Yes. At the end of each season, a soft rank reset occurs, meaning that all players Players' rank are reset to unranked but and they have to play 10 placement matches to obtain a new rank. Moreover, ranks can "reset" back to Unranked if you didn't play Rocket League for 30 days.

Rank reset Rocket League

A hard reset is where all ranks are reset to the same rank. When a hard reset occurs, players of all skill levels play against each other.A soft reset is a little different. The way Psyonix handles this seems to be a stepwise reset. Everyone is shifted towards a central value (we think it is around Gold 3 – except on season 3 where it was a little higher in 2v2 and 3v3), and the weight of their decrease (or increase if you are below that value) is based on their distance from it. This puts players of various skills against each other early in the season but generally balances out much more quickly than a hard reset. Furthermore, there is a hard cap that should be around 1580 MMR (Season 1). This is for the players whose reset would otherwise place them above that threshold.

How to rank up

Although there is no set formula for success in ranked matches as every game provides different scenarios, there are ways to be more consistently successful and to get that ball into the net. Each game mode offers a different challenge and different players will have alternative competitive play styles you will have to adapt to.

Rank up rocket league

Though overall, there are tips and tricks that will give you the edge in most in-game situations.

We put together a full guide on how to improve in Rocket League and climb up those ranks quicker.

Rocket League Season Rewards

So you might be wondering, with all these ranks and the hard work it takes to get them, why do it. There are bragging rights of course, plus the pride and joy feel with each new rank. Though there are rewards as well. These are special and free Rocket League items that are exclusive to the participants of the current season. Everyone who participated completed their placement matches, and reached their Rocket League Season Reward Level, will receive their competitive Season X Rewards item.

Rocket league season rewards

They are different each season and differ from the rank you have. Wins only count toward your Season Reward Level if you are playing at or above that level's Skill Tier. For example, you can progress towards unlocking Bronze rewards by playing at the Bronze tier or higher. But a Gold player who has unlocked Gold Season Rewards cannot yet unlock Platinum Season Rewards.

Top Tier entertainment

The Rocket league ranking system is very intuitive, easy to understand and most importantly, is a fair and balanced challenge. Those who work hard, win games and work well as a solo competitor or teammate will ascend the ranks fast. While those who have more to learn to master the game will perhaps rank somewhere amongst the majority of players within gold and platinum.

Rocket league gameplay

It’s a system that offers players the chance to know their worth and achievements within the community. It allows the player to show off their prestige through emblems in matches and competitive tournaments. Then perhaps most importantly, it allows players to gather wins and collect loot for their grind and hard work and playtime put into the gameIt forces players to compete against players of a similar caliber and pushes them to become better than they already are. It’s the ultimate motivational tool. So if you want to get to a grand champion rank or even to supersonic legend, get out there, get yourself a teammate or play alone, get ranked, and win some games.