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Rocket League Levels Explained

Something about rocket league levels got you confused? Whether it's level rewards, XP bonuses or challenges reward XP, we have you covered!
Rocket League Levels Explained

However, this game has been around since 2015, meaning that for those coming fresh to the same won’t have the same level of support that one might have had half a decade ago. No one is there to hold your hand and explain all the finer details of this online gaming juggernaut and for many, this can be a little unnerving.

Level Rocket League how to find

One such detail that often is the point of confusion for new and even some existing players, is the levelling system within Rocket League. This system can seem like a rather obtuse one, with levels being linked to how much XP you have earned, titles you can earn, milestone rewards and common item drops. Besides that you also level up your level in your Rocket League Battle pass which is not the same thing as your current xp level.

Rocket League XP level

However, when placed under the microscope, you’ll find that it’s all easy to understand. So here is our guide to the levelling system within Rocket League.

How Does Levelling Work In Rocket League?

So the first thing you need to understand is how the levelling system works on a base level. In truth, it’s rather simple. In order to raise your level you need to acquire XP which you gain from completing matches. If you are a player who was around before 2018, you may remember the old system that capped at level 75 with each level requiring more XP to progress. However, as of Summer 2018, this would change to a flatter system that required a set amount of XP to gain a level which continues indefinitely with no cap.

Rocket League Gameplay

The other notable change that came with this new levelling system was that players could no longer earn XP from online matches. This was a move to ensure that players would not game the system to get rewards and ranks without the same level of effort as their online playing compatriots. In short, the system still works in a similar way. Players must play online games to earn XP to raise their level.

How to Level Based Rewards Work In Rocket League?

Back in the day, there used to be a random item drop system that would occur when you finished a game. This would award items at random with no real consistency or metric to it. However, with the 2018 changes, the reward system linked to levelling also got some updates. This system now drops one item for every level gained and this will range from uncommon to very rare. In most cases, you will be awarded an uncommon drop but on some occasions, you will be treated to a rare or very rare item when you gain a level.

Rocket League XP level 500

The player will also be granted rewards in the form of level based titles. These will be awarded to the player when they reach a certain threshold or level milestone. These will usually be granted in 25 level increments and allow the player to celebrate their milestone with a flashy new slogan.Common item rewards have also been affected by this change. The player used to gain one item at a time for completing matches until they had gathered all the common items available. However, the change means that players will get all these items at once when they complete a certain amount of games. For example, after completing fifteen games, you will unlock every common topper at once.

XP Bonuses

Another notable change that has occurred to the levelling system is the additional XP boosts that you can make avail of to level up faster. These happen when you fulfil certain criteria during online matches and reward you just for playing the game. Here is a list of the various bonuses that you can take advantage of in Rocket League.

Rocket League XP level progression
  • Match Completion – Earn bonus XP for finishing matches and not quitting early.
  • Consecutive Matches – Earn bonus 200 XP for staying in the same Casual lobby for multiple matches.
  • Backfill – Earn bonus XP if you are matched into a game-in-progress in Casual and then complete it.
  • Weekly Wins – For your first 21 wins per week (3 wins per day), you’ll earn an extra 2500 XP.

You Levelled Up!

Levelling up your character, avatar or in this case, rocket car has always been a staple of gaming. However, with the rise in popularity of online multiplayer gaming formats, its more important than ever that you understand how level systems work and get the most out of your time. Hopefully with this guide you’ll be able to get your head around the levelling system for Rocket League and start getting those sweet rewards, titles and the respect you deserve as a high level player in no time.

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