The Best Paint Finishes To Try In Rocket League

Here are the top paint finishes You need to have in Rocket League.

Updated on Aug 20, 2023
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The Best Paint Finishes To Try In Rocket League

Paint finishes are a Rocket League cosmetic item that is applied to a car’s exterior (not to be confounded with Rocket Lague Decals where we also have a best-list). In this article, we will take a look at some of our favorite paint finishes we think you should try.

1 /5

Dragonscale Paint Finish

Turn your car into a mythical beast with Dragonscale.


  • PC: N/A credits
  • PSN: N/A credits
  • Xbox: N/A credits
  • Switch: N/A credits

The Dragonscale Paint Finish was a Rocket Pass 6 reward item for completing tier 51. This paint finish can be used in concert with the other dragon-themed items, like the Dragon Wings topper (one of the best toppers in Rocket League), to give your car a strong thematic look.


2 /5

Glitter Paint Finish

This is the fanciest paint finish you can find.


  • PC: N/A credits
  • PSN: N/A credits
  • Xbox: N/A credits
  • Switch: N/A credits

Glitter is a reward paint finish that Epic Games added into Rocket Pass Season 3. We love how this paint finish completely transforms a basic paint job. Try mixing and matching paint finishes to find a unique combo that fits your design style!


3 /5

Polygrid Paint Finish

This geometric masterpiece will fill your opponents with envy.


  • PC: 200 - 300 credits
  • PSN: 200 - 300 credits
  • Xbox: 200 - 300 credits
  • Switch: 200 - 300 credits

Polygrid is one of the most expensive paint finishes in Rocket League because it’s on par with many of the decals in the game. If you’re willing to spend a little extra on a paint finish, we strongly recommend considering Polygrid (it’s the most expensive Paint Finish in Rocket League).


4 /5

Carbon Fiber Paint Finish

This paint finish won’t make your car lighter, but it will make it look cooler.


  • PC: 20 - 40 credits
  • PSN: 20 - 40 credits
  • Xbox: 20 - 40 credits
  • Switch: 20 - 40 credits

The Carbon Fiber paint finish is an excellent choice for players who want to make their vehicle look like a top-speed race car. We think that Carbon Fiber makes a great accent paint finish alongside a primary paint finish of your choosing.


5 /5

Circuit Board Paint Finish

This paint finish turns your car into a high-tech computer.


  • PC: 50 - 70 credits
  • PSN: 50 - 70 credits
  • Xbox: 30 - 50 credits
  • Switch: 20 - 40 credits

The Circuit Board paint finish is a great value cosmetic item for those who want a break from the standard paint finishes and decals in Rocket League. This paint finish could be the cherry on top of a car design centered around the tech-related items in the game like Binary, one of our favorite trails in Rocket League.


We hope that this article helped you discover some new paint finishes to add to your collection. To learn more about Rocket League cosmetics, check out our picks for the best wheels in Rocket League and our hub for the top car designs in Rocket League to see these items in action.

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