best car designs

It's not always about winning, it's about winning with style. Check out our list to get some inspiration of what your dream car could look like.

Rocket League is one of the best games around when it comes to customisation and personalisation of your avatar. In-game, you can modify your car in a plethora of different ways, whether that be through slick wheels, a variety of paint jobs, decals and finishes. Then there are the toppers, antenna attachments and boost trails that can really add something special to your vehicle. The combinations of designs you can come up with are countless and for this, we can only commend Psyonix.However, with such a multitude of unique and awe-inspiring items to play around with. It can be a troublesome task to make car designs that combine effectively. Sure it’s easy to throw items together that you like but they often don’t compliment each other. Ideally, what you want is an overall aesthetic that blends seamlessly together. A car design that is symbiotic in its presentation. Though, this is easier said than done. This is why we have put together a list of the twenty five most amazing designs you can put together in Rocket League. So without further delay, here is our list of the twenty five best Rocket League car designs.

The rising Tiger

We begin with a design that makes reference to powerful mythical beasts and presents itself with a lot of oriental flair. This design works best on the popular octane body type and includes the shisha decal, wonderment wheels and the sunray boost trail. The ideal colour palette for this design is royal purple and shimmering golden accents. This contrasts beautifully and makes the car look like a luxurious and rich tapestry.The way the wonderment wheels pulsate also deliver a dynamic aspect to this design that will also draw the eye of envious opponents. Each aspect of this design plays into the oriental feel for the vehicle, so if this sounds like a design you want to try out, pick up the items needed and build this classy design.

  • Body : Octane (painted orange)
  • Decal : Octane: shisa (primary color : dark blue (pearlescent matte), accent color : orange (anodized))
  • Wheels : Wonderment (painted orange)
  • Boost : Sunray (painted orange)

The Howling Wolf

Next, we have a design perfect for demolition experts who play with the Merc car body. The howling wolf plays on the idea of a crisp night with a full moon in the sky. The black and blue BB wolf decal showcases the fearsome beast in the glow of night. Then the ET wheel and sparkle boost trail play on the fantasy of the werewolf theme. Plus the car literally has full moons for wheels, what more could you want?This design ties together expertly, showcasing the sharp-toothed assassin in all its glory. So if you’re a lone wolf on the pitch or whether you hunt wins in packs, this one is ideal for any player. Give it a try.

  • Body Merc (painted titanium white)
  • Decal : B.B. Wolf (primary color : blue (metallic), accent color : black (metallic))
  • Wheels : E.T.
  • Boost: Sparkles (painted grey)

Red-white-black Dominus

Now we have a design that is based around the dominus body type. The mainliner decal is key to this aesthetic, taking advantage of the long streamline dominus body to make this car look incredibly similar to the car from The Dukes Of Hazard. This is further exemplified through the contrasting red and white colour palette, highlighted with a thick black outline beautifully. Then given more of a red hot rod aesthetic through the red ion boost trail.The cassette wheels also help to tie the design to this 80’s time period where these muscle cars were all the rage. This car is perfect for any 80’s movie aficionado, fan of American muscle cars or simply someone that wants a really cool and slick design. Pick this one up if you can.

  • Body : Titanium White Dominus
  • Decal : mainliner (primary color : red, accent color : white)
  • Wheels : Cassette (not paintable)
  • Boost : Red Ion

Golden Dominus

Now we have another dominus variant; only this one is a little more decadent. This design uses a gold car body, black accents and a funny book decal offer a chromatic and textured aesthetic. This is expertly coupled with blacked out zomba wheels to keep focus on the gold paintwork. Then the design is finished off with a orange plasma boost trail, maintaining the trend of warm, earthy colours throughout the piece.Thanks to the decal and the chromatic colour choices, the car feels like its cell-shaded like a comic book, yet slick like its been freshly polished. If this rich and luxurious design fits your tastes, try and put this one together for yourself and ride in style.

  • Body : Dominus
  • Decal : Funny Book (primary color : gold (anodized), accent color : black)
  • Wheels : Zomba (painted Black)
  • Boost : plasma (painted orange)

Bubbly Octane

Another octane design, this time with more bubbles. This one plays off the same red and black contrast as the listing above, though with the animated bubbly decal, this gives an overall design that looks as if this car is filled with red blood cells floating around. It’s a design that’s not for anyone squeamish we’re afraid.This is coupled with bright white Infinium wheels that mesh beautifully with the subtle white accents. Plus a sunray boost trail that helps to inject more warm tones to the piece. If this design looks like one you want for your collection, be sure to collect all the items before hopping into your next match.

  • Body : Octane (painted titanium white)
  • Decal bubbly (primary color : red, accent color : black)
  • Wheels : Infinium (painted titanium white)
  • Boost : Sun Ray (not painted)


Another stylish design for all you octane users out there. This one plays into that plasmatic red and black colour scheme which contrasts beautifully in action. This is coupled with a ripped comic decal, dimonix inverted wheels and an orange plasma boost to over a cell shaded effect that ties together seamlessly.This car looks as though it has been hand-drawn. Almost like something from the popular flash game from back in the day, Max dirt bike which also used deep primary colours akin to this classy crimson vehicle. If this blood-red masterpiece is something you want to show off on the pitch, grabs these items now and put it together for your next match.

  • Body : Octane (painted crimson)
  • Decal : Ripped comic (primary color : red, accent color : black)
  • Wheels : Dimonix Inverted (painted crimson)
  • Boost : Plasma (painted orange)


Another octane body type, more warm overtones, seems like there is a trend forming here. This design uses the stylish animated decal tidal stream along with a fresh and fiery orange and yellow colour palette. Culminating in a stunning and constantly flowing fire design. This is coupled with stylish jandertek inverted wheels and a season 8 gold boost trail.Each aspect of the design aims to showcase a flow to the fire coursing through the car and does so with great success. So if you want to turn up the heat on your competition, this design is one of the best ways to do just that.

  • Body : Octane (painted orange)
  • Decal : Tidal Stream (primary color : light orange, accent color : orange)
  • Wheels : Jandertek Inverted (painted orange)
  • Boost : Season 8 - Gold

Glorified Artemis

Here’s a design for those that favour the Artemis GTX car body. This streamline, Pagini Zonda inspired body lends itself beautifully to this design. This features a glorifier decal with green as the main colour and orange as the accent. This ties together to offer an animated design that looks like a forest wildfire beginning to take shape.The neyoyo wheels and slash beam II boost trail keep this orange undercurrent consistent throughout the design, leaving a final product will for the pitch. So if you’re playstyle is hot enough to start wildfires, why not have a design that acts as a warning to your opponents. Try this one out for yourself.

  • Body : Artemis GTX (painted Orange)
  • Decal : Glorifier (primary color : Dark green, accent color : orange)
  • Wheels : NeYoYo (painted orange)
  • Boost : Slash Beam II (no paint)

Mainframe Guardian

Next up we have a design for the Guardian GTX. This design uses a light orange and sky blue palette to give a seaside aesthetic to the car body. That’s where this comparison stops as the mainframe decal and celestial II wheels give this car a more technologically themed and futuristic aesthetic. The tsunami beam boost trail adds to both the seaside aesthetic and the blue data stream vibe. It’s a matter of perspective we suppose.It’s a design that blends together nicely to give a Tron meets summer time vibe. So if your cold and calculated on the pitch, yet love those summer months this is the one for you.

  • Body : Guardian GTX (painted orange)
  • Decal : Mainframe (primary color : Orange, accent color : sky blue)
  • Wheels : Celestial II (painted Orange)
  • Boost : Tsunami Beam (painted sky blue)

Light and dark Twinzer

Now we have a design that is the perfect way to show off your compact twinzer car body. This design focuses on a monochrome palette with the white being the key feature. These whites serve as the illumination on the design. This is most effective with the FSL-B wheels painted a vibrant titanium white. Though the gorgeous trigon animated decal shows off subtle hints of white throughout also.The car begins white at the front, fades into a dark blue towards the back and oozes a black torrent boost trail. The design of this car serves a narrative that this car harnesses lights power and uses darkness to propel it forward. We don’t really get the symbolism but it sure does look good. If you want to have a bit of both light and dark in your design, there are few better than this one.

  • Body : Twinzer (painted titanium white)
  • Decal : Trigon (primary color : dark blue, accent color : white)
  • Wheels : FSL-B (painted titanium white)
  • Boost : Torrent (painted black)

Infinium Fennec

Now a design that is best suited to the Fennec car body. This design uses pastel blues and purples, plus a slim black outline to deliver a Miami vice, 80’s aesthetic. This is further highlighted with the ombre decal choice and the Infinium wheels which match the color scheme perfectly.The design also uses a fibre-optic II boost trail painted pink to further this pastel crystalline daydream aesthetic. For those that love pastel colours, 80’s aesthetics or like a cell-shaded look, Fennec Infinium ticks all these boxes.

  • Body : Fennec (painted titanium white)
  • Decal : Fennec : Ombre (painted black, primary color : sky blue (pearlescent matte), accent color : pink (matte))
  • Wheels : Infinium (painted pink)
  • Boost : Fiber Optic II (painted pink)

Sunny Skyline

Now we have a design for the amazing ’99 Nissan Skyline GTR R34 car body. This design plays into the summertime vibe with vibrant sunny yellows and bright fuchsia accents. The apex wheels are in keeping with the professional racing aesthetic that this car naturally achieves. Plus the purple cirrus boost is subtle, fits the colour scheme and doesn’t draw attention away from the stunning design.This is also the first design that features no decal, opting to go with the natural design of the skyline. Then using a pixelated shades topper as the defining feature of the design. Again, the first design choice to include this feature and its works really well. So if you want to embody the summertime heatwave, try this excellent design.

  • Body : ‘99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
  • Decal : none (primary color : light yellow (pearlescent), accent color : pink (metallic))
  • Wheels : Apex (painted saffron)
  • Boost : Cirrus (painted purple)

Rlcs Octane

Next up we have a branded design that’s perfect for the octane body. This design features the RLCS decal and a blue and orange colour palette fitting in with the team colours for the franchise. This design is completed with golden mendosa wheels and a flamethrower boost trail.This one is a true advertisement for the game and is perfect for those that want to look like a professional when entering matchups. It’s almost like wearing a uniform for Rocket League. So if you want to show your appreciation for the game and community, this design does that brilliantly.

  • Body : Octane (painted burnt sienna)
  • Decal : Octane : RLCS (painted orange, primary color : dark blue (matte), accent color : grey (anodized))
  • Wheels : Mendoza (no paint)
  • Boost : Flamethrower (painted orange)

Dark Fennec

Another design for the fennec car body though this time it swaps pastel colours for more dark and earthy overtones. This design combines a dark blue backdrop with rich orange accents to give a design that is like a dark city street lit by street lamps.This is represented through an ombre decal, hiro wheels and her rod boost trail. This design is perfect for those that love a slick and understated aesthetic. If this sounds like your type of thing, be sure to piece this one together and light it up on the pitch.

  • Body : Fennec (painted orange)
  • Decal : Fennec : Ombre (primary color : dark blue (grassy), accent color : orange (perlescent)
  • Wheels : Hiro (painted orange)
  • Boost : Hot Rod (no paint)

Savage Dominus

Here is a design best suited for the Dominus that screams anarchy and rebellion. This car uses a red and white palette in keeping with the streamline muscle car design. Then uses a Savage decal that not only offers a rough and ready, weathered look to the vehicle but also literally pastes the word ‘savage’ right across the bonnet. So just in case, your opponents aren’t aware that you mean business, this will get the message across fine.This is further accented by the classy meridian wheels that fit the colour scheme. Plus the design includes the default standard boost trail in an attempt to keep the focus on the car body which works in its favour. If you’re savage on the field, why not have a design that matches your playstyle and give this one a try.

  • Body : Dominus (painted titanium white)
  • Decal : Dominus : Savage (primary color : red (pearlescent matte), accent color : black (matte))
  • Wheels : Meridian
  • Boost : Standard (painted black)

Premium Gold Skyline

Now we have a more luxurious and decadent design for the ’99 Nissan Skyline GTR R34. This time the vibrant colours are swapped for a chromatic, gold finish. This is coupled with the clean-cut ’99 Nissan Skyline GTR R34 decal to give a more subdued and clean feel to the design. The way the car shimmers is stunning and the metal star pro wheels only add to the luxurious design.This one is topped off with a sunray boost trail in keeping with the warm tones. This car is the ultimate flex when you’re on the pitch. A premium vehicle deserves a premium design and if that’s what you want. We think you might have just found it.

  • Body : ‘99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R-34
  • Decal : ‘99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R-34 : Clean Cut (primary color : dark yellow (anodized), no accent color)
  • Wheels : MetalStar Pro
  • Boost : Sun Ray

Futuristic Breakout

Now we have our first design for the breakout body type. This one is a little bit like the mainframe design, though this one goes the whole nine yards with the dystopian, Tron art style. The design achieves this through neon blue accents over a grey backdrop and a hundreds decal.This is then coupled with DRN wheels painted titanium white and a sky blue ion boost trail. This all comes together to give a design akin to a CPU lighting up and pulsating as you load into the server and relentless score on your opponents. If you want to make this data inspired design yours, simply pick up the items needed, put them together and play to your heart’s content.

  • Body : Breakout (painted titanium white)
  • Decal : Breakout : huntress (primary color : sky blue (glossy), accent color : light grey (glossy))
  • Wheels : DRN : Infinite (painted titanium white)
  • Boost : Ion (painted sky blue)

Summer Fennec

Another example of the fennec design only with a seaside colour palette much like the mainframe design listed above. This is achieved through a red, orange and yellow colour scheme and a slick ombre decal. Though the most clever design choice is the sunset 1986 wheels that blend with the colour scheme beautifully and offer a classy fade effect.This design is finished with a sky blue cirrus boost trail to perhaps represent the clear ocean water in the summer time. This cell-shaded effect and the array of colours make this a quintessential summertime design. So get this one ready for bikini season.

  • Body : Fennec (painted sky blue)
  • Decal : Fennec : Ombre (painted black, primary color : yellow (matte), accent color : red (matte))
  • Wheels : Sunset 1986
  • Boost : Cirrus (painted sky blue)

Sherpa Octane

Next, we have another octane design that is rather reminiscent of the RLCs design, though without the game logos. This design uses a dune racer decal and a dark blue and yellow palette to offer the same professional racing vibe of the RLCs design with darker tones. This professional tone is helped with the apex wheels keeping the focus fixed on the car body design.This is then finished off with the fiber optic I boost trail. All this culminates to give a very slick, subtle and clinical design fit for the true professional. So if you’re all about going out on the pitch and putting in a solid shift, this one is the best fit for you.

  • Body : Octane (painted titanium white)
  • Decal : Octane : Dune Racer (painted cobalt, primary color : dark blue (grassy), accent color : dark yellow (anodized)
  • Wheels : Apex
  • Boost : Fiber optic I

Triple colour Fennec

Here we have another variant for the fennec body. This one uses fun pastel colours such as pinks and sky blues and places them over a deep purple backdrop, with white accents. This is achieved through the Yorelands decal and has blacked out dieci wheels that aim to take no attention away from the vibrant car body.This design is topped off with a pink helios boost trail, adding to the overall crystaline daydream, pretty pastel design. If this sounds like an aesthetic you’d like to achieve on the field of play then consider the triple colour fennec.

  • Body : Fennec (painted titanium white)
  • Decal : Fennec : Yorelands (painted pink, primary color : purple (pearlescent matte), accent color : sky blue (anodized))
  • Wheels : Dieci (painted black)
  • Boost : Helios (painted pink)

Matrix Dominus

Here we have a dominus design that moves away from the red and white style and takes inspiration from the famous dystopian movie, The Matrix. This car predictably has a wonderfully contrasting black and dark green colour scheme. Using the animated dot-matrix decal to give a dynamic feel like code running through the matrix.The design is further complemented with spirallis wheels painted in forest green and a tsunami boost trail, again, in a forest green hue. So if you feel like dialling into the matrix Rocket League style, then try this design out.

  • Body : Dominus
  • Decal : Dot Matrix (primary color : green, accent color : black)
  • Wheels : Spiralis (painted forest green)
  • Boost : Tsunami (painted forest green)

Purple Tornado

Now we continue with another dominus design, this time in a deep purple variety. This design mixes a purple backdrop with white accents. Then adds more flair through the animated storm watch decal. Through these assets, it creates an aesthetic akin to that of a storm or tornado.The design is complimented through the use of titanium white painted Zomba wheels that tie together expertly with the white accents and then finished with a plasma boost trail. We all love to cause a storm in matches but why not be the storm with this awesome design?

  • Body : Dominus (Titanium white)
  • Decal : Storm watch (primary color : dark purple, accent color : white)
  • Wheels : Zomba (painted titanium white)
  • Boost : plasma

Frozen fennec

Another slick design for the fennec, this time with an ice-cold design, quite literally. This one uses grey dragon scale and blue pearlescent paints to give a colour scheme that almost looks crystal clear. This design predictably uses the ombre decal for a slick finish and K2 wheels that complement the cold design through their shape being quite similar to a snowflake.The design is finished off with a winter storm boost trail, again, keeping to the ice-cold theme of the design. We all want to ice-cold in front of goal and place shots in the net with a cool head. So why not express your desires through your car design.

  • Body : Fennec (painted titanium white)
  • Decal : Fennec : Ombre (primary finish : blue (pearlescent matte), accent color : white/grey (dragon scale)
  • Wheels K2 (painted titanium white)
  • Boost : Winter Storm (no paint)

NRG Octane

Now we have the last octane design of the list the NRG octane. This car is so sleek and simple, yet it looks fantastic. This uses a black car body and directly contrasting white accents to serve a really powerful and professional look. This is then added to with an NRG exports decal and pure white zomba wheels.Then this is topped off with a titanium white tsunami beam boost. Meaning that the whole design is completely monochrome in its presentation. The only addition that isn’t black or white is the animal ear topper which just adds a little bit of whimsy to a very subtle and professional design. Whether this part is your speed is up to you. Either way, if this a great design for the clinical and professional player in all of us.

  • Body : Octane (painted titanium white)
  • Decal : NRG Esports (2nd generation)
  • Wheels : Zomba (painted titanium white)
  • Boost : Tsunami beam (painted titanium white)

Purple Fennec

We have had a few decadent, golden designs on this but nothing is a bigger flex than this design. The purple fennec gives you the look of a grand champion without all the gear. This is achieved through an edge burst decal that gives the car body the look of a prize jewel. Then is complimented with TRI-2050 wheels and a cloudburst III boost trail painted cobalt to serve the look of a grand champion elect.A lot of people work tirelessly to get the rewards of winning ranked games a grand champion level and get the rewards for doing so. Though, we aren’t all of that stature so this is the next best thing. We say fake it until you make it with the purple fennec design.

  • Body : Fennec
  • Decal : Fennec : Edge Burst (painted cobalt, primary color : purple (metallic pearl (smooth), accent color : pink/purple (anodized pearl))
  • Wheels : TRI-2050
  • Boost : CLoudburst III (painted cobalt)

So that’s our list of the best Rocket League designs. What is your favorite design on the list? Do you use any of these designs already? What designs do you use that we didn’t include? Let us know in the comments and as always, thank you for reading!