How to unlock all common cars in Rocket League

Rocket League has a variety of cars that are available to players just through playing. Here's our guide on how to unlock all Rocket League cars.
How to unlock all common cars in Rocket League

Though what may not be immediately clear to players unfamiliar to the franchise or new players beginning their Rocket League journey, is that not all cars are available from the start. A lot of the cars require you to complete certain actions and hit certain milestones to obtain.Now just to be clear, we aren’t talking about any premium or special bodies. These can all be obtained simply through playing the game. This can be tricky to know how to do this. This is why we have put a quick guide together on what is required to get each vehicle.

Rocket League Garage

What car bodies do you start within Rocket League?

Firstly, you do begin with a selection of cars. It would be pretty unfair for the developers to expect you to earn cars in games with no way to drive around the field. Thankfully, you get a choice of four unique vehicle types from when you first launch the game. Here is a list of those below:

  • Gizmo
  • Roadhog
  • Octane
  • X-devil

These cars all offer a very similar structure and set of stats which is best for beginners. With the octane being the most popular car in competitive and casual gaming even now. So it’s great that you have this option right from the start.

Unlockable cars in Rocket League

These starter cars may not be your style and that is perfectly understandable. So in order to get some new ones, you’ll have to play in a few games. This doesn’t have to be online and can be any game mode. Through playing games, you will randomly be awarded new cars when you complete games. Here is a list of all the cars available:

  • Backfire
  • Break out
  • Hotshot
  • Merc
  • Paladin
  • Venom

These cars offer new stats and shapes that may suit your style more.They come in a random order so you won’t know when you’ll receive each car. What we can say is that you will unlock these very quickly. You won’t have to play too many games before you complete this list.

How to unlock platform Exclusive cars

If you are a PC player, the cars listed above are all the common cars available. Though if you play on console, you will have other exclusive vehicles to collect. There can be added to your garage through completing specific tasks. Here is a quick list of those available:

PS4 Exclusive Car: how to unlock the Sweet Tooth

To acquire ‘sweet tooth' it will require you to have completed the above list of cars. Once you have all these in your garage. You will need to gradually work through each on the list, winning a game in any game mode with each car body.

Rocket League Sweet Tooth

Once you do this, you will be rewarded with the final common body type named ‘sweet tooth’ which somewhat resembles a demon ice cream truck. Honestly, it looks like something from the Twisted metal series and we love it.

Xbox one exclusive cars: how to unlock the Armadillo and the Hogsticker

To get armadillo - the Gears of War exclusive vehicle - you will have to complete a full season on the single-player mode. Once you have done this, the vehicle will be stored in your garage ready for action.

Rocket League Armadillo

This design fits the Gears of War aesthetic perfectly, with a bulky frame and tank-like details. This is perfect for demolishing your competition and taking games through brute force.

Rocket League Hog Sticker

Then, to obtain the Hogsticker which is the Halo branded exclusive car, you have to win a game with every common car body. If you do, the Hogsticker will appear in your garage and you’ll be able to drive around in the warthog inspired car to your heart’s content.

Nintendo Switch exclusive cars: the Nsr and the Samus Gunship

Then lastly we have the switch exclusive cars. To access the NSR which is the Mario and Luigi themed vehicle you don’t have to do anything at all. This is a car that runs on an octane body type and is available from the moment you start the game This car comes in both a red and green color scheme to represent the two famous plumbers.

Rocket League Nitendo Exclusive Cars

The Samus’ Gunship car model which is themed around the Metroid Prime series will require the player to do some work however, asking players to complete matches and eventually this one will be gifted to them for their efforts. Plus, just for reference, this car runs on a Dominus body type.

Why you don’t see players using these car types on different platforms

It may also be important to note that if playing with cross-play enabled you may encounter players who use these exclusive vehicles but the game will render these player’s cars as the octane car body. This is why for example you don’t see the Sweet tooth on the enemy team as a PC Player when you play against PS4 Rocketers.

Fill your garage

In a lot of games where you have to unlock extra items and loot, it can be a daunting task that requires lots of hard work and performing intricate and difficult tasks.

Rocket League Garage

Though in Rocket League, to get all the standard cars that the game has to offer, all you have to do to earn them is simply play the game which is a welcome approach. So there is no excuse for empty garages, get out there, play some games, change up your vehicle regularly and you’ll have all these cars in no time at all!