Building The Most Expensive Car In Rocket League: What Does It Cost? [2023 Updated]

What does the most expensive car in Rocket League cost? We built it and calculated its value with the help of an RL trading expert.

Updated on Aug 22, 2023
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Building The Most Expensive Car In Rocket League: What Does It Cost? [2023 Updated]

While you can make your car look incredible with free items you acquire from completing matches and trading in items. So with this in mind, have you ever wondered what it would be like to build the most expensive car in Rocket League? So here is our guide on how to build the most expensive car in Rocket League.

Car Body – White Dominus | $500+

So before we start designing the car, we need to first decide what car we will be customizing. This category consists of the premium-grade bodies that players can build through the use of blueprints, buy on the marketplace, or unlock through the rocket pass. However, it also features the import/painted versions of the common cars in your garage.


The most expensive variant of any of these vehicles is the white dominus. While the default version is not the most expensive on the marketplace, and the white version does appear in the item shop for only 1100c (it isn't tradeable), if you purchase this item as a tradeable car body in titanium white striker certified you’ll pay up to $500+ depending on where you get your credits, making this one the most expensive car body available.

Car Decal – White CRL Southern | $72+

Now that we have a car body, it’s time to decide what decal we will be slapping on. If we want to go for the most expensive decal on the market you may think we will need the black market rarity decal, much like interstellar or Mainframe. But this is not the case! Original painted RLCS decal drops go for a bigger price than most would assume and this decal is no exception. Peaking at a price over 10,000c, this decal was only dropped during CRL event streams before all Psyonix events shared the same drops. Because they no longer drop these decals they’ve become quite rare. While this isn't the most expensive decal in Rocket League (that title goes to its Octane counterpart, Titanium White CRL Northern), it will aid us in making the most expensive car in Rocket league.


Since its peak price (shortly after the switch from keys to credits) it is now down almost half of its height, but that still places it just above every painted black marked decal currently! Players can get their hands on this amazing decal for just 5000c (at the time of writing) which is a steal considering just how sought after this decal is within the player base.

Wheels – Goldstone | $3100+

Now we need the things that will actually make your car mobile enough to score a few goals. The most expensive wheels that you can obtain are none other than the Goldstone wheels. If you want to purchase these luxury tires, you’ll have to fork out $2800+ at the time of writing. This is a little rich for our blood but maybe someone out there is willing to splash the cash to look fancy on the field of play. These wheels are pretty simple in their design but look really fantastic when incorporated into a black and gold aesthetic.


They have golden alloys with a spiral effect and the rest of the tire is understated to highlight the luxurious gold effects. We aren’t sure it’s worth almost three grand of your hard-earned cash but we do see the appeal, they look great.

Car boost – Gold Rush | $4750+

Now to put the ‘Rocket Powered’ in Super Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle-Car with an expensive boost. As you probably know, boosts come in many different colors, designs and can really be quite whimsical in nature. So it may come as a surprise to you that the most expensive boost is a rather simple looking boost.


Yet another Alpha item for your build, Gold Rush is not only the most expensive boost in the game, but the second most expensive item in Rocket League all together! Obtaining this item can be very difficult as it is widely used as a status symbol among professional players and high ranking players alike to show off money they’ve made in tournaments or even just how seriously they take the game. But once you find someone willing to part with it you may have to fork over upwards of $4500 or more at the time of writing making this boost the most expensive boost in rocket league to date!

Boost Trail – White EQ trail | $60

Now that we have our boost locked down, we need an expensive boost trail to complement it. These items are of course, not boost but rather the trail that your tires leave on the ground when boosting. The most expensive trail in Rocket League at the time of writing is another old RLCS fan reward, the EQ trail.


This trail consists of a line of sound EQ pillars bumping up and dropping down to the beat of the music. It’s a very stylish trail that looks sharp when coupled with contrasting boosts and will set players back up to 8,000c in in-game currency.

Topper – The White Hat | $7500 - $12000+

Now that we have all the necessary parts covered, it’s time for the more superfluous additions. These items come in the form of novelty items, hats and animated objects that adorn the top of your vehicle while you play. Most toppers are pretty uninspired in all honesty, not to mention that most players will opt to not wear a topper at all, especially at the higher ranks, so the prices for these items are generally quite low. But that’s where this item turns the game on it’s head… or top...per ;) Bad joke I know, Let's move on.


You may be waiting for an alpha item (which are very expensive Rocket League toppers as well), but this entry is sure to surprise you! Every one of these items comes with a story and because there are only estimated to be 25 to 30 in existence, they are the defacto most expensive item in the game, and I don’t see that title changing any time soon! There is not only a story with every white hat, but a secret society and discord of white hat owners and white hat hackers (hence, the item) that places this item at not only the most expensive, but the most elusive and mysterious item in the game as well! We will save the juicy details of the white hat and its stories for another article so stay tuned!

Finding someone willing to part with their white hat is a task in and of itself, but once you find someone, you’re basically going to be paying whatever they ask to get your hands on it. Some have even paid multiple Alpha items (3 goldstone wheels, 2 gold rush boosts, and more!) just to get their hands on this topper. At the time of writing, I was able to find only 1 person willing to part with their white hat and they were asking upwards of more than $7500 and some as high as $12,000! Quite the serious price for such a little-known item, but then again, the intrigue, mystery, and exclusivity might just make this item worth every cent and more to some.

Antenna – ZagPET Antenna | $650+

Now with our topper blocking our car's radio reception we are gonna have to fly through the air with an antenna. These are little novelty items or flags that hang from an antenna on the back of your vehicle. Due to many players opting to not equip an antenna, there isn’t a lot of demand for these items and the prices reflect for the majority of antenna. But much like the white hat above, this little elusive antenna can only be obtained through a code from a toy company sale and there are only a few known codes left in existence.


This item is no longer tradeable once you use the code, unfortunately. It will be forever locked to your account so keep that in mind when using the code on your account. The Zagpet antenna code can run you upwards of $650+ at the time of writing making this little red balloon dog antenna one seriously expensive pup.

Engine Audio – Motormouth | $5+

Then lastly, if you want to have your car sound as expensive as it looks, you’ll want to grab the Motormouth engine sound. This is a limited rarity engine sound that will set you back £4.99 to own and equip to your ultra-luxury vehicle.


The reason why this engine sound is so popular is because of how obnoxious it sounds when at full throttle. Players on the opposing team will be enraged with the sound of your vehicle and it serves as the ultimate troll item. Sure it doesn’t really lend itself to the luxurious and decadent vibe we are trying to establish here but there’s no disputing that it’s the most expensive.

What does the most expensive car in Rocket League Cost?

Get your calculators out boys and girls because if you purchase all these items and build the most lavish vehicle you can in Rocket League, you’re going to have one hefty bill on your hands. The grand total for every item on this car comes in at a whopping $16,000 or upwards of 17,000,000c or more in in-game credits since most people ask for cash for most big-ticket items. Here is what the finished product looks like:


It’s a ludicrous amount of money to spend on a car build, especially when there are so many excellent cheaper options. However, if you want to flaunt your cash, this is the product of your efforts. 

Very expensive, isn’t it? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other items available at a much more reasonable price:

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