The Best Toppers 2023 To Own in Rocket League

We’ve curated a list for You of our favorite toppers in Rocket League.

Updated on Aug 20, 2023
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The Best Toppers 2023 To Own in Rocket League

Toppers are a cosmetic item, or skin, in Rocket League that sits on the roof of your car to add extra style. Toppers are universal items that come in a variety of colors, shapes, rarities, and some even have unique animations. In this article, we are going to take a look at the best toppers to own in Rocket League.

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Halo Topper

This topper is a must-have for any design enthusiast.


  • PC: 100 - 150 credits
  • PSN: 100 - 150 credits
  • Xbox: 100 - 150 credits
  • Switch: 100 - 150 credits

The Halo has been a staple of Rocket League design for years because it can be used with almost any design. Most players go after the painted versions of the Halo topper to match the color scheme of their current design.


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Foam Hat Topper

Become the #1 Champ with the Foam Hat topper.


  • PC: 20 - 30 credits
  • PSN: 20 - 40 credits
  • Xbox: 10 - 20 credits
  • Switch: 20 - 40 credits

The Foam Hat topper is a hilariously oversized cosmetic that comes in a number of obnoxious colors. Sometimes when the games get too serious it’s fun to throw on the Foam Hat and have a laugh.


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Season 1 - Platinum Topper

This topper shows everyone that you are ranked royalty.

  • PC: N/A credits
  • PSN: N/A credits
  • Xbox: N/A credits
  • Switch: N/A credits

The Season 1 - Platinum topper is a reward that Epic Games gave players for achieving Platinum rank during the inaugural competitive season. The exclusivity of this topper makes it an extremely desirable item to own.


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Little Sloth Topper

Toppers don’t get any more adorable than this.


  • PC: 10 - 20 credits
  • PSN: 10 - 20 credits
  • Xbox: 10 - 20 credits
  • Switch: N/A credits

The Little Sloth topper makes our list for being one of the most adorable cosmetics that Rocket League has to offer. The Little Sloth is an uncommon rarity item that can be bought with blueprints using Rocket League credits.


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Dragon Wings Topper

Khaleesi would be proud.


  • PC: 50 - 70 credits
  • PSN: 60 - 80 credits
  • Xbox: 50 - 70 credits
  • Switch: 50 - 100 credits

Dragon Wings is an animated topper that flaps its wings as you drive around on the field. We love this topper because it can be used as the focal point to create some of the best car designs in Rocket League.


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Jolt Bangle I Topper

This clean topper might be just what you’re looking for.


  • PC: N/A credits
  • PSN: N/A credits
  • Xbox: N/A credits
  • Switch: N/A credits

The Jolt Bangle I topper is a favorite amongst competitive players due to its low-profile and simplistic design. Although cosmetics do not affect car hitboxes in Rocket League, many players prefer items like the Jolt Bangle that do not distract during gameplay.


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Pixelated Shades: Multichrome Topper

The future is bright, you better bring some shades.


  • PC: 300 - 400 credits
  • PSN: 350 - 450 credits
  • Xbox: 350 - 450 credits
  • Switch: 400 - 500 credits

The Pixelated Shades: Multichrome is an updated version of the classic Pixelated Shades topper. This topper can also be found on our list of the most expensive toppers in Rocket League.


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Qilin Horns II Topper

This Rocket Pass topper turns your car into a mythological beast.


  • PC: N/A credits
  • PSN: N/A credits
  • Xbox: N/A credits
  • Switch: N/A credits

The Qilin is a legendary hooved creature that appears in Chinese mythology. We love how the Qilin Horns II move with the motion of your car and are not stationary like many of the common toppers.


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Dead Horse Topper

This rare cosmetic is a strong choice for competitive play.


  • PC: N/A credits
  • PSN: N/A credits
  • Xbox: N/A credits
  • Switch: N/A credits

The Dead Horse topper is another cosmetic that competitive players love to use because it maintains a low profile while equipped. This item cannot be bought with credits or traded for, so consider yourself lucky if you unlocked it during Rocket Pass 4.


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Gold Cap Topper

This alpha reward is one of the rarest items in Rocket League.


  • PC: 105000 - 115000 credits
  • PSN: 110000 - 120000 credits
  • Xbox: 220000 - 250000 credits
  • Switch: 180000 - 220000 credits

At first glance, the Gold Cap might seem like a regular topper, but it’s one of the rarest items in Rocket League. The Gold Cap topper can fetch an astounding amount of money on the open market, as much as $250 USD for players on Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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Black Corbital Topper

Harness the power of the sun with the Corbital topper.


  • PC: 100 - 150 credits
  • PSN: 150 - 250 credits
  • Xbox: 300 - 400 credits
  • Switch: 300 - 400 credits

Black Corbital is a Season 5 Rocket Pass reward that is one of the best toppers that Epic Games has added to Rocket League. If Black doesn’t suit your style, the Corbital topper comes painted in any color to match your car’s design.


This list is only a small portion of what is available in Rocket League and we encourage you to go and find which toppers best fit your style. If you’re interested in learning about more of the best cosmetics in Rocket League, check out our list of the top decals in Rocket League.

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