The Best Titles You Didn’t Know Existed In Rocket League

Discover the top titles that you should strive to earn in Rocket League.

Updated on Sep 30, 2022
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The Best Titles You Didn’t Know Existed In Rocket League

There are many titles in Rocket League that can be earned or unlocked by completing challenges or playing online matches. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest titles in Rocket League that you should keep an eye out for.

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Level Titles

These titles are a representation of the grind in Rocket League.

ROCKET DEMIGOD100019790000

Players unlock Rocket League level titles by earning experience and leveling up to the required threshold. The most prestigious Level title to display is the Rocket Demigod title, which can only be unlocked by earning 19,790,000 XP and reaching level 1000. Be aware that Rocket League Level titles are not always what they appear to be; It is common for an experienced Rocket League player to display low-level titles like Veteran to trick their opponents into thinking they are a beginner.

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Free-To-Play Competitive Titles

These titles show players that you have some serious skills.

S# GRAND CHAMPIONAchieve Grand Champion rank in the seasonRed Glow
S# RNG CHAMPEarn Grand Champion rank in RumbleRed Glow
S# FLOOR DESTROYEREarn Grand Champion rank in DropshotRed Glow
S# DUNK MASTEREarn Grand Champion rank in HoopsRed Glow
S# BLIZZARD WIZARDEarn Grand Champion rank in Snow DayRed Glow
S# SUPERSONIC LEGENDAchieve Supersonic Legend rank in the seasonWhite Glow
S# RNGENIUSEarn Supersonic Legend rank in RumbleWhite Glow
S# TILE ANNIHILATOREarn Supersonic Legend rank in DropshotWhite Glow
S# LEGENDARY BALLEREarn Supersonic Legend rank in HoopsWhite Glow
S# ICE TITANEarn Supersonic Legend rank in Snow DayWhite Glow

Competitive titles can be earned by achieving the necessary rank in a specific playlist during an active Rocket League season. Competitive titles like S# Grand Champion are one of the best cosmetic items in Rocket League because they are only given to the most skilled players who climb the ranked ladder. These titles also stand out more than standard titles because of their bold font and red or white glow.

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Tournament Titles

Tournament titles are a sign that you keep cool under pressure.

S# BRONZE TOURNAMENT WINNERWin a Bronze-ranked tournamentNormal
S# BRONZE TOURNAMENT WINNERWin three Bronze-ranked tournaments in a single seasonGreen
S# SILVER TOURNAMENT WINNERWin a Silver-ranked tournamentNormal
S# SILVER TOURNAMENT WINNERWin three Silver-ranked tournaments in a single seasonGreen
S# GOLD TOURNAMENT WINNERWin a Gold-ranked tournamentNormal
S# GOLD TOURNAMENT WINNERWin three Gold-ranked tournaments in a single seasonGreen
S# PLATINUM TOURNAMENT WINNERWin a Platinum-ranked tournamentNormal
S# PLATINUM TOURNAMENT WINNERWin three Platinum-ranked tournaments in a single seasonGreen
S# DIAMOND TOURNAMENT WINNERWin a Diamond-ranked tournamentNormal
S# DIAMOND TOURNAMENT WINNERWin three Diamond-ranked tournaments in a single seasonGreen
S# CHAMPION TOURNAMENT WINNERWin a Champion-ranked tournamentNormal
S# CHAMPION TOURNAMENT WINNERWin three Champion-ranked tournaments in a single seasonGreen
S# GRAND CHAMPION TOURNAMENT WINNERWin a Grand Champion-ranked tournamentNormal
S# GRAND CHAMPION TOURNAMENT WINNERWin three GC-ranked tournaments in a single seasonRed Glow
S# SSL TOURNAMENT WINNERWin a Supersonic Legend-ranked tournamentWhite Glow
S# SSL TOURNAMENT WINNERWin three SSL-ranked tournaments in a single seasonPink Glow

Tournament titles are given to tournament winners and are awarded based on the rank of the tournament and the number of times winning at a specific rank. The best title to earn in this category is the Pink Glow title given to a tournament winner who wins three Supersonic Legend-ranked tournaments.

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Special Titles

These titles are so rare that you might never see one in the wild.

DEVELOPERPsyonix staffCyan Glow
MODERATORRocket League Psyonix forum moderators, Steam Moderators, and Rocket League Discord AdminsCyan
FIRST ROCKETEERExclusive to Stoney, the first player to achieve the Rocketeer level titleGolden Glow
THE PIGEON MANExclusive to Johnz12321, a player who collected 1000 Pigeon toppersCyan
WET ART MANExclusive to Shitty Watercolour, a watercolor artist who also has a banner dedicated to himCyan
ROCKETS ENGAGEDExclusive to Manicmonkey5 & onomatopoeia1337, Hevyk3vy & neatoqueenrl, ChisTheBlond & Pinapul, and LemonGerth & GracefulGazelle. These are all couples who met in Rocket League and became engaged to be married, similar to the Rocket Husband/Wife titlesCyan
Exclusive to couples Azzy & Marc3line, and Rando & Fruitloop, who met in Rocket League and got marriedCyan
WHITE HAT LEGENDExclusive to ethical hackers Cobra and Null who reported exploits to Psyonix in March 2016, without expecting a reward, and were the first-ever recipients of the White Hat. The title was awarded to them on May 7, 2021.Cyan
DISCORD LEGENDFormer staff & contributors on the Rocket League Discord.Cyan

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Est. Titles

Show off your status as an OG with the Est. titles.

EST. 2015The "EST. 20XX" titles were awarded to players who had played Rocket League before Free To Play. The title shows the year you first played on online servers with your account. For example, if you bought Rocket League in 2016 but played offline until 2017, you would get the title EST. 2017.Normal
EST. 2016Normal
EST. 2017Normal
EST. 2018Normal
EST. 2019Normal
EST. 2020Normal

Est. titles were given to players who played Rocket League before the game went Free To Play. The Est. titles aren’t an indication of skill, but it is a cool collectible for players to show how long they’ve stuck with the game. It’s always impressive to see an Est. 2015 title player who has been playing the game since the beginning.

Hopefully, now when you see these Rocket League titles in-game, you have a better understanding of what they mean and how they were achieved. If you're interested in learning more about Rocket League cosmetics, check out our picks for the best wheels in Rocket League and our hub for the top car designs in Rocket League.

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