Top 3 Rings Workshop Maps With Links To Use and Download Them

Take a look at our top picks for custom rings workshop maps in Rocket League to master your car control.

Top 3 Rings Workshop Maps With Links To Use and Download Them
Top 3 Rings Workshop Maps With Links To Use and Download Them

In the pursuit of increasing your skill, training packs at some point become insufficient in this endeavor. This is where custom maps come to the rescue, and in this article, we’re going to cover the top 3 ring Rocket League workshop maps that will have you moving like a pro in no time.

The Best Rings Workshop Maps in Rocket League 

Of course this can be a bit subjective, but there’s no denying that not all ring maps are created equal. As such, some are simply better than others. In the following section, we will be looking at some of our top picks for the best rings maps currently out there.

Workshop Map Steam Download Link Epic Games Video Tutorial
Lethamyr’s Giant Rings Map Click Here Click Here
Panic’s Air Race: Beach (Rings) Click Here Click Here
Speed Jumps: Rings 2 Click Here Click Here

Lethamyr’s Giant Rings Map

The oldest one of the bunch (both the map and the creator, shoutout to the former pro), this map offers a lot to a wide variety of player skill levels

Lethamyr's Rings

Lethamyr wanted to create a training pack for people to practice car control, no matter what level you are, and he succeeded brilliantly. The workshop map is divided into 20 levels, and every five levels the rings get progressively smaller, and consequently more difficult. You might find yourself breezing through the first few levels, only to be dumbfounded when you become stuck and unable to advance further. Even if the 1st level is giving you troubles, don’t be discouraged. 

If you devote yourself to it, it shouldn’t take long before you’re starting to see significant improvements. As a bonus, there is a new, re-skinned version of this map with a lava theme, serving as a successor to his huge (or shall we say giant) hit the giant rings map.

Panic’s Air Race: Beach (Rings) 

A fun one and a hard one! This map allows you to race other places and compete to get the best time that you can, beating out all the competitors. 

Panic's Air Race

Credit for this one goes to Mr. Swaggles and Gidek. It does need to be noted however that this map is not suited for beginners, or even intermediate players, as our recommendation is to give this one a try only if your rank is Champ or above, otherwise you might find it a bit too hard to even go through the first few rings and lose motivation.

Speed Jump: Rings 2

Credit goes to dmc for this one, Speed Jump Rings 2 is a tropical island-themed map that is most suited to Gold and Platinum (average) rank players. 

Speed Jump: Rings 2

This is probably one of the best beginner-friendly workshop maps to begin practicing aerial car control. The reason is that the map is probably the most forgiving ring map, there aren’t many sharp turns and the rings are relatively easy to go through. In addition, it is quite short to go through. As an added bonus, the map has been updated and now it includes a timer when you’re playing so that you can calculate your times and watch as you improve.

How To Play Workshop Maps Whether You’re Using Steam Or Epic Games

A lot of tutorials online tend to overcomplicate the process to the point where it might even dissuade you from playing workshop maps. If you’ve never played Rocket League custom maps, you might think that the process of setting it up is too complicated, but in fact, you do not need any technical know-how. 

If you’re using Steam, all you have to do is go to your Steam client (or visit the Steam website in your browser), hover over the Community tab and click on Steam Workshop. From there, type Rocket League in the search bar and click enter.