Learn how to get the Dingo car in Rocket League!

The Dingo is currently super popular. It is even used in the competitive E-sport scene. Therefore it is a must-have item in your inventory!

Updated on Aug 22, 2023
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Learn how to get the Dingo car in Rocket League!

Find out about the different methods you can use to obtain the Dingo car. We will also explain why we think it is a car you must have in your inventory! At the end of the article, we will shortly look at painted versions of the car.

How to get the Dingo in Rocket League?

The Dingo is an import car that was released in August 2021 in the Auriga Series.


  • You can obtain the car by simply playing the game and hope you are lucky enough to get it to drop as a Dingo blueprint.

  • Another option is to buy it from the item shop. Then you will be purchasing the car and not the blueprint This is a bit expensive costing 500 credits.

  • The most common way to get the Dingo is to trade for it with other players. This is usually a much cheaper alternative for a regular import car

Why you should get the Dingo car!

The Dingo has received quite a lot of attention since its release and is one of the most expensive regular cars. Why is that?


The Dingo has one very important attribute that all players and cars desire to have. It has the Octane hitbox. This is not the most important thing for a casual player, but anybody that takes rank just a little bit seriously has to consider their choice of car. The two most used cars in competitive play are the Fennec and the Octane. They both have the Octane hitbox. Therefore the Dingo is a fantastic alternative if you are tired of the Octane and Fennec.


Other than that, the Dingo is also appealing to casual players. Simply because the car looks great and looks unique. Unlike the Octane and Fennec, the Dingo is appealing to both casuals and hard-core rank grinders. The Octane is overused and therefore not many casuals want to use it. The Fennec is arguably just not as cool as the Dingo visually speaking.

What is the current market price of the Dingo?

  • PC: 200 Rocket League credits ≈ 1$

  • PlayStation: 200 Rocket League credits ≈ 1$

  • Xbox: 300 Rocket League credits ≈ 0,75$


As you can tell from that, it costs much less if you can find a reasonable player to trade with. Furthermore, that is the case on all platforms. Keep in mind that credits on the open market are more expensive if you play on PS or PC. Therefore the Dingo is actually worth more on those platforms even though it is worth more credits on Xbox.

What about the painted versions of the Dingo?

In the end, we would like to shortly access painted versions of the Dingo. You can get the Dingo car in any painted version except Black and the new Gold color.


  1. Different colors of the Dingo are sometimes featured in the item shop, but that doesn’t happen often.

  2. Just like the regular version you can trade painted versions with other players.

  3. Just as the regular version they can be found as a Dingo blueprint after an online match is concluded, however with a much lower drop rate.

Here it is important to keep in mind that the crafting price is very expensive compared to the open market for painted Dingos. On the open market, the Dingo cars are not super expensive, and any color can be obtained for less than 1.000 credits on all platforms.

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