Best Octane Decals that will make you stand out in Rocket League

Here are some of the top Decals for the Octane Body

Best Octane Decals
Best Octane Decals

Lets check out some of the best Octane decals rocket league has to offer!

#1 Fire God Decal

If there’s a decal worth getting in Rocket League especially for the Octane, it has to be the blazing hot Fire God decal. The Fire God not only one of the oldest animated decals but also one of the best-animated decals in Rocket League so it's only natural for the Octane to resonate with it.

  • PC: 450 - 550 credits
  • PSN: 500-600 credits
  • Xbox: 600-700 credits
  • Switch: 600-700 credits

The Fire God is also one of the oldest animated decals in Rocket League on this list and ages well just like fine wine, compared to a lot of other decals in rocket league.

Being the best animated decals in Rocket League, the Fire God decal is obviously challenging to obtain as it is one of the Black Market decals and these items are the rarest in the game. However, you can increase your chances of obtaining them the more you play Rocket League, or simply just trade among other players for credits. 

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#2 Interstellar Decal

Another popular decal considered one of the best-animated decals in Rocket League is the Interstellar decal. Due to its stunning and cosmic look, it can be used for a lot of cars in Rocket League, to create a lot of fun designs compared to many decals.

  • PC: 1400-1500 credits
  • PSN: 750-850credits
  • Xbox: 900-1000 credits
  • Switch: 800-900 credits

However, it quite remarkably goes well with the Octane body making it a popular Octane decal in Rocket League.

For obvious reasons, the Interstellar decal is categorized under the Black Market decals which are the rarest type of items in Rocket League and can be traded for Credits between players.

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#3 Kilowatt Decal

The Kilowatt decal is a sleek Octane exclusive decal in Rocket League and it does not disappoint. 

  • PC: 20-40 credits
  • PSN: 50-70 credits
  • Xbox: 50-70 credits
  • Switch: 50-70 credits

Although it is not a super rare decal, the members of the Rocket League community have found ways to make it look like a Black Market item by simply matching the primary and the accent colors.

If you like high-end rare decals in Rocket League, but don't want to spend a lot of credits on them, the Kilowatt is for you!

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#4 Ripped Comic Decal

Straight out of a comic book, the Ripped Comic decal is every bit stunning! The various color combinations for this decal will never make you bored of playing with it. 

  • PC: 50-70 credits
  • PSN: 50-70 credits
  • Xbox: 60-80 credits
  • Switch: 60-80 credits

The Ripped Comic is sure to catch a lot of eyes, but make sure you’re able to back it up with a lot of skill as players with this decal should not waste it by being bad at the game. 

Make your training sessions as well as your ranked game plays fun and exciting with an amazing appearance.

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#5 Dragon Lord Decal

There is a lot going on in this decal which generally tends to ruin the bodies of a lot of cars.

  • PC: 50-70 credits
  • PSN: 50-70 credits
  • Xbox: 60-80 credits
  • Switch: 50-70 credits

However, the Octane is a special case as it can amplify the appearance of both itself as well as the decal it is using.

The Dragon Lord decal will give players the vibe of a warlord, menacingly lurking around the shadows but once awakened, will gloriously defeat all of its enemies.

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#6 Chantico Decal

If you’re a fan of tattoos or love tattoo-like patterns, the Chantico decal is perfect for you. The Octane body is dynamic and can make a lot of basic patterns like this decal look out of the ordinary.

  • PC: 20-40 credits
  • PSN: 30-50 credits
  • Xbox: 50-70 credits
  • Switch: 30-50 credits

If you have regular teammates, use this decal with them and make it look like you’re a part of a clan of players who are not to be messed with!

If you have a good eye for design, you should consider searching for decals that are hidden gems which are not considered rare or expensive in Rocket League but are definitely worth the title.

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#7 Titanium White Griffon Decal

The Titanium White Griffon decal is another eye-catching decal you should try out for your Octane. Though it seems like these patterns would overwhelm the car body, it still manages to make the Octane look classy and stylish nonetheless. 

  • PC: 150-250 credits
  • PSN: 300-400 credits
  • Xbox: 500-600 credits
  • Switch: 500-600 credits

This is a perfect representation of why you don't always need to have animated decals to stand out in Rocket League.

One of the best colors you can pull off with the Titanium white is sky blue. Sky blue being a popular choice among most players makes this decal a really good pick for the Octane on the ground and in the air.

You can also check out our list of the best paint finishes in the game if you’re somebody who loves to switch it up with a different color combination each time.

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#8 Parallax Decal

This Animated Black Market decal is best represented on car bodies that have a pointy nose at the front making it look like the car is travelling through pixels. 

  • PC: 150-250credits
  • PSN: 150-250 credits
  • Xbox: 250-350 credits
  • Switch: 250-350 credits

The Parallax decal looks amazing with different variations of colors which gives you more options to never get bored of your Octane’s style.

Categorizing itself as one of the rarer items in the game makes it difficult for the average player to obtain it. However, it is definitely worth its status in the game and if you’re a hardcore decal enthusiast in Rocket League, it is worth adding to your collection.

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#9 Goop (Global) Decal

There’s something about animated decals, especially ones which make the cars look like they smashed through a truck full of sticky goo!

  • PC: 30-50 credits
  • PSN: 50-70 credits
  • Xbox: 50-70 credits
  • Switch: 50-70 credits

Some decals work better for certain car bodies than others, and in this case, the Goop decal works amazingly well for the pointy-nosed Octane.

It is a cool decal that adds character to your car and can help you build some amazing design themes as well as keep you company for your everyday Rocket League grind!

Check out our list of the best wheels in the game to explore more design ideas.

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#10 W.I.P (Global) Decal

The W.I.P (Global) decal is a unique looking decal that seems like a super rare and expensive item although it is much easier to obtain. 

  • PC: 100-150 credits
  • PSN: 100-150 credits
  • Xbox: 150-250 credits
  • Switch: 150-250 credits

Its unique features give you the ability to play around with a lot of colours without making the Octane look messy.

The illusionary stripes in this decal add a lot of depth and essentially completes the distinct look of this decal for the Octane. This decal also matches with a nice TW Octane Deisgn.

If you’re somebody who loves to collect many other decals like this one, check out our list of the most expensive decals in Rocket League.

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#11 Mainframe Decal

The best way to describe the Mainframe decal is by calling it an animated circuit board.

  • PC: 650-750 credits
  • PSN: 600-700 credits
  • Xbox: 1200-1300 credits
  • Switch: 900-1000 credits

It is one of the more popular decals in the animated category and is known for its simple style and is vastly used in the Rocket League community.

The animated circuit board style Mainframe decal is an amazing look for the Octane body and you can be creative while picking the right two colors that can best match your look.

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#12 Atruse Decal

This Glossy look of the anodized pearl finish on the Abtruse decal is sure to grab much attention in your games.

  • PC: 50-70 credits
  • PSN: 100-150 credits
  • Xbox: 60-80 credits
  • Switch: 100-150credits

It gives the Octane a cool flashy effect which can help you build some of the best designs compared to other decals in the game.

Grinding with this look and playing and a lot more matches will bring you a lot more wins on the table so make sure you do not waste this amazing flashy theme for the Octane.

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If you enjoyed this list of the best Octane Decals in Rocket League, make sure to check out our list of the best decals for the Dominus, if you'd like to see more popular decals!