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Is the Rocket Pass Worth Buying?

Should You buy the Rocket Pass This Season? (Pros and Cons)
Is the Rocket Pass Worth Buying?

The Rocket Pass is a seasonal event for Rocket League players. Buying it isn't essential to enjoying the game and you get access to the free version anyway. The Rocket Pass costs $9.99 or 1000 Credits and needs to be bought new each season.
Deciding if the Rocket Pass is worth buying mostly depends on how much you intend to play Rocket League. There are other factors to consider such as the extra loot and being able to get additional Credits easier. However, you still get access to the free version and base Rocket Pass content automatically. Buying into the Premium Rocket Pass is an optional extra.

Why You Should Buy It

There are over 70 levels in the Rocket Pass for you to work through and each one offers you a reward. The Premium Rocket Pass gives you extra rewards alongside with which the free players won't be getting. If you want to collect a bunch of cool loot and items then buying into the Premium Rocket Pass is the best option. Items gained after Tier 70 can be traded to other players if you wanted something different. Some players also like to sell their Rocket League items to others for real-world money or Credits.
Spending 1000 Credits on the Rocket Pass can seem like a lot however, you get given Credits as a reward for climbing up the Tiers with the Premium pass. It's not difficult to gain levels with the Rocket Pass so the Premium version costs 'less' than advertised. It's possible to earn enough Credits with the Premium Rocket Pass to not need to spend money unlocking it again in the future. However, this requires you to not spend any Credits in the store or elsewhere.
If you're someone who plays a lot of Rocket League or plans to play a lot of the game during the Rocket Pass season, this gives you more value for the time spent playing. Not everyone considers this important but it's a nice bonus.

TLDR version

  • Premium Rocket Pass gives you more items and rewards
  • When you play enough you get enough credits from the current rocket Pass, so that you don’t pay for it next season
  • You can earn additional Credits with it
  • Increased gameplay value if you intend to play a lot

Why You Shouldn't Buy It

If you're more of a casual Rocket League player who prefers to spend their time playing other games instead, it's probably not for you. Buying the Premium Rocket Pass gives you the potential to unlock more content but you still need to play the game to unlock it. In some cases, this could mean making Rocket League your main game for the season which isn't something everyone wants to do or can do.

Everyone has immediate access to the Rocket Pass when each season launches. You do not need to buy the Premium Rocket Pass to get access to this content. The base version is free for everyone and it still gives you different items for going up through the Tiers. You can also check to see what items are included with the Premium version to see if there's anything you would actually like. If there's nothing you want from the bonus list, you may want to consider skipping a purchase this season.

TLDR version

  • You still get access to Rocket Pass without buying the Premium pass
  • If you don't want Rocket League to be your main game
  • You don't want most of the Premium Rocket Pass items


While there are reasons to not buy the Premium Rocket Pass, those who play the game a lot would have a lot to gain from the purchase. Buying into it lets you earn additional content from playing the game and gives you back Credits. Doing this once can mean you don't need to buy it again with real money for quite some time since you can unlock it with your Rocket Pass earned Credits.

If you don't intend to play the game much or for the duration of the season, it lowers the value of the Premium Rocket Pass. There's a lot of additional content you can earn through it which is only a good thing for those who expect to be playing the game a lot. Extremely casual players would be better off staying with the free version.

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