How to turn off goal reset in Rocket League [Training & Custom Game]

[Trick on how to train without goal reset] After playing hours of rocket league, you can't waste time getting back into your position after a goal.

How to turn off goal reset in Custom Games

Disabling this option can cause a lot of fun while playing with your friends in custom games. The team that just marked is exposed to a counter-attack which allows the opposing team to offset the score to their favor. Here is how to disable Goal Reset:

  1. Go to Custom Games
  2. Open the Mutator Menu
  3. Click on Respawn Time
  4. On the drop-down click on “disable goal reset”

How to turn off goal reset in Training?

It’s not possible to turn off Goal Reset in Training mode. PC users can use Bakkesmod to achieve that. Xbox, Playstation and Switch players can’t do this. However, there is a workaround to allow you a smooth training experience without Goal Reset:

  1. Create a custom game
  2. Disable bots.
  3. Use mutators to disable goal reset
  4. Set the score limit to indefinite

Now you created yourself the perfect environment for a long training session for yourself or with your team.