5 Methods To Rank Up in Rocket League [Used by Boosters]

Mastering power sliding and avoiding rushing for boosts are just two things you can do to rank up in Rocket League. See more!

Updated on Jan 17, 2024
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5 Methods To Rank Up in Rocket League [Used by Boosters]

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Master Power Sliding

In Rocket League, the broad turning circle you initially rely on often leaves your goal exposed, while your opponent calmly dribbles the ball into your net; a quick solution to this problem is power sliding, which you can do both on a controller and a keyboard.

This technique lets you adjust your defensive position more efficiently, correct mistakes faster, and initiate swift counter-attacks. Mastering power sliding as well as techniques such as Wavedashing eliminates the need for wide turns, putting you first to the ball and keeping your goal protected.

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Know Where Your Teammates Are

This is only relevant for those that don’t play solo. If you play as part of a team. One thing you need to be aware of at all times is the position of your teammates. If you don’t know where they are, often you can find yourself in the wrong area of the pitch. Leaving gaps in your defense and inviting opponents to score on you.

Rocket League Teammates

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Don’t Blame Teammates

Unless you play at a party with friends on all occasions, this will eventually happen to you. Though, no matter how bad things get, you shouldn’t take things out on your teammates.

These guys are just trying their best. They don’t actively want you to lose because if you do, so do they. Plus, if you behave in a toxic way, you run the risk of reports, suspensions and bans. So why risk that over a player you will likely only have to play with for one game.

All in all, the best thing to do is to accept your teammate’s weaknesses, try and cover for them where you can.

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Don’t Always Collect Boost

It’s fair to say that if you have a full boost bar, this often gives you an advantage over players that are running slow, even when we talk about the most expensive boosts in Rocket League. Allowing you to zoom past or rise into the air to get the ball around them.

It’s best to buttess the situation. If a player is far off you and boost is close, it’s pretty safe to collect it and start forming an attack. Though, if they are scraping for a ball with you, don’t peel off to get boost unless the ball is in a safe position. The best way to ensure this is by hitting the ball long or behind the player. Buying you some time to nip over and grab some boost.

If you can remain mindful of the ball and opponent's position, then usually it is clear whether you can get to the boost safely. If there is a risk, the best thing to do in most cases is playing defensive. Then you can launch blistering counter-attacks, leaving your opponent helpless. Just try to read the situation before you react.

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Learn Basic Mechanics

What we mean by basic mechanics is the way to move your car and play effectively. These can all be trained in the training section of the main menu, and we recommend you to start with. Some have their own dedicated training, while others can be practiced in free mode.

Rocket League Aerial Shot

Knowing exactly how to approach a shot, Aerial, save or play in each scenario is one thing but you have to also know how to execute the moves. We have all had the best intentions of dribbling the ball right to the opponent’s nets only to lose the ball and find ourselves a goal down.

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