Rocket League Controller VS Keyboard [+best KBM Settings]

Controller or keyboard? The ultimate question. Most pros use controllers, some use KBM. Find out who and why in our KBM vs controller guide.

Updated on Mar 09, 2024
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Rocket League Controller VS Keyboard [+best KBM Settings]

If you are hesitating if you will conquer Rocket League either with Controller or with Keyboard and a Mouse, then you’ve come to the right place. We help you decide and we will look at the best Keyboard and Mouse (KBM) settings in Rocket League.When playing on console obviously there is only one choice of peripheral and that is the controller that belongs to your system. As a PC player, there is the option of playing with a keyboard set up, plus the option of playing with any controller from any console of their choosing.

Controller VS Keyboard and Mouse

Each of the two options will be beneficial to different types of players and even at the highest levels of the Rocket League community, you will still see a variety when it comes to what peripherals that the players will use. They each offer a set of positives and negatives that make them viable for some players while for others, the idea of using a different control system would be unthinkable with their play style. It’s a matter of preference.


If you’re a new player to the PC format or simply someone that is inquisitive and wants to try both control schemes, then you’ll need to know the positives and the drawbacks for both the options. Well, luckily we have done our research on both sides to give you an idea about which one will suit you best.

Keyboard controls in Rocket League – Pros and cons

When it comes to the keyboard, there are benefits to this set up for sure.This control system can seem particularly daunting with so many inputs required, especially for direction. There is also the mass amount of customisation that is available. It can be mind-boggling, especially for players that have played with controllers their whole lives. But if you give this control scheme a chance, there are positives to take advantage of.

Pro – No disconnecting

The most common issue with a controller is that they require a charge in order to operate and their battery life can be rather short, especially for those who favour long sessions.


Though, with a keyboard, there is little to chance of disconnecting as this runs as an extension of your PC and does not require a charge to play. Admittedly, this does make the peripheral less mobile but this will hardly bother those with regimented desktop setups. So with this control scheme, you will never be caught short as your controller dies in the middle of a match.

Con – No triggers

When playing on a controller, you have the option to vary how much throttle you use through the pressure you put on the trigger buttons. However, with the PC, there are no pressure-sensitive inputs. Meaning that you have no way of controlling the throttle you inject into your vehicle. This can lead to issues when trying to creep forward or make small adjustments for positioning.


In relation to throttle. This also causes issues with aerial maneuvering. The W And A keys not only control throttle but also control aerial pitch. So if you do not jump while letting go and then resume holding the throttle button, you will find yourself soaring off in the completely wrong direction. It’s something that you will have to adjust and become accustomed to on PC which wouldn’t occur with the more intuitive trigger controls of a Dualshock controller, for example.

Pro – Lots Of Customisation options

With the keyboard, you have a cavalcade of options when it comes to button layout and bindings. Through keyboards many buttons, plus the mouse as well. There is a wealth of ways to set up your bindings to something that suits your playstyle.


With the keyboard having such a high ceiling in terms of getting used to, this can be a way for players to adjust with more ease and play their own way.

Con – Poor Steering Controls

The controller uses an analogue stick to make turning circles variable. Not to mention making turning quick and easy to achieve. However, on the PC with a keyboard, this requires much more inputs and isn’t anywhere near as seamless in execution. You cannot alter your turning circle, meaning that sharp turns need to be coupled with a power slide and this won’t always give the desired result. It is a style that can be adapted to and requires a different approach to gameplay. Though as a control scheme, the controller set up is much more intuitive, especially for beginners.

Controller – Pros and cons

The controller is the natural default when it comes to driving and racing games. The analogue and triggers allow players to shave seconds off their track times and be more efficient. Though with Rocket League and it’s much more nuanced gameplay, this isn’t necessarily the view of every player. So here is a rundown on the controller’s benefits and drawbacks.


Pro – Close-knit inputs

The controller is a great way to play this title due to its tight control placement and its compact design. With reactions being key to success in Rocket League, having an intuitive and close-knit button setup is so important. So with boost, cam controls, jumping and power sliding being meme millimetres away from each other, this accommodates the fast reactions needed to keep up with the fast pace of competitive matches. This is something that even with a wide variety of button  combinations, the keyboard cannot achieve.

Con – Slow typing input

One thing that the keyboard is good for, is its actual purpose, to type text. When playing with a controller on console, this option is sluggish and will simply not be possible and still keep up with the game. Though with a keyboard you can easily use the chat in the lulls of the game. This can, of course, be negated by using a microphone. Though not every player has or uses verbal communication.

Pro – More aerial maneuverability

When impacting with a ball in mid air with a keyboard you are only offered 8 set directions, which in some cases means you have zero chance of making a shot.

However, with the added functionality of the controllers analogue control in mid air, this allows or infinite positioning possibilities and allows players with controllers to make shots that are simply not possible with the PC peripheral.

Professional player setups: the best Keyboard Settings

You may be wondering how professional players set up their control schemes and button bindings to get the best out of their playstyle and achieve more consistently. KBM players and controller players have a varied list of layouts with each feeling comfortable to each player for different reasons. So we thought we would run through some setups to give you an idea of what works for the best players around.

2Fast Keyboard and Mouse Settings

Let’s look at one of the best KBM players around, 2Fast. This guy actually has a pretty conventional load out, with very few changes from the default KBM settings. Perhaps showing that they are pretty solid as they are. Take a look.

  • Powerslide: Left shift
  • Air roll: left shift
  • Boost: left mouse button
  • Jump: right mouse button
  • Ball cam: space
  • Brake: S
  • Throttle : W

al0t Keyboard and Mouse Settings

Then we have a Swedish player called al0t. This guy plays for a European team called Sauce and he plays with a pretty conventional control scheme for the controller. The only main difference from the default is the switch from square to L1 for a power slide.


  • Powerslide : L1
  • Air roll: L1
  • Boost: O
  • Jump: X
  • Ball cam: Triangle
  • Brake: L2
  • Throttle : R2

Reparation of usage: how many rocket league pros use keyboard?

So with all this in mind, you must be wondering which is the most popular of the two peripherals and how many of the best players play with each. Well, the simple answer is that the stern majority of players use a controller to play Rocket League whether that is in a casual or a competitive sense.There is a whopping 78.3% of the player base playing with a controller. Then 20.49% play with KBM with the remaining percentage playing with both. There are a number of reasons why this might be the case, which we have listed below.

The SARPBC crew

The first reason, especially when referring to the pro players, is down to the inspiration for Rocket League, SARPBC, was only available on PS3.


Note: SARPBC means Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars which is the prequel of Rocket League.Those who became adept at this title were all playing with a Dualshock controller, so it is hardly surprising that this is the most popular peripheral both in competitive and casual gameplay.

Craving familiarity: is the Jump to KBM in Rocket League worth it?

For players coming over to PC after using controllers their whole gaming lives on consoles, the jump to a keyboard control scheme can be daunting and confusing. So when given the option to purchase a controller for their PC, most players jump at the chance to have that same familiarity and comfort when they play. Many players simply don’t have the desire to learn and master a new control set and for that reason, simply won’t.

Ease of controls

Although there has been a resurgence in the number of KBM players on the competitive scene in the last few years, as a collective, it is agreed that the controller has more advantages to the KBM set up. The trigger buttons offer ease of movement for positioning. Plus the analog sticks and close button bindings offer easier, more precise turning and faster reaction times, respectively.

Pro endorsements

Despite there being a number of pros who have been playing at a very high level with a KBM setting. The stern majority of players in these positions use controllers. These players will stream with controller peripherals on screen and will endorse these products heavily. Meaning that there are more eyes on those that use these peripherals and therefore as players aim to be just like their favorite pros, they use the controller to replicate their performance.

A matter of preference

Overall, whether you buy into the trends of the masses or the pros and cons that we have listed. It is clear that there are still fans of both setups that see the value of each. Yes, the controller is leading the way in terms if popularity but more and more pros are coming through the ranks with a KBM set up. Showing that their is still a variety even at the highest level.


When all is said and done, it’s down to a matter of preference. Everyone has their opinion and no-one is right or wrong. What is important is that you make an informed decision and understand what each offers for you. So if you take all of this information into account, you should be able to come to the conclusion and find the control scheme that best suits you.

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